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Lookie at what [livejournal.com profile] kaalee has!!! Alfie and Devon at the premiere today!

I am excite and flailing in the comments.

Oh, OTP. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Some of you will recognize the pun in that entry title, haha!
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[personal profile] iberiandoctor and I were talking yesterday about how ships can be the same, that what drew you into one ship can draw you into some other one because it pings the same little place in your heart, and that reminded me that I hadn't written that Danno-is-sort-of-Bones thing. It's become more than that in the thinking about it!

details on many ships, plus one picture )

tl;dr: I've realized that I'm drawn to hyper verbal emotionally volitile characters, over and over again, and it doesn't matter all that much what they look like or what gender they are. It's much more about how they are able to put words together to describe exactly how they are feeling at that moment, because they have MANY FEELINGS, and how the people around them react either by talking right back to them, or by letting their words flow over them like a comforting rain. Give me that, and you'll get a shipper.

(I've attempted to talk about my personal tastes and preferences without apologizing for them or defending them against disparaging remarks that are often made, and instead presented them as something that is actually awesome because you know? They totally are! But that doesn't mean that other tastes aren't actually awesome, too.)
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First, there are three songs no one has gotten yet, so I'll give you more lyrics. Which makes one of them a SUPER gimme.

Say your prayers little one
Don't forget my son
To include everyone
One, two, three and to the fo'
Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the do'
At home
Drawing pictures
Of mountain tops
With him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
Dead lay in pools of maroon below

Second, [livejournal.com profile] sangueuk asked me three questions. I did the meme back in January so comment there (LJ/DW) if you'd like me to ask you questions!

1. In the movie of your life, who would you cast as yourself? your love interest? Who would direct it?

I'd probably end up being played by Angelina Jolie in blackface since that's what happens to mixed people in the movies. Maybe a young Rae Dawn Chong?

I don't have a love interest so I can't do that casting at this time. As for the director, I'd adore George Cukor, but he has a bad case of the dead. So maybe Drew Barrymore would be interested? Or perhaps Amy Heckerling?

2. What was your dream going up?

To live in New York city, and to be a professor. I'm doing the first, and working on the second!

3. Favourite fandom pairing and why?

I'm so bad with favorites. I love them all for different reasons. Like, HP: Seamus/Dean is the horse that brung me, and HP: Harry/Hermione is very high highs and very low lows, and AI: Ryan/Simon is my RPF that mysteriously has none of the problems of RPF, and HP: Draco/Ginny is just incredibly sexy, and ST: Jim/Bones was deeply healing in a way I could go on about at length if you like, and ST: Chapel/Rand is cool competence wrapped up in Hitchcock blonde, and HP: Parvati/Pansy is a really well-tailored pair of trousers, and ST: Spock/Uhura is this unexpected treasure and AI: Amanda/Carly is tragic present and hopeful hidden past, and JH: Cameron/Duckie is the one I didn't realize I always shipped, and AI: Kris/Adam is too adorable for words, and AI: Blake/Chris was that fun time in the bubble, and HP: Ron/Padma is that ship I made up one day that worked even better than I ever thought, and AI: Kat/Elliott is so classic it should be 1952, and HP: Percy/Oliver is so classic it probably is 1952, and HP: Remus/Sirius is sad and then happy and then sad again, and I know there's a lot because I like pairing everyone up at the end but so did Shakespeare so I don't have a problem with that.
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I'm rather irritated that I won't have cable or internet at home until mid next week, among other irritating things, so I'm thinking about entirely silly things, like:
  1. JKR maybe saying something sort of nice about H/Hr shippers. It isn't so much that her saying that makes me feel better about her, or the interview, or all that, but it does make me feel less like the OBHWF crowd had the "right" to push me out of fandom, which is how it felt at the time, and also makes me feel better about being able to post the story I'm writing without all my new Idol friends thinking I'm insane.
  2. the blind items coming out about Simon Cowell's girlfriend breaking up with him, which hint that she's being paid off to not talk about what she knows. Hard not to be tinhattish!
  3. Yuletide! I just filled out my request, and I can't say what I offered, but I requested WKRP (again), Charles & Caroline Ingalls, Liz Imbrie and Mike Connor, and, well, Rymon. I must say, I'm surprised that Idolfic is small enough to be on Yuletide—and that HIMYM is still small enough. I guess the threshold is higher than I'd thought! 2007 Yuletide was one of the best experiences I've ever had in fandom, so I'm really looking forward to 2008!
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For me: While I was at MoCCA this weekend I thought about how much boyslash is floating around all the time and how much more girlslash I need in my immediate vicinity, and I'm awaiting [livejournal.com profile] femslash08 with great interest.

In the meantime, I'm looking for novels or manga with lesbian themes. I am planning on reading Sarah Waters's books for a lot of reasons, but I'd love to read other things—any recommendations? I prefer romances and mysteries as genres, and I do like historical fiction but I also like things set in the present day.

For you: [livejournal.com profile] foxysquid was in NYC this weekend for MoCCA and ended up in my flat on Sunday evening enjoying AC and gazpacho (for those of you who heard my tale of woe on Saturday, we got it in eventually) and I was reminded, for no apparent reason, of Amanuensis's Rituals and Traditions, an oldie-but-goodie Harry/Draco story. Hilarious, and entirely ridiculous, and completely awesome. Link is to the author's website—thanks, [livejournal.com profile] anemonerose!

Also, through a sequence of events that included [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, I found a really superlative Kiss Kiss Bang Bang story, You Know What They Say About Eavesdroppers. Harry/Perry, NC-17, plus a very well done Harmony.

I've actually been reading a great deal of het lately, despite these recs. As you might expect the HIMYM fandom has exploded with Barney/Robin since the series finale, and [livejournal.com profile] himym_fic has a lot of it. I hesitate to make recs because really, there isn't that much fic and also it depends on your preferred take on the pairing. I say check it out!
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Lately life has been made of ass so I'm making this list of awesomeness to cheer myself up. Then I'll attempt to write another post because comments in my inbox are also awesome, but people don't really comment on list entries. Using the David and Keith icon because man, I miss them!
  • I finished my Yuletide fic! Two of my three betas have gone through it and I'm just pleased that the story works. Key to getting character voices right: put the canon on repeat play in the background. I am sitting on my hands until the 1 Jan reveal, you don't even KNOW.
  • I keep forgetting that I'm getting fic for Yuletide too, so: BONUS! My secret hope is that they signed up for whatever but were so taken by the X the Owl/Henrietta Pussycat request that they're writing that. The numbers favor my getting either HIMYM or Leslie from Anne's House O'Dreams, and either would be so awesome I can't even deal. And if I actually get Bailey and Johnny from WKRP I think I'll pass dead out from happiness.
  • I also am finished with another story that I've been working on in semi-secret. Gosh, I've been writing in darkness lately, yeah? Anyway a couple of people have read it and seem to like it, so I think I'll post it as a Christmas present. Anyone have any ideas where a girl can post Idol het?
  • And yet another secret story: Where the Love Light Gleams, my submission for [livejournal.com profile] a_pumpkin_xmas, a Harry/Hermione Christmas fic-and-art fest. I'll pimp the fest more properly later, but wow, now I suddenly feel really productive!
  • I had a coupon for $11 CDs at Borders Books so I saved $24 yesterday! And one of the CDs I was going to buy with the deal was already discounted to $10 so I got four CDs rather than three: Kenna, Blake Lewis, Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega. I realized the other day that I only bought three CDs all year that weren't like, the world/chill/acid jazz music I like to write/read to: Maroon 5, Crowded House, and The Shins. So there you go, the seven pop/rock records I bought in 2007. Well now I feel old!
  • While I was walking from school to Borders yesterday I was thinking about Boy George, you know, like ya do, and I thought: I cannot wait for the Blake Lewis Behind the Music. For reals.
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Here are the answers to the questions folks asked in my previous entry.

[livejournal.com profile] mahoni and [livejournal.com profile] moony asked about Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas from Harry Potter )

[livejournal.com profile] dollsome asked about Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell from American Idol )

[livejournal.com profile] dizzledee asked about Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter )

[livejournal.com profile] zorb asked about Ron Weasley and Padma Patil from Harry Potter )
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Well, friends, here are a few drabbles and links. First, some Idol things:
  • Top 9 Drabble from yours truly, incorporating a conversation I had with [livejournal.com profile] dana_kujan. The really funny line? It's hers.
  • Jacob's TWoP recap is up (I always need to check the recap before I write the drabble) and I think he's been reading Hunter S. Thompson. He converts his hatred of the white male power structure that the constant harkening back to the American Songbook, and Tony Bennett himself, represents to him by deconstructing the entire boring show, including a long exegesis of the shift from friends of Dorothy to folks that are queer as well as a throwaway reference to Ryan giving Simon an "insouciant handjob." It's brilliantly strange, or better yet, strangely brilliant, threatening to flop over into incoherence before righting itself with wry self-awareness.
  • The AMG recap is also up, wherein our music experts predict that that Blake absolutely is the Daughtry of season 6, right down to being the probable overall biggest seller post-Idol, even though he never should have sung "Mack the Knife." They also agree with us that the show was boring and Tony easily the worst mentor yet.
  • In case you missed them, my other must-have recaps from the snarky but pop-loving music nerds at Idolator: Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition, I wrote a Snape/Lily double and a half drabble at the request of [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, who stumped me earlier. No title, not really beta'd. Takes place immediately after Snape's Worst Memory:Snape/Lily. Very G. )

For similar reasons, about 250 words of Seamus/Dean requested by [livejournal.com profile] amyamy. A real ficsnip from something I'm working on, so also un-beta'd. In the EWFS-verse, takes place about four years after they've left school—two years after "Re-Union":Seamus/Dean, with special guest appearance by Parvati. Also very G. )

Happy Monday!
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I have an S/D story off to the betas (world cup and wanking, how timely!) and it brought up all these thoughts and hey, I haven't really posted about HP writing in a little while so, warning, shippy thoughts ahead. )
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Now, look. Y'all know what I ship. I signed up for the damn [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100. I post shit every week these days.

So why is it that when I follow a link from [livejournal.com profile] deamus (and thank you, [livejournal.com profile] kaalee and [livejournal.com profile] shocolate) and find some totally fucking amazing shots of Devon and Alfie, tuxed up and dancing together in the Yule Ball rehearsals (OMFG) I see people saying, oh yes I saw this a few days ago someplace? What is that? Hello?

Right, so I'm just saying this flat out:


And if you have something you'd like me to return the favor on, let me know!
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Usually when I receive something I thank people in private rather than on my LJ; this is a public space and not the best place for one-to-one messages in my experience. However, sometimes I get things that I want to share with y'all, and that's the case with the present I got from [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose just now!

Sweet OTP-ness! )

Thanks, Ali!
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I'm going to start by praising the latest story posted to [livejournal.com profile] deamus, Tomorrow Night by [livejournal.com profile] anothersuperboy, who was the author of the superlative Oliver/Cedric story rightfully praised in many quarters. NC-17, so be forewarned, and taking place during book 6. Just, excellent.

I just received the last of my "giftmas" presents, an amazing illustration by [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose of the folks from Eight Ways From Sunday, which she posted to her Deviant Art space. She gave me the art, framed, last night at dinner and I had to PUT IT AWAY or I would have just stared at it the entire time. I knew that she was doing a piece of the eight main characters in the story but I didn't realize what she was actually going to do with it and I'm beyond pleased. I can't even start to talk about what I love about it or I'll just detail the entire drawing. Just go look at it! (I would have used her art in the icon, but the other thing she's done is the scene when sad!Dean paints sad!Seamus and I'm not sad!)

Meanwhile I have been writing! Look for a certain amount of spam this weekend, including a bunch of things for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100, a little gift for a sick girl, and a moving present for a friend.
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So the nice thing about having been a well paid specialized professional is that when I need some cash I can just freelance. I'm taking advantage of my three-week long intercession to work at my old agency in a position similar to one I had some years back. Amazing how now that the emotional ties are gone—this isn't my life or my career, just something I'm doing for money—the stress is hugely reduced. It's nice to see old work pals again, too. After this I'll be going in two days a week through the term, which I think will be good and get me used to setting aside the time for teaching, etc, that I'll need in the fall. It's a little strange, though, to be going into a job all day long again!

However, I was lazy about bringing soy milk into work and have had three chai lattes in two days with regular milk and my lactose intolerance is reminding me of its existence. It's mild enough that sometimes I ignore it, but I can only get away with that for so long. (Which reminds me, I still feel that I shouldn't have to have regular milk in the house just in case someone shows up and wants tea. If I'm not eating or drinking it, it isn't here, particularly cow's milk which goes bad so quickly.)

Meanwhile I've also been writing (though not my papers, bad Clio!). I think I know what I want to do with my Seamus/Dean [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 and wrote one thing and the beginning of another for that. I've also finished a percy/oliver thing that I'm pleased with that needs to go off to the betas. So go me!
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If you don't have [livejournal.com profile] seviet friended, you should, not just for the art. I mean, leading up to HBP there were fun quizzes. But yeah, the art, and today she showed us an amazing group portrait of the Potterverse, of which this icon of Seamus and Dean (done by Carrie) is just a wee outtake. I like to think they're holding hands.

What is HP1, who is Char, and why should I care if she hates me or not? I feel that it's relatively egotistical to have a quiz about whether or not you hate people if not everyone knows who the fuck you are—or at least, there should be answers of "I don't know you" available. But perhaps this is just me.

More in the holiday spirit, check this photo over at [livejournal.com profile] allysonsedai's LJ. Those people, they are my people. I mean, I grew up not far from Schiavi Homes, what do you expect?
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Another new Ron-Padma icon, thanks to a promo photo handed to me by [livejournal.com profile] slytherincess. I like to think that Padma has this photo up in their flat someplace, much to Ron's chagrin, as a subtle reminder that he shouldn't be an arse.

The other day I was pleased to find my rent fic, Leaves of Grass, was rec'd highly by [livejournal.com profile] eponis. It's the first time I've seen a fic of mine rec'd by someone I didn't know and it was a pretty amazing feeling, especially with all these folks seeing the film and all.

Reality TV: America's Next Top Model, Breaking Bonaduce, Project Runway )

Dear Cthulhu )

And with that, I'm off to put up the decorations!
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Before I say more, I will say: I know, I need to write my [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 stuffs.

[livejournal.com profile] starrysummer is looking for common HP pairings to disallow from a rarepair list and there was a bit of discussion about Dean/Seamus ([livejournal.com profile] legomymalfoy put it on her list of common pairings).

I just want to note that Dean and Seamus:
1. Have not been Potter-puff'd.
2. Aren't on a recent spate of 50 pairing icons which, by the way, included Neville/Ron. ETA: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] light_music, [livejournal.com profile] nimori added Seamus/Dean to her roster. Hurrah!

Now, I'm not trying to be a Sensitive Negro™ here, but what is up with that? I hate to be the person who always comments on posts like that with "Where is so-and-so?"; I have enough artist friends to know how irritating that can be. But is that the way to get these two roommates of Harry on some goddamned icons, when folks are making mass icons? And surely being consistently left off these kids of things means that good old [livejournal.com profile] deamus is far from a common pairing.

Is this the tragic mulatto of pairings—too common to be rare, to rare to get any love? Is it the bridesmaid of pairings—in the background so often that people think it's common, but never in the spotlight? Or is the tragic mulatto moniker more directly parallel because they're an interracial couple? (And you know, I hate playing that race card.)

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] musesfool, writing about James/Lily on [livejournal.com profile] starrrysummer's aforementioned post about rarepairs, makes a great point about frequent background pairings like James/Lily.

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It made the newsletter so likely you've seen it, but must highly recommend Of Cheese, Quidditch, and Mutual Attraction, a perfectly darling bit of Ron/Padma from [livejournal.com profile] significantowl. Go, read!

If you want to know what it was like to sit next to [livejournal.com profile] mistful at GoF, read her recap, and you will see why I want to see every subsequent film with her.

[livejournal.com profile] taradiane has a scan of Dan's little Blender thingum in which he yammers on about the Pixies song "Debaser". Okay, Dan? It's called Un Chien Andalou, it was directed by Buñuel but co-written by Dalí, and it was actually a cow's eye. Good film though. I also recommend L'Age D'Or.

So many movies to see this December! So many!
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For my own use, hence not that exciting. ^_^

prompt table )
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So I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100. Carrie made me do it, honest. For the boys, of course. Gotta get back to my OTP, yo. I love H/hr, to be sure, but it's like this:
  • Harry/Hermione is my community ship. The ship of fandom meetups and lots of people on my flist, you know? The, I get to meet tons of cool people ship.
  • Draco/Ginny is my secret ship. Don't really know many people in that area. Probably should do that, but you know, I already have a community ship.
  • Ron/Padma is my "I sort of made it up" ship. I can't have been the first person to write it because yo, they went to the Yule Ball so they're kinda canon. But it's a little odd, and there isn't much of it, and I think it's sweet whenever I see it.
  • But Seamus/Dean? That's my OTP yo. It's the "I played this in an RPG" ship. The "I co-wrote the manifesto" ship. The "I have little flags in my books for every canon appearance of the characters" ship. (Okay, so you can't do that so well with Hermione.) The "I have probably read every single story" ship. The "I squee over canon moments" ship. So it gets the 100 fics.

In other news, I am still sick, I hate Andrew Jackson, and OMG, Pujols is the man. Two on, two out, down two runs in the ninth, facing elimination, and after a swing and a miss, he hits a homer and we're off to game 6. And I tuned in just in time to see it. That's what baseball is all about, man.

ETA: Okay, Bette Midler has just recorded a CD of songs associated with Peggy Lee, that was produced by Barry Manilow. I find this amazing. Also, did I say that I watched the new Charlotte Church videos (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jacyevans and I was very impressed?
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It appears I need to revisit this post from last week to point out the more relevant parts in response to a couple of things that popped up on my flist today. In it, I said:

It's canon. It stands unchanging. It doesn't care what you thought would happen; it simply is.

which I still stand behind. However, I also said:

presuming that what someone chooses to write—be it a ship, or an event, or what have you—is them putting a stake in the ground about canon is a really big leap

So since I'm still, thanks to the icon above, in something of a defensive posture according to some of you, I want to make some things crystal clear:

Cut for spoilers. )

I'm hoping this is me, done, and I can go back to saying what I think through the stories. Carrie said she'd hold my hand while I read the JKR interview lest I burst into tears of shame or rage, which I'm still thinking is entirely likely, but I really just need to read it and get on with my life without worrying about how mentally unstable she, and others, may or may not assume that I am.


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