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So last night I dreamt that [personal profile] sistermagpie and I were at college (my alma mater) with Chris Pine. He was kind of douchey and annoying but also super endearing and I liked him a lot in a "bad dog, don't say that" sort of way. Some chick tried to get me to get him not to run to be an officer with some club or other and said that no one would vote for him and I was like "so what do you care if he runs then?" which is so club politics at my college I can't even.

Anyway we watched two movies over a weekend, maybe for a class? The first one was in my room really late at night and was a Japanese movie about a hapless young rich man who funds a heist so he can be part of it. Chris slept on my couch. Then M and I went to his room to watch something else with his roommate. After the movie M and I were getting ready to go (and it was totally college because my purse had all these earrings in it) M said we should have a goat farm (maybe there was a goat in the second movie?) and while Chris's other roommates were emerging from their bedrooms putting their socks on after their mid-afternoon naps to go down to the dining hall for dinner I went off on this riff (and if you've met me in person you can imagine) about how no, we shouldn't because then we'd be those women making artisanal goat cheese probably in Amherst and also M is a city girl whose concept of horticulture was 1) put a seed in a pot 2) cover with dirt from some place 3) magically grow a plant. Then we went down to dinner.

Later I was in an elevator and he was all "So! You and M!" and I was all "Me and M what?" and he was like "Together!" and I was like "no and also you're an idiot."

Also at some point we watched him on video playing that Chumawumba song on drums with some people only it was one of those bullshit stand up drum kits and also he was always a little behind for his cymbal crashes and such and I cringed for him.

You are super excited I woke up and posted this from my phone, aren't you? Everyone's like "damn maybe she should only post about her fic!"
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Moving took me mostly offline for about a week between days dedicated to packing/unpacking, the move itself, and that gap between when you move and when you can get the cable hooked up, but I'm back and mostly caught up! Being offline is the worst, seriously, especially when you also don't have TV.

Hey check out [livejournal.com profile] piratecore's entry in "What does the Great Pumpkin look like?" contest and vote for her natty little fellow!

I've been struggling with what to write here, other than talking about my writing, so how about:

ASK ME A QUESTION and I'll do my best to answer it! Maybe I'll get a sense of what kinds of things you all want to hear about!


Oct. 27th, 2011 12:23 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] aethelflaed2 and I are moving! We found a really great place and signed the lease last night. The next two weeks will be full of packing, moving, and unpacking, but at least it won't be full of randomly not having hot water for a couple of days, a tub that leaks like crazy, or broken kitchen cabinets that don't get fixed. We'll be closer to the subway and in a much more fun and interesting neighborhood. So that's a big source of yucky stress removed.

I'm feeling a little better than I was earlier. Well enough to reply to comments and emails and such. Hopefully soon, well enough to be writing again. The stbb is posting on the 12th, but it's pretty much done so that's not a worry. My space_wrapped date is the 11th I think, so that will be fine, and then Yuletide, and it would be nice to get a couple of other things done but we'll see about that!
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First, thanks to everyone for the good wishes the other day. It'll take me a bit to reply to them all (talking is a little hard right now) but reply I will! It's going to take a while before I'll be bouncing back, and while I'll try not to be negative (because it makes me feel worse) I might not be as positive as usual in the meantime.

In the meantime, a meme! I'll post the working title of a story, and the first sentence, for my most current WIPs. No pairing or summary info. Though for nearly all of these stories, the pairing is given away in the first sentence anyway, and my working titles are all the pairing or the summary, basically. But! First lines! All femslash, mostly multiracial.

  1. “Scared?” Quinn said, making a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “I’m terrified.”
  2. "So tonight," Pansy said, "no sneaking into the club bathroom, no getting yourself off secretly—"
  3. While their friends moved into perfectly sweet little three-bedroom family homes (well, and Malfoy Manor), Pansy and Parvati thought, penthouse.
  4. Divorce Granted: Roger Korby and Christine Chapel Korby, filed by Mrs. Korby on grounds of mental incapacitation —The New York Times, April 20, 1920
  5. The shopping started, as so many things did with the cousins, with Annie Weasley-Wood.
  6. Christie was talking about the hospital wanting to send her to Boston to help with some training, which, fine, it was only two months and Diana would run up on her days off—that's what trains were for.

so, yeah

Oct. 11th, 2011 09:44 pm
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Today was a pretty brutal and horrible day. I'm sure I'll be back to my usual positivity by the end of the week but right now it's really rough. Any happy-making things you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.

I may repeat this request tomorrow.
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So I have failed to write a recap of my time at Dragon*Con last month, but actually you can hear me talking about it to [personal profile] wordplay on the next-to-last day of the con, while we were sitting outside being rebels, on the Slashcast!

The segment, called "Slashers on the Street," is at 43:48, right after [personal profile] kaalee's awesome segment pimping Sherlock fandom. My voice has apparently gotten lower as I've aged, for which I'm grateful. I actually sound reasonably intelligent so thanks for the kind edit, Slashcast!

Of course that multi-fandom friend I mention that I would like to bring down next year because she can tell which Robin is which is [personal profile] sistermagpie. I had so much fun with my J&B pals and everyone I saw and met there.

I did buy myself two completely awesome toys while I was there, as well. They are tiny and so hard to capture on film:

Look at that scowl and that smirk!
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So since work was slow I did a huge tumblr spam in honor of today. First, I found videos of a whole bunch of folks who have something in common with me:

Rick Springfield
Shelley Long
Barbara Eden
River Phoenix
Keith Moon

Then the Monkees:
Saturday's Child

Then a bunch of magazine covers from the third week of August, 1969:
TV Guide
Sports Illustrated

And saved the best for last:
Life cover
Gene Kelly

Met friends for burgers and hotdogs in the park. It's a great place to do something casual after work as people can come and go; it's like having my own bbq without having to do any of the cooking. Oh, and the guy at Starbucks gave me a mini red velvet whoopie pie.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 03:45 pm
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Let's talk about that earthquake, shall we, fellow east coasters?

DC-VA peeps please check in!

(so shook up I forgot to crosspost!)
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This is a mixture of fannish and real life things from the last 48 hours or so.

  • I'm helping to run a crossover challenge on [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones that we're calling Worlds Collide, so if you ever wanted to write some fic about any Chris Pine or Karl Urban character you should go check it out. I'm really excited about the response so far!
  • Damn it rained a lot Saturday night and Sunday. My cat is afraid of the rain so she hid for most of the day, poor thing.
  • I got lunch at Cosi today for reasons that aren't particularly interesting (I usually bring my lunch) and damn if they didn't leave out the chicken from my cobb salad. So I marched right back down there and got it, damn it, and he gave me extra. Just this weekend I'd been feeling like getting what's owed you and setting boundaries was seen as being entitled, so it's weird how some guy at Cosi made me feel a little better about that sort of thing.
  • Relatedly, I'm trying to get over my anxiety about crossposting. I've been poking at various Harry Potter comms for the crossposting of the sequel and various adjacent fics--so far I've racked up two h/h comms (one of which I was already a member of), two d/g comms, a rarepairs and a rarehet comm (hurrah for ron/padma). Of course there's also [livejournal.com profile] hp_girlslash and [livejournal.com profile] deamus; that goes without saying. (I also trawled around for new icons, yayness!)
  • Speaking of which, the Pansy/Parvati I posted the other day and crossposted at [livejournal.com profile] hp_girlslash got picked up by both [livejournal.com profile] quibbler_report and [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today which is pretty groovy. Reward for psyching myself up to crosspost!
  • They had a Ralph Bellamy fest on TCM Sunday and wow, Ralph Bellamy was the Ralph Bellamy in a lot of movies. In Headline Shooter he was even engaged to a newspaperwoman who leaves him for a more exciting newspaperman, though he wasn't played by Cary Grant.
  • My tummy is full of pasta made by [livejournal.com profile] hoshizora and sauce made by [personal profile] ali_wildgoose who were nice enough to ask me to stay for dinner when I came by to pick up my shades.
  • Fandom is bliss, but I'm feeling overloaded on the pop culture blogs. Any recs for things I can put on the reader that aren't about either culture or social justice activism or current politics/geopolitics/economics etc, I'd be much obliged.
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Wow, that moment when we could comment on LJ was short-lived, wasn't it? Well, when things are back up and running I'll throw them a few bucks. They're fighting the good fight over there and I'm happy to be patient while they get all that straightened out.

In the meantime here are some short thoughts:
  • The EWFS sequel is so close to being done I can taste it. Seriously: two scenes, one of which I've started, and the epilogue will be done and I'll send it and the reworked final chapter to the betas and then do what I really should have been doing the last two weeks, which is work on the STBB. Though that one is so fun and so clear in my mind that I think it'll go really fast.
  • Oh my god Morissey stop being a dick. People might take your comments about animal rights more seriously if (1) you didn't try to boil down a complicated issue into a sound bite (2) you didn't do this at moments of global sensitivity (3) you didn't also run around saying weirdo racist anti-immigration bullshit. Sorry you don't like all them brown folks in your lily white England, but that's the breaks of being a colonial power.
  • However, Chris Daughtry, you keep letting your geek flag fly. Cosplaying with your kid at SDCC, two thumbs up.
  • My brief moment of reading the newspaper (mostly due to the phone hacking scandal, which I could not get enough of) has ended now that the news is back to "things that give Clio anxiety attacks." You know, like racist massacres and monetary crises and drought-related famines.
  • Love you, Karl, but I'm not seeing Loft. From the summary of the original Belgian film that was posted on tumblr, it just sounds like a movie of men being jerks to women for two hours, and then possibly getting some comeuppance but not really. Yuck, no thank you.
  • I've been actually seeing tons of people on the weekends. It's really fun to be social! And I'm glad the horrible heat broke.
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Three things!

So one of the reasons I've been a little out of it the past week and a half or so is that, well, I was actually out of it for a bit, last weekend and early this week, and went underground for a bit. And then late this week I spent time chasing the food truck Colicchio was doing as part of the HBO Game of Thrones promotion. I only caught three nights out of the five, but got to eat a sublime pickled egg, a bit of squid-inked seafood stew, lamb and duck, venison and the aforementioned headcheese, plus a lot of lemon cake.

This morning I wrote two things about Rebecca Black's Friday (here and here) that sped around tumblr, which is a nice but slightly odd feeling. Mostly: there's nothing wrong with the song or the video. And there's nothing wrong with what Fallon and Colbert did last night, either, though I wish some people didn't need their blessing in order to see what was good about that song.

Apparently you can get subscriptions on AO3 now, which is pretty neat. I'm at faviconclio_jlh and fandoms in the immediate queue include Harry Potter and Star Trek! (If you want to do that cool thing, [personal profile] astolat has the code here.)
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So I'm not in love with DST because I hate waking up in the dark, and I'm really not in love with DST because we spend more goddamned time in it than we do standard time and I find this ridiculous. I'm also a little sad that with the demise of my ancient clock radio I actually have no clocks to change.

Anyway I just woke up from this dream that I'm calling "… and suddenly, Karl Urban." Wherein Karl Urban comes into my dream and makes it better. No, really. )

In other news, because I'm sure you were all waiting for the follow up, I went with the black boots, and am getting red socks soon. My aforementioned roommate is getting the green ones and I already have purple snow boots.
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I've been so worried lately, and thanks to all of you for being nice about it. Let's talk about stuff that's making me happy!

  • New Nigella on my TV! She's seriously my anxiety cure, you don't even know. And she likes rosé, which I do too. (See below.)
  • Saw Red yesterday noontime at a $6 matinee. It was really fun! Bruce and Karl and Helen and Morgan and Malkovich were all adorbs, as was Brian Cox's old Russian.
  • Then I went on a very NYC shopping spree around Union Square, picking up some staples at Trader Joe's (they have frozen pork buns now!), bread and jam at the green market, rosé at the wine store, and some spicy beef broth noodle to go at Republic.
  • The jam deserves its own bullet. I adore the jam from Beth's, which you can also order online. I picked up Raspybarb (raspberry rhubarb) which is the flavor of my favorite pie. I also got some rhubarb chutney (so good on meatloaf) and some garlic rosemary jam (excellent on toast topped with scrambled egg). I ate bread and jam for dinner!
  • [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang and [livejournal.com profile] rpf_big_bang are posting! So many great stories already!
  • Yuletide! I'm pondering what fandoms to nominate other than WKRP. Undercovers and Hawaii 5-0 at the very least, and Community as well because that fandom isn't that big. I'm thinking about nominating the Green Hornet movie even though it's not out until next month because hey, Kato fic.
  • It's fall, and it's properly chilly and breezy and the leaves are falling and when it's not raining the sky is the most gorgeous blue. And the cat has gone back to demanding a permanent position on my lap.

I've got chicken stock in the stockpot, I cleaned the bathroom, and I'm reviewing fic. And then I'll do a last read over my rpf bb fic which goes up tomorrow! Eee!


Aug. 23rd, 2010 10:40 pm
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Yesterday was kind of awful but today was pretty great! It's weird, my birthday is at the end of August but it always turns cold right before it; when I was growing up in Maine I could never have a swimming party for my birthday.

Anyway I slept in just a smidge, then went to work and actually had quite a good day at work, which included work and getting things done and writing about 1500 words of fic. Then I went to a pub that has $5 mussels and had some moules frites and rose with [personal profile] ali_wildgoose, and had a passion fruit mojito for dessert.

I also bought myself some macarons at a little French bakery near my office:

Rose, orange blossom, violetta, cerise, lemon, and rhubarb. AND Ali made me some peach tarts! So I have dessert for days and won't be making that rhubarb crisp for a while, nor am I missing the failed ice cream.

Now I'm going to watch New Jersey housewives be insane, but before then, here's my "card" from my BFF C____, who's a drummer. Everyone cool I share my birthday with is dead—River Phoenix, Gene Kelly, Louis XVI, and Keith Moon here. As C____ said in his email, feel free to fast forward to the good part at 4:33.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes!
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So I got a new job a few weeks ago and they said my first paycheck would be today, but it would be mailed to me. And the bank account, kinda negative because I totally forgot to budget for commuting expenses. But I got home last night and there was my check, in yesterday's mail! I am once again a productive member of the global capitalist economy, for good or ill.

I am celebrating with a Fresca.
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I have two requests! First, of those of you whose number I have, is anyone going to be home around 5pm EST today? That's about when I'm going to be meeting a friend, and since I was leaving to meet a friend last Saturday afternoon, I'm a little anxious, and talking to a friend on the phone while I lock my door and walk through my lobby will be helpful.

Second, is there anyone interested in beta'ing a few very short Kirk/McCoy things I wrote? They're just comment-y things from various [livejournal.com profile] team_jones things, plus a story I decided not to put forward, but I would like to post them on the ol' LJ. Just let me know!

(And I'm really happy to reciprocate, by the way, as many of you know! It's fun to have your stories be a kind of conversation you're having with your beta, and I really miss that. I was actually thinking about how I missed that a week ago, and almost made a post about it, because I lost my go-to-for-everything beta a few months ago. I mean, I lost my friend—she passed away—but she was that for me and sometimes that makes writing difficult.)

ANYWAY. I have made progress on the replacing things front! I got a new shoulder bag, a friend gave me a wallet that is completely adorable, I have shades once again, and I also got some new rain boots just in time for this equinoctial storms we're having right now. Not that they were stolen, but they were on sale at Target when I went by for the other things. Replacing what was stolen definitely makes me feel a lot better; I even wrote on Friday morning!

And last but not least, thanks so much to everyone who's been commenting on the entries about the crime last week. I don't really know how to reply except to say thanks, and I might reply to some of the comments, but I probably need some more processing time.
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So as some of you may have heard, about three hours ago I was leaving to meet some friends at the movies and I was robbed at gunpoint in my lobby. He took my bag, which had my wallet and phone, and worst: my fucking writing notebook. It really sucks because I'd finally just gotten over about six weeks of writer's block, and now I'll just have to rewrite all that shit.

I mean, what matters is that the cops got here in like, seconds, that I'm safe, he didn't hurt me at all, and he only took things that can be replaced. Luckily my keys were in my pocket, so I am home, on my computer, waiting for said friends to get out of the movie and maybe stop by.

HAHA, all that drama about the iphone and now it's gone. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE $40 AND THE OLD SHITTY IPHONE, ASSHOLE!
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I've gotten to the point where I pretty much hate the telephone. I only talk to a few people on it regularly, all people who are not local. I used to talk on the phone all the time. And the oddest thing is, most of the people I talk to on the phone are male friends! (This is particularly true now that Mother has gone deaf, so we communicate via email.)

I also hate voice mail—hate it to the extent that I stopped checking it at some point and so Cingular or AT&T or whatever just turned the thing off, and I can't say as I care that much. If you want me, send me a text or an email, please. Anyway, apparently I'm not the only one hating on voice mail—there's a whole piece about it at the NYTimes, which I saw via Jezebel, and the blogger there hates voice mail, too.

At least my anxieties are trendy. I have to agree with that one guy who talks about how there are so many ways to reach anyone—I'd rather just cut off one of them.
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I have decided that I will shamelessly postdate when I forget to post fic on Thursday. I literally completely forgot, because I'd been writing another story. However, it's up now, and I even found a Mai/Zuko icon to go with it, so I rock, clearly.

Sadly I wasn't able to go to DC this weekend as previously planned. This means I can go to a birthday party and possibly watch silly Shakespeare things with [livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe. But it also means I'll miss folks who came into town, which is a drag. Happily, I'll be able to go down to DC for a quieter weekend with P____ and the gang in DC next month.

Per [livejournal.com profile] oneangryrabbit's suggestion, I checked out tower.com and got HIMYM season 3 and the new snow patrol album for $28 and free shipping. Insane! Of course, I'm not sure the packages will arrive before February, but still, cheap!

Re this week's Top Chef, it's not that I thought the eliminated chef would get much further, or that the judges were wrong to eliminate that person, but I felt that the unfortunate chef's teammates' behavior was uncool.


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