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[personal profile] calloocallay and [profile] soupkills were kind enough to open their homes to we Cablevision orphans for the Academy Awards last night. I made a devil's food cake with golden caramel-coconut frosting for the occasion. Somehow I wasn't feeling the twitter during the show, not sure why, but here are a few thoughts:

  • My favorite thing, for those of you who haven't been to LA, is that the Kokak Theater is in a mall. Their are chain stores on either side of that grand staircase
  • I love every single thing that Gabby Sidibe did all night long, from working it on the stage at the beginning to enjoying the moment of being a nominee near the end.
  • So NPH sang to open three out of the four major awards shows this year, and was brilliant every time. Love the shiny jacket.
  • I thought Alec and Steve were hilarious. Of course, Steve is my dream man, so there's that, but still. Also the shout out to Turner & Hooch as a classic comedy pair because the Turner & Hooch joke actually never gets old.
  • Haha, Clooney's whole stonefaced schtick was hilarious, though I'm sad that so many people took it seriously. New Nicholson, y/y?
  • I didn't miss the best songs. Back in the day they didn't let the original artists sing—I remember Phil Collins didn't sing "Against All Odds"; it was like, some Vegas chick Ann Reinking! Who is an amazing dancer, but isn't really a singer.
  • The John Hughes tribute reminds me that people my age are rather powerful in that town, which is weird to think of!
  • Quentin also entertained me all night long, from his enthusiastic reaction to that silly horror package to his presentation of the foreign language film. Also: ALMODÓVAR!
  • Classy single men take their mother or their daughter to the Oscars.
  • Speaking of which, I was intrigued by the way they chose people to present the best picture noms, so often folks who had worked with the director in the past.
  • That costume designer winner was fabulous. LOVED her dress, her whole look, but also loved what she had to say about people rewarding the contemporary costumes for once as well as the period stuff.
  • I was really pleased with all the winners. We did all let up some big shouts when Bigelow and then The Hurt Locker won.
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So now I've watched the E! red carpet and oh Ryan.

First, I love his very classic look tonight; it goes with the new hair. He was so cute with all the little kids from Slumdog, and funny about Idol with Kevin Kline. And the idea of Ryan sitting in his hotel room in Orlando staying up past his bedtime to watch Seal on PBS is too much for me to handle, to be honest. He's so dorky!

RPatz is awesome everywhere he goes, isn't he? It's like all of his appearances are an extended satire about fame—much better than whateverthehell Joaquin Phoenix is doing. Ryan was so respectful about Mickey Rourke's dog, too.

And that's the end of the awards season, so Ryan can go back to just four jobs instead of five, just in time for Idol going live.
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Whee live blogging, but I hadn't watched much red carpet in advance, so Ryan gets his later. We're watching on delay because we were making dinner

Cut for spoilers! )
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So it's a day late but definitely not a dollar short, and I'm sort of glad I waited because I watched and listened to a bunch of post-Grammys stuff since then, and it's always good, I think, to rewatch before posting.

Radiohead! MIA! You know you wanted it! )

10 awards, people. 10. That was a special concert, not an awards show but you know, that's really fine. I wish that we could have had one jazz performance, or one gospel performance, but the ratings were a lot better and that's what counts.


Feb. 9th, 2009 01:26 pm
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So either I've become hopelessly old and uncool (something that's entirely possible) or the Grammys were actually not bad. I mean, Jennifer Hudson making me cry! MIA with TI and Kanye and Jay-Z and wearing Lil Wayne's hat and a body stocking with polka dots over her "I was due today" pregnant belly! Radiohead and the USC marching band! Adele! Dave Grohl playing drums for Macca! (Actually that last bit wasn't that interesting, but I always like seeing Grohl behind the kit.)

Also Ryan hoping for Coldplay on the red carpet, sort of cute. And Whitney, when you get up for your big comeback presenting moment, you can't be slurring your words, and you might have gotten a better wig.

But what the hell, Chris Brown? I mean, seriously.

Anyone else watch?
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No one is replying to me on chat, so I'm putting this shit on the LJ. Lucky you!

I really liked all the quotes in the montage! It was fun!

Spoilers for some of the awards behind the cut. )

Not spoilery, but not very good audio; I'll update with better when we find it. Josh Groban, a band, and 30 theme songs. Special appearance by Animal:

2008 VMAs

Sep. 8th, 2008 12:23 am
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What a difference a year makes, eh Brit Brit? Also, is it really a step up for Pete Wentz to basically be like, a VJ?

Oh Russell Brand and your poor misguided attempts to break America. Well, I thought it was hilarious, and I wish I could send you a text to tell you so.

Other than Xtina, I didn't see any amazing performances. Paramore sounded like their record, and the Jonas Bros are annoying, and Pink's song was lame though the coat was cute, and Rhianna's song went on way too long though the dancing was good (choreographed by Wade Robson?), and I didn't even watch Lil Wayne or Kanye because please, but LL Cool J doing Going Back to Cali was pretty awesome. Hence, it took [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose and I 45 minutes to speed through the show.

And Russell Brand was great.
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Cat and Ryan: TWOP thinks Cat Deeley was robbed and is clearly better than Bergeron or Seacrest. I think she's clearly better than Project Runway's Heidi Klum, who yes, has hugely improved since season one, but really splits the hosting duties with Tim Gunn. Padma Lakshmi does a lot more on Top Chef than Heidi does on PR. Also, the performance show of SYTYCD is not live! I feel this makes all the difference. Love him or hate him, Ryan has to get a bunch of amateurs (and the singers are MUCH more amateur than the dancers) on and off the stage and keep the judges from taking over the show and get everything in on time and he does it night after night after night. Cat doesn't have to control Nigel; they just edit the comments to fit. I adore Cat—she's my second favorite host and given my Ryan love that's saying a lot. I agree that she should have been nominated. But I think it's Heidi and Howie Mandel who are the head scratchers in that list, not Tom and Ryan.

Andy Cohen: I rarely say really negative things here—it's just not my style. I'd rather talk about things I like than things I don't. But I was on the Bravo web site today looking at the judge blogs and noticed a little "catching up with Ronnie" (from Make Me a Supermodel) and decided to click on the video. Unfortunately, it was one of those annoying Andy Cohen interviews and I have to say, just because he's a network exec doesn't mean I have to listen to him. I used to find him amusing until he started taking over all the reunion shows. He was dreadful on the Top Chef reunion! His show online is like a really bad cable access show, but without the charm. He epitomizes that sort of gay male sensibility that I don't have much time for, where everything has to be either fabulous or bitchy. Ugh. After the Emmys last year he said "who cares about America Ferrara?" and pretty much, he lost me. I don't care if his after the show can only be seen by AmEx members; I certainly don't want to watch!
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… and Ryan was nominated for hosting American Idol! Every year Idol itself is nominated for best competitive reality show (and is this year again, along with Top Chef, Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars) and every year The Amazing Race wins. But Ryan's only real competition in the new hosting category imo is Jeff Probst of Survivor, so I have my fingers crossed! As a general rule I don't get caught up in who wins and who loses because that's based on so many weird things, but I'll admit I'm really rooting for Ryan, because there's just so much disrespect for him even among Idol fans. Like his personality or not, he's really, really good at hosting live television.

You can check out the Academy web site for a searchable list of nominations.
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Yes, I put it in the TIVO. Yes, I'm rewatching it, alone, because I'm obsessive. Also, I had to watch the second half of Ryan's red carpet, and for reals: the way he handled Gary Busey proves everything I say about his abilities and professionalism. He's piles of awesome, under a veneer of complete ridiculousness.

A little more thought this time. )
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We started with red carpet (RYAN!), moved on to Barbara, and then got to the Oscars.

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar! Who will win? )
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I'm working on a drabble for the Tudor costume but until then, please enjoy My Summer of Love, seven little chapters about the week Ryan spent in Europe between the Concert for Diana and Eva Longoria's wedding. Includes Simon in costume, Elton John giving Ryan a new nickname, Ryan dressed like a Cuban street hustler, an in-person phone call, Il Divo failing to show up, Ryan finally getting Simon into a pair of jeans that fit, and a day in a Parisian hotel, along with other assorted conversations and lots of romcom references. It's a story I'm rather fond of that I think got lost in the Labor Day weekend/early term shuffle.

On the emmys themselves: I thought Jon Stewart did a great job hosting the Oscars two years ago. The ratings weren't great and neither were the reviews, but he got the job again this year, which I'm really excited about. I note this to say, I'm not too worried about Ryan's reviews for the show, or even the ratings, for lots of reasons; I won't get all media industry insider wonky on you about that, though.
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He was really good. I'm only surprised that the show ran long under his watch.

Now nothing will stop him from ruling the world.

However, now I'm all hyped up and will never sleep.

Oh, I also watched him on Larry King off my TIVO and he looked really hot, didn't he? Facial hair just becomes him so. He's like a little muppet with his little head. *pats*

And someone will have to stop me from writing a story in which Ryan wears the Henry VIII costume for Simon.

(countdown to Jon Stewart oscars!)
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I passed out pretty immediately after the last award, which made me glad in the end that I was actually home. My Oscar dinner, by the way, was Baked Lays and Onion Dip, and a "ice cream soda" with Vanilla Tofutti+Diet Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda, you know, just because. I thought Ellen was a great host, really funny and irreverent, and I imagine they'll keep her around for a while, which is really fine, even though I thought Jon Stewart was great last year. Anyway, links:
  • Some of you may have been refreshing my post during the ceremony—and if you were, I love you guys!—but I was refreshing Defamer liveblogging the Oscars.
  • Maybe it's the generational change, or the increased investment National Public Radio has been making in its LA bureau (its morning show is anchored partly from there and there has been a notable increase in coverage—appropriate, as it is our second largest city) but there is actually a red carpet review on NPR's website.
  • E!Online has been the center of morning-after coverage for years now, and their GlamCam, where you can vote for your favorites on video, continues that tradition. (Mind, there's music, so watch your volume if you're at work.)
  • And there's always the venerable oscars.org, where you can search their incomparable database for all your need-to-know Oscar facts.

My fashion favs were Gwynneth (I loved the art deco effect on her Marc Posen gown), Penelope (even with the feathered train), Jodie Foster (I envy people who can wear things that bring out their eyes), and Djimon Hounsou who looked spectacular in brown. Peter Sarsgaard is always a favorite of mine, of course, and I loved his, Leo's, and Ryan Gosling's tamed scruffiness.
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I don't have a lot to say about the red carpet, except no snarking on Ryan. He's a boo and he's trying very hard.

Now, those of you who have not visited Los Angeles might not know that the Kodak Theater . . . is in a MALL. There's like, a smoothie place just to the right of the staircase. Ah, only in LA must a landmark building include crappy retail.

Cut for spoilers )

Well, what did you think?
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Alas, for my Oscar-watching plans fell through due to weather, so I'll be chilling like a villain here in the Blue Room flat, live-blogging like the geek I am. (Any of you local pals who would like to brave the snow that is coming and the cat that is Veda are welcome, as the place is actually fairly tidy for once.)

I don't have a horse in this year's race, other than a lingering fondness for my own personal favorite film of the year, Little Miss Sunshine. The Queen looks like what folks have been saying, a tv movie with a great performance in the middle of it, and while I can go a lot of places with James Cromwelll, after seeing him last as a schizophrenic netty-pot-loving archeologist I'm not sure I could buy him as Prince Philip. After the self-satisfied lameout that was Crash there is no way I'm watching Babel. I might pick up The Departed on cable at some point, and as for Letters From Iwo Jima, I'm a girl so I think I'm not supposed to like war movies anyway. It might be the most boring ceremony ever. Ping me if you're watching, dude, and we'll be bored together.


Feb. 20th, 2007 08:52 pm
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Because I forgot and I want to get it off my TIVO. Put down more for posterity than anything else as I didn't see anyone really talking about it on my flist.

I don't have much to say about the awards themselves except HA that the Dixie Chicks got Country Album of the Year. As they said, the Grammys often reward those who are talented but don't fit that Nashville mold, like Alison Krauss. So go them. Idolator noted that it was like, the year the Grammys went midtempo and dude, so true.

Performances )
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Well, it did snow last night, in that I was out in the snow, but it didn't stick so I'm not sure it counts. We're supposed to get more snow showers tonight, but it looks like we'll be lucky to get a real snow before February, and I must say I'm vexed.

Thoughs on the SAG's and Dreamgirls. )

By the way, folks have been asking if/when there have been more than one song from one movie nominated for the Best Original Song award, and it's happened 10 previous times, all since 1980:
  • 2003: Cold Mountain, neither song won
  • 1994: 3 from Lion King, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" won
  • 1993: Philadelphia, "Streets of Philadelphia" won
  • 1992: Bodyguard and Aladdin each had two, "A Whole New World" won
  • 1991: 3 from Beauty and the Beast, the theme won
  • 1989: Little Mermaid, "Under the Sea" won
  • 1985: White Nights, "Say You Say Me" won
  • 1984: Footloose, neither won
  • 1983: Yentl and Flashdance each had two, "Flashdance" won
  • 1980: Fame, the theme won
You can look up all nominees and results in the Academy's easy-to-use database at oscars.org.

Meanwhile I caught up on CSI the other day and damnit, every time I think I've given up on the show it sucks me back in, though that very unevenness is what is most frustrating about it. Thoughts on Liev Schrieber, and Nick as leader. )
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Before I get into the Oscars, I want to note that How I Met Your Mother continues to delight and amaze me and while it's a hit (having gotten a boost from the CBS Monday night lineup of hit comedies) I wish it got more critical/awards attention because it's as solid a show as any of the others.

Which segues nicely into the Oscar nominations that were announced this morning. I'm usually pretty bloodless about awards; other than a small box office/DVD sales boost and occasionally bringing someone from indies to the "big show" they end up not meaning much. I think anyone looking at the list of Best Pictures as a DVD viewing list would say, nice place to start, but you're missing a lot—which is why even though you can also say that about all those AFI lists, put them all together and you've got a really great bible of American film of the twentieth century.

There are also internal politics at work at the Academy. For example, the directors vote for best director, so those folks are almost the same people as the members of the Directors Guild, who have always had a hate on for Scorcese, so you can play "is this his year" but you know, it almost never is. Just like the Grammys, and unlike critics lists, the Oscars also subtly reward movies that make money, because they know that an Oscar will lead to a lot of copycats.

As for Best Picture, there are four ways to get there that I can see. )

Which is the lead up to, why did Chicago win Best Picture while Dreamgirls wasn't even nominated? )

Me, I'm going to continue to be not that involved this year in the awards. No picks here, and I'm not really that excited to run out and see the nominated films I haven't seen yet. I'll be watching and commenting from the sidelines, and I'm not sure why this is such a "whatever" year for me, but I don't have a horse in this race. Well, except for Little Miss Sunshine, which won't win but which I'm so pleased was nominated. Go you!
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So while I was running about the past week I consumed a lot of media.

VM: If you haven't read the Rob Thomas interview at TWoP, what are you waiting for? The spoilers are seriously minor and the info is fantastic.

I saw The Painted Veil and Dreamgirls this week. No spoilers. )

I don't have much to say about the Globes. I watched them last night and found myself zipping through a lot of speeches. I love that Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are so BFF. I cried at America Ferrera's speech, too. I adore Ugly Betty so I was so excited that they won and loved how they were up on stage screaming and Salma Hayek was crying. And of course I was pleased at the Dreamgirls wins.

Speaking of Ugly Betty, OMG this week was awesome )!

Okay, I've watched this week's Top Chef about five times, once with [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, and as I mentioned last week I've also been watching some back episodes, and every time I see something again, I get less sympathetic to Marcel ).

Which made me think about fan attitudes on 'good' and 'bad' characters. )


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