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First, thank you so much to everyone who gave me advice on this post and elsewhere about what I should choose as my three fics for the application. In the end, I went with the Kradam fic Keep Your Enemies Closer and two standalone Rymon shorts, Go Fish and Who's Afraid of Janis Ian. So you guys were a lot of help!

So since I write Rymon and fewer of the Kradam/Cookleta folks who are most of [livejournal.com profile] aific are familiar with my work, and since you not only have to have a majority of yes votes but also a certain number of votes, I'd really appreciate it if you guys who are in idolfandom and would like to, could vote on my application here. It's all anonymous in an open post.

Thanks again you guys! You helped me feel more confident about my application and hopefully that shows!
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(this post was originally a comment on [personal profile] ignaz's post)

There's an angry post over at f_p about how Rymon fans were … cheated.

And I just have to say, did you see the show I saw? Because I saw Ryan's refusal to leave the general vicinity of the judges' table for longer than a few minutes at a time; I saw the strange and wonderful sharing of breath mints in that way where they both decide that whatever they are doing together is more important that moving the show forward, as if they aren't being broadcast live to millions of people around the world but instead are just in Simon's car or something; I saw Ryan actually choke up as he handed the microphone to Simon and tilt his head as if to say, "C'mon, man, don't make me talk right now"; I saw the cameras cut away from what happened next not, I think, because of fear of the ho-yay (I mean, what show are we talking about here?) but because it was an intensely personal moment; and I saw Simon, after saying many things, go back to hugging Ryan as soon as he could.

I love them. We'll still have the radio; we'll still have pap shots after dinner and vacations in Barbados and probably no wedding to Mezghan and the continuation of this epic thing that they're doing, so epic that sometimes watching it feels like eavesdropping even though I'm actually just watching a television show and they are two of the most self-conscious people ever. It didn't fade, it didn't die, and honestly didn't go entirely unacknowledged in the various video tributes.

And to put on my tin hat here, I think the fact that they didn't pump it up in the packages while they went on at length about Paula is partially about the tribute that Paula herself never received and clearly should have, and also about how whether they are fucking or not, Ryan and Simon have a real, personal relationship that isn't just about clowning around for the cameras. As entertained as I am by their antics, and as much as their interplay has kept me watching this show even when the singers didn't particularly interest me or actively pissed me off, their relationship isn't there in order to keep me entertained. It's real. And for me, not having Simon Fuller do some bullshit package, which would have been couched in all the usual "it's just a bromance" crap, was actually a sign of respect.

Godspeed, Simon Cowell. See you next fall.
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I'm going to apply to [livejournal.com profile] aific this week, for which I need to submit three fics. I've narrowed down the list, but still would love a little help from those of you familiar with Idol fandom.

I've decided on two of the three:
  1. A Dream That Could Not Last, because it might be the best thing I've written even if it is 95,000 words long
  2. Keep Your Enemies Closer, because it's Kradam and I'm not an idiot

I want a non-AU Rymon-centric one-shot to round out this list because let's face it, I mostly write Rymon. KYEC is PG-13, so I'm wondering if the Rymon one-shot should be NC-17 as an enticement, or if NC-17 Rymon will gross out the fangirls and get me blackballed. Here are the one-shots that are long enough to be real stories and stand on their own.  )

Please vote in this poll on my LJ. Any help you can give would be invaluable; I'm really at sea here and can see pros and cons for many of the stories. Thanks!
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I requested Kim and Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks, and got TWO gift fics!

Growing Upside Down. Lindsay finally discovers the part of her she's been trying to find since high school. Femslash.

write her name in the sky. Kim broke up with Daniel for the last time three days after she and Lindsay got back from their summer adventure.

There were also two Rymon fics written for Yuletide this year, the first for [personal profile] ignaz and the second for [livejournal.com profile] delilah_joy:

And When It Was Good. There are shows when it's good, when they're on.

Where We're Going, and How to Get Back. There are things less like relationships.

Go, read, comment! Yayness!
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I know I've done this a few times before, but I'm going to do it again because darn it, it is important to me, and hey, what is LJ about other than talking about stuff you love, right?

So as many of you know, and indeed have spoken about on your LJs, [livejournal.com profile] astolat, who is one of the people who runs Yuletide, is a big American Idol David Cook/David Archuleta shipper. In fact, some of you who had turned your nose up at RPF in the past read her "Cookleta" and liked it. And that's great; clearly I don't have problems with RPS! As one might have predicted, [livejournal.com profile] astolat got Cookleta for her Yuletide present, and I'm sure she's very happy about it and pointed to it and was full of yay, as the last time I looked the story had about 40 comments. So I'm writing to ask for a little love for another Idol RPS story at Yuletide.

I mean, Ryan and Simon are the couple who actually kissed on air (see icon, which is not a manip). And I find them to be adorable and intriguing and completely crazy and I know, I love them, but seriously: there was a kiss! The Yuletide story, How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?, is post-kiss, and pretty awesome.

So if you were trying to think of a little thing to do for me, to show me love in this loving season, go read and comment on this story. For it to get a few more comments and not be ignored in the wake of [livejournal.com profile] astolat-led Cookleta madness would be the best fandom present I could receive.

(Well, actually, the best fandom present I could receive, I did receive, from [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, but I'm going to let her tell you about that.)
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I'm rather irritated that I won't have cable or internet at home until mid next week, among other irritating things, so I'm thinking about entirely silly things, like:
  1. JKR maybe saying something sort of nice about H/Hr shippers. It isn't so much that her saying that makes me feel better about her, or the interview, or all that, but it does make me feel less like the OBHWF crowd had the "right" to push me out of fandom, which is how it felt at the time, and also makes me feel better about being able to post the story I'm writing without all my new Idol friends thinking I'm insane.
  2. the blind items coming out about Simon Cowell's girlfriend breaking up with him, which hint that she's being paid off to not talk about what she knows. Hard not to be tinhattish!
  3. Yuletide! I just filled out my request, and I can't say what I offered, but I requested WKRP (again), Charles & Caroline Ingalls, Liz Imbrie and Mike Connor, and, well, Rymon. I must say, I'm surprised that Idolfic is small enough to be on Yuletide—and that HIMYM is still small enough. I guess the threshold is higher than I'd thought! 2007 Yuletide was one of the best experiences I've ever had in fandom, so I'm really looking forward to 2008!
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You can blame this bit of wibbling on it being 1am, or whatever, or on a crisis of confidence caused by some unavoidable external circumstances, but I'm annoyed. And hopefully this isn't wanky. I'm sure that tomorrow after some sleep I'll be back to being happy with my unimportant non-status, bringing things to people who wouldn't otherwise get them, but tonight I'm super cranky.

This is another iteration of my usual complaint about idolslash. You know, part 347. )

Is it better to be mysteriously ignored, or to be outright hated? And is it wrong that it makes me sad to see it?
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The Guardian tracks down teachers to find out what today's celebrities were like as children. The one I found most hilarious (of course):

Simon Cowell
Dover college, Kent, 1973-1975. Lorenzo Smerillo, former assistant housemaster

Simon was a very unhappy, nicotine-addicted, skinny, scruffy, dishevelled, pimply teen - rather like most boys at any school. I found him amusing in a quirky way. He quite often had some wisecrack or other on the tip of his tongue. He was admired by some of the boys after he left school with his O-level or two because he got a job as a mail boy at some London record company. He has become quite pudgy from what I saw once on the box, and still does not know how to dress, but his sardonic wit is leaven to the morass of TV idiocy.
I feel the pudgy comment will soon be used as revenge by certain parties.
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Only Ryan Seacrest would get bitten by a shark on the day that Shark Week kicked off, because nothing happens in his life without a media tie-in. He's not even on the Discovery Channel!

I'd write a drabble, especially since yesterday Ryan was at Idol auditions, but it would consist of Simon laughing, his head in his hands, while Ryan scowls, arms crossed, and says, "Shut up, Simon." That's all I got.
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So this is what I did:

Thursday night I watched SYTYCD with [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, [livejournal.com profile] honestys_easy, and [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie as usual. I agreed with the eliminations this week, and [livejournal.com profile] jm_cats was totally right about the bottom three.

Friday [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie and I saw Gonzo, the Hunter S. Thompson docu by the guy who did the Enron docu. The movie was fantastic and very appropriate to the holiday. However, SM was covered in butter due to fake butter dispenser blowback. Then we got pizza and a beer at an old pub nearby, where some young drunk was very loud and eventually left. The bartender was awesome, though.

Saturday I went to [livejournal.com profile] erinfinnegan's and read a great deal of yaoi, and then was recorded for a podcast talking about it. Some of it was good, some inexplicable, and some was obsessed with jewelry. We also ate cake and baked potatoes and watched the first episode of the Antique Bakery anime, and now I want an icon of the cgi cat. Ali stayed over as [livejournal.com profile] emsariel was out of town.

Sunday Ali and I had brunch with friends and then wrote quite a lot and ate gazpacho.

Re writing, I've been working on two long projects lately and thinking about a third. One is the endlessly talked about sequel to EWFS, which went in a rather long wrong direction during planning and was pulled back from the brink by excellent suggestions from [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, and so has life and spark and lots of things and is fun to write and move forward, especially thanks to lots of help from [livejournal.com profile] sisterpandora. (And yes, I do plan to finish the Seamus/Dean [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100!) The other is a new Idol AU, Rymon-centric, which is probably slightly past the halfway point right now, and I want to have it all written before I start posting it as it's a fairly complicated story and I do keep going back and putting little things into earlier chapters. I have a third fic, for Avatar: The Last Airbender, percolating in the back of my brain, but I'm waiting for that canon to close before giving it serious thought. But a look at my icons would likely tell you which character it would focus on.
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Busier and more productive weekend than I'd thought I'd have, which was pretty awesome. Traipsed all the way out to the craft store with [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose and then realized that the thing I thought I could get wasn't what people thought when I said it, and I actually needed something completely different, but I did still get floss and an awesome organizer for the floss including numbered stickers for the colors because I'm anal like that. Yesterday I also cleaned my room and found two things I was vaguely looking for and not something I was actually looking for—because it wasn't missing, which mostly has to do with my inability to count.

I'm sad because I just put [livejournal.com profile] idolslash off my default filter on the fan comm filter and I'll just check in on it sometimes. I'm definitely done with the Cookleta flooding my flist; it used to be such a nice, not quiet but regular sort of place. But seeing 3 Cookleta stories a day, if I'm being honest, only makes me more resentful about the entire Cookleta thing, when there's no real reason to be. I mean, it's not like those people would have been writing Rymon, even if they did actually kiss on live television. And then today someone posted "Pairings: Simon Cowell/David Cook, Michael Johns/David Cook. Summary: There would be no Jolene in Simon's life story." And I'm like, no. There you cannot go. I'm somewhat okay with Simon being the big meanie in the background of a Cake story, but I'm too much of an OTP'er for this.

I realized yesterday that I'm lucky enough (since she lives nearby) to have [livejournal.com profile] honestys_easy withdrawal! The end of Idol was cushioned by the visit of [livejournal.com profile] dreamerren and [livejournal.com profile] makemeabeliever, but I've gone an entire week without seeing her! We're in that lull before SYTYCD gets going properly so we can Thursday night with [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie and [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose. (By the way, how fantastic are the results shows of SYTYCD compared to the uselessness of Idol results shows!) But I think I've managed to lure her with Top Chef!
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Things that amused me this week:
  • The new E! Network promo, which ran 245 times during this weekend's Top Chef marathon on Bravo. (If anyone can find it online, I will love you a dozen times.) It's set at a carnival and has everyone you want to see, plus a lot of Ryan—first shot, many transitions of him looking at other people, and the final shot of him toasting us with champers—that only proves that he does, in fact, own the network. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Ryan on vacation this week, fill in the blank of why I find that amusing. Though you know wherever he is he's sweating the numbers on the Denise Richards: It's Complicated premiere. Bummer that cable doesn't have overnights, Ryan, but you want the demos anyway.
  • David Cook trying to get Ryan to say "chicks, man."
  • Top Chef, for Richard's admission of past failures. He's such a grown-up, and that's fallen a little too far out of fashion now-a-days. I also love Stephanie's steady professionalism and positive demeanor, and Antonia's fun-loving sass and refusal to bring up her kid until the challenge where they worked with kids. Any of them are fitting heirs to Harold's crown, which neither the punk Ilan nor the bitter Hung were.
I am so glad that at this time tomorrow the LJ election will about 40 minutes from being over because I'm sort of done with watching people on my f-list screaming over it. Like any other election we sometimes find that we have different priorities than our friends and that can lead us to a different candidate. And again, like any other election, it's about making the decision that feels best for you and not worrying overly much about the choices that other people you know are making—which is why I'm not saying who I voted for. I do hope that as many of you vote as possible, whomever you vote for.
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Now I know what it means to be in a fandom that's just motoring along, until suddenly one of its ships becomes the Slash Pairing of the Moment.

Pro: Non-Idolfandom friends will stop saying, "I'd read your fics but I don't read RPS!"

Con: Instead they will say, "I'd read your fics but I don't really care about Ryan and Simon!" Which, let's face it, I'm pretty used to.

Pro: No onslaught of crappy Rymonfic because Simon's chest hair scares the fangirls away.

On balance, a win for me!

*clings to [livejournal.com profile] flaming_potato, looks askance at the Cookleta filling [livejournal.com profile] idolslash*
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One of the peculiarities of writing Ryan/Simon is that Simon, in all his grouchy, hairy, pushing-fifty ridiculousness, scares away the fangirls. It's a downside because it means the audience for Rymon is limited. This might seem odd from the outside—Ryan and Simon are back every season after all, and their interaction is the most overtly flirtatious on the show, so overt that it's the source of jokes on other shows. But your average teen doesn't want to read about Simon, his reflexive obnoxiousness, and his chest hair, when they can read about the latest singer, who is younger and more marketed to them in the first place. So Rymon fandom is small, the little engine that just keeps on going, but never gets all that large.

But the upside of this is that the whole "but do you really think they're doing it? are you a TRUE BELIEVER?" conversation also doesn't happen. I hate this question myself because first of all, it literally does not matter at all; you can write a story about people that you don't think are fucking in real life. It is called fiction after all. But the larger reason I hate this question is that the only answer possible is: I don't know. Because we don't know. Even if I were buddies with them I wouldn't know. One of the things I learned from my long friendship with BFF C____ is that no one knows what is going on inside a relationship except the two people having it. This might be why we gossip so much, because we don't know.

RPF speculation is like FPF ship wars, really. There's nothing actually good about it, it generally leads to wank, and what happens if you're right? Do you get a fabulous new car? A dinette set? No? Then what is the point?

So thank you, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_potato, for being awesome once again. I heart my Rymon buddies.
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Usually I don't pay much attention to AI audition eps because let's face it, it's got bad singing and no Rymon and they're often kinda mean. But this year they seem to be showing more good singers than bad, and as [livejournal.com profile] lessthangreat says, Rymon doesn't know the meaning of ninja, because they were all over each other from the get-go this year. Monday night they were on Leno and they cuddled. I'm not kidding. Simon said, re Ryan, "look at that little face." Who does that? Do you see what I mean, that the idea that they're hopelessly in love is a nicer thought than whatever bizarre codependent mutually obsessive mess is the alternative?

They're starting the pile of flowers in front of Heath Ledger's apartment building, which I'm sure looks odd in SoHo. The NYTimes, bless them, tells you which block the building is on, because they cover everything that happens in New York as though it's a local story, no matter its larger significance.

Gorgeous day today. So grey yesterday.
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So I just zoomed through those first two eps of Idol and seriously, what has happened here? Simon puts someone through because they're positive? This isn't just me; he seems awfully happy. And why, exactly, did he suddenly decide to eat better and work out? My favorite quote:
You know what's amazing about this country, is that you're genuinely happy when someone you know does well. The idea of me knowing somebody, they get good news and celebrating with them? I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.
I also just listened to Simon on Ryan's show and oh, pocket calling is love, isn't it? Simon's back in LA this weekend but Ryan will be busy with what is looking like the one red carpet he'll get to produce for E! this year, the SAGs, which are on Sunday.

Ugh, I hate having anxiety attacks. *does busy work that needs to be done anyway*
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I am so excited about my Yuletide gift fic, Where There Is Peace! It's Anne of Green Gables (which I secretly thought it would be given the fandom counts) and is all about Leslie and Owen and their family during WWI, the time period of Rilla of Ingleside.

It's funny, I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] lillijulianne the other day about my childhood holidays, when I'd mostly sit in the corner reading because there's no one in my family around my age. Well, I'll do it again this year, because the story has sent me back to canon--I admit, I hadn't read Rilla or Rainbow Valley in quite a while, so good thing I'm home in Maine, where all my Anne books still sit on the small bookshelf in the small bedroom.

AND, AND, I got the loveliest comment from my own fic recipient, so this first Yuletide experience has been pretty much aces! So hard to sit on my hands until the reveal, though!

In completely unrelated news (since AI is too big to make Yuletide) yesterday was Ryan Seacrest's 33rd birthday, and like [livejournal.com profile] lessthangreat I saw his new P&G Oral Care commercial while watching the VH1 marathons (how great is that shit, btw? fun, and you can totally watch it with your mother). I hate the "backstage" chatter part because it's so badly written (by D'Arcy, I'm pretty sure) that I can sit down write now and tell you what the advertising brief was, never mind that I hate those ads where people "just happen" to be talking about either the Key Benefit or the Reason to Believe. Oh, P&G, never change.

But what I do love is the "on the set" part with Josie Moran. When she is so entranced by Ryan's Scope-fresh breath and Crest-white smile that she gets all up in his grille, he reveals his usual discomfort when women behave in a non-faghag-like manner. Oh, Ryan, never change.


Nov. 5th, 2007 04:34 pm
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X Factor girls to cover up

You old lech! We love ya, but see what happens when you're left to your own devices?
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I'm working on a drabble for the Tudor costume but until then, please enjoy My Summer of Love, seven little chapters about the week Ryan spent in Europe between the Concert for Diana and Eva Longoria's wedding. Includes Simon in costume, Elton John giving Ryan a new nickname, Ryan dressed like a Cuban street hustler, an in-person phone call, Il Divo failing to show up, Ryan finally getting Simon into a pair of jeans that fit, and a day in a Parisian hotel, along with other assorted conversations and lots of romcom references. It's a story I'm rather fond of that I think got lost in the Labor Day weekend/early term shuffle.

On the emmys themselves: I thought Jon Stewart did a great job hosting the Oscars two years ago. The ratings weren't great and neither were the reviews, but he got the job again this year, which I'm really excited about. I note this to say, I'm not too worried about Ryan's reviews for the show, or even the ratings, for lots of reasons; I won't get all media industry insider wonky on you about that, though.
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So after I whined, [livejournal.com profile] eilujspark sent me a youtube of Ryan talking about driving Simon's car, which, love, and then one of the two videos linked after it was done playing was this one. So I think I'm going to just sit on my red couch and have a cooky. Enjoy!


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