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Round Three: the sweet sixteen! Voting will remain open until THURSDAY MORNING.

To log into DW using an open ID (your LJ/google/yahoo/orange/flickr/wordpress/blogger/myspace) click here, and then come back to vote!

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Today, the top left quarter of the bracket! To log into DW using an open ID (your LJ/google/yahoo/orange/flickr/wordpress/blogger/myspace) click here, and then come back to vote! Voting will remain open until WEDNESDAY MORNING.

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so what is color war? )

This year, we're doing things a little differently, thanks to the suggestions of my pals [livejournal.com profile] ikyoto and [livejournal.com profile] vermilionsun. There will also be a few logistical changes.

Colors are real! That is, the colors you will see will not be the html approximations, but actual photographs, taken and color-corrected by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] vermilionsun, of sheets of paper that [personal profile] ali_wildgoose, [personal profile] pts and I hand-colored with actual crayons. You can even see that distinctive crayon texture in the photos. [livejournal.com profile] vermilionsun did an amazing job, and I can't thank her enough for the idea and the effort.

Colors do not have names! It's been really fun watching people vote partly on color and partly on name (manatee!) for the past two rounds, especially since the names are part of how we interact with Crayola crayons in particular. This year, per [livejournal.com profile] ikyoto's suggestion, we're ditching the names and only identifying the colors via numbers. They're slightly randomized, though I didn't stress about it too much, and if you really wanted to go through all the swatches and figure out which color is which you probably could, though there's no pattern to it . Feel free to speculate in the comments however!

The poll will take place on Dreamwidth! Three reasons:
  • Only LJ users can vote in LJ polls, and I have some RL friends on tumblr that I would love to include. On DW, anyone with an open ID can voteā€”if you have an LJ, google, orange, yahoo, flickr, wordpress, blogger, myspace, or aol account, you already have an open ID and can log into DW using that, and vote in the poll! (I'm anonymizing the results, so even I won't know who votes for what, and won't see your id unless you decide to comment.)
  • DW is a little more stable lately than LJ. To be fair, LJ has been hit with a lot of DDoS attacks that are politically motivated surrounding the elections in Russia, and they're a bigger target generally. I support their keeping up the good fight for free political speech in Russia, but I also want people to be able to vote reliably in the damn poll.
  • DW is great! I'd love to have more of you who don't have DW accounts or who do but don't really use them over here on DW, I must admit. Though the first is really the biggest reason I'm moving the poll, and the second a serious consideration, this would be a nice bonus!

Anyway enough of THAT.

Here's the bracket! )

Voting will start on MONDAY with the first quarter of the bracket. I'll put up another quarter bracket each morning next week, and you'll have at least 48 hours to vote in each poll (though if the results are very close, I reserve the right to leave it open a little longer as I did last year). We'll start the second round the following MONDAY.

I'll be putting links to the DW voting on my LJ, twitter and tumblr. Feel free to spread the word further, and I hope this can bring everyone some fun as we go into the summer!
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Here's the final bracket!

Look, it's our amazing bracket! )

I've edited the final four and championship brackets into those poll entries, so go check them out, and thanks so much to [personal profile] ali_wildgoose for making them!!

I know to some it seems like blue won two years in a row, but remember that midnight blue only won by three votes, and bright yellow and green made it pretty far! You guys were definitely in the mood for bright colors this year! Thanks to everyone who voted and commented for making it so much fun!

I do have some ideas for next year. There might even be more interesting visuals, and maybe even no names!

But very happily we did have names this year.

Kisses! )

The manatees thank you for your time.
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Vote here!

And thanks to everyone who voted and campaigned and otherwise participated!
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Has been posted here! I admit, one of the votes on the round of eight was such a squeaker that I let it go quite long. Definitely a diverse group of colors for the final four!
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I think many of you know as lots of folks have voted but here is the new color wars post!
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Vote here!

Personally I'm shocked that Outer Space is already out!


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Round 1(a)

Round 1(b)

Vote manatee.

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Hey look, it's the bracket for Color War: Year Two! As last year, the bracket is courtesy of your friend and mine, [personal profile] ali_wildgoose.

and it's a thing of beauty! )

The polls will go up tomorrow evening, and you'll always have at least 24 hours to vote. You can even start campaigning right here in this very post!
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Almost there!

Click the cut for the long explanation, but basically the browns changed and I would love you guys to revote. You can vote here at the LJ.

wherein I explain myself )
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Right, so two things. First, the overwhelming majority of you wanted the poll on LJ, and my goal is maximum participation so LJ it is.

Second, those who voted wanted to exclude fluorescent yellows and browns. (Besides, the grays have great names.) So, a poll. We need to ditch five of the seven colors. Vote for the colors you want to INCLUDE. So that means, please, only vote for two. This poll will be open at least 24 hours.

colors and poll over at livejournal!

Happy voting! Feel free to campaign in the comments and pimp out to your friends. The main contest will probably start up Sunday or Monday, depending.
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Friends, it's a gray day and I'm feeling indecisive. I'm getting preparations going for color war and thinking about rain boots and ticky boxes, so of course, a poll! With lots of things going on!

First, the color war. prelims and locations )

Also, I'm buying some Hunter boots--the short ones. boots and socks! )

Finally, in a previous poll many of you wondered what the whole "your band sucks" thing is about. It's the sarcastic final poll answer used on a music board in Boston that my BFF the rock drummer is on. I like it because there, it's obnoxious, but here, it's kind of surreal. But after all this time, and with the Idol polls retired, should I find a new ticky box answer?

vote in the poll! )

This poll is at both Dreamwidth and Livejournal, though not precisely crossposted. You can see the other entry here.

color war?

Feb. 28th, 2011 11:47 am
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Folks, I'm going to be really honest with you: I'm very discouraged today! I'm looking around at all this angst and darkness and how much people want that, and also all the grouchiness and anger that people express and how much they seem to want to feel that way, and I wonder what the point is of trying to write happy things or work on a cheerful project.

the long story )

So I guess my question is, should I bother doing another color war? Last year I used the original 64 colors, and this year I'd use the colors that have been added and taken out since then, which luckily add up to more than 64 so there's enough for another bracket. And yeah, some shade of blue might win again but you never know! On a day like today I just wonder if it's worth it.
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Isn't it cool? I found it here, via tumblr.

I started the color war to give everyone a little happy because the fannish alternative bracket things are often so divisive and disappointing for many. I thought having a bracket over something that people cared about but that didn't have a higher significance would be fun. Thanks to all of YOU, it was! So thanks to everyone who voted!

My replies to the comments were delayed because I noticed a trend really early on and didn't want to tip my hand about it. But now that it's over, I'm ready to reveal all!

The secret is: You guys really like the color blue.

Details, with VISUAL AIDS )

My apologies to all of you who don't really like blue, or like yellow and orange, or like warm colors generally. I think, and this is just a theory, that we were mostly voting for colors that we can wear. But yeah, it's all about cool colors, and really not about warm ones.

So here, for your printing and admiring pleasure, the FINAL BRACKET (click to enlarge), and thanks again to [personal profile] ali_wildgoose for making all of the brackets!

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I'm working on a wrap-up post but in the meantime I thought I'd share the last three brackets with you.

Also if you're interested in other alternative brackets, Tyler Green's blog Modern Art Notes is hosting The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter Tourney-ish. Relevant to the crayon brackets for me because while you all were drawing starry skies I was all abstract, all nonrepresentational, all the time. I was really into geometric shapes of color, and I still am, actually.

Anyway, the brackets! Click to enlarge:

elite eight )

final four )

championship )

Thanks again, [personal profile] ali_wildgoose! I'll put the final bracket in the final post.
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Vote here!

We're down to the wire on this one!
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Guys, I suck, I'm sorry; I forgot to post a link to the sweet sixteen. BUT the elite eight will be open all weekend! Vote! Last time some of the races were super close!
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Vote round 2 here!

Revised bracket will be posted once it's updated, but for results of the closed first round: first half (left side) of the bracket, second half (right side) of the bracket.


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