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I'm hoping my friends who are also older than 35 will chime in on this post! Because this is the thing: when you're young, and you aren't up on the latest hippest new thing, it can be sort of charming. You can choose to be a luddite and people might find it either tiresome or cute. But once you're over a certain age, you just look like you're out of the loop, grandpa. And I fully admit that in the last couple of years I've been worrying about that. I mean, I spent most of my youth in an industry that is relentlessly about the latest hippest new thing, and now I find myself with a lot of fandom friends who are 10-15 years younger than I am, never mind how cutting the internet is generally about middle-aged women.

on the future of narrative, and whether I should be following it. )

In appreciation for your reading this, I give you Boomer and that guy from Ocean's Eleven in swimsuits:

aka Grace Park and Scott Cahn on an Oahu beach )
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Took an unannounced internet break for ten days or so (not that anyone noticed, so I'm glad I didn't announce it or now I'd look like quite the egotist!) I'm catching up on a few things, so don't be surprised to get some comments on older entries.

A few weeks ago I made the post on being the bestest little media consumer ever which is a topic I've raised in the past. And as usual, there are much better arguments against the entire trend of cultural creators haranguing consumers about their behavior, posted in mid-January in response to the same post I read, which talk about intellectual property as an arm of cultural imperialism, an argument that doesn't get nearly enough traction in all the self-conscious railing against downloading. [personal profile] troisroyaumes has a linkspam as does [personal profile] starlady, but I would point out particularly [personal profile] colorblue's this is not a post about yoga! which is beyond excellent. Go, read!

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Let's see if I can make it that far!

  1. The more I look at Ryan's new hair, the more I love it.
  2. Speaking of Ryan, classy of E! not to run the Rhianna photo. Not classy of the NY Post to put it on the damn front page so it was unavoidable in the city on Friday.
  3. Speaking of the Post not being classy, here's my favorite comment on the cartoon, from a commenter at Wonkette:
    i don’t know what genius thought a joke about being shot or monkeys within a hundred miles of anything having to do with obama’s left pinky, would go over well with the pajama wearing liberal bloggers. while it’s probably the least racist thing rupert’s ever been associated with, it also missed the whole point about cartoons being funny.
  4. Because the thing is, Sean Delonas is so consistently unfunny and offensive that when I heard he was the one behind the monkey cartoon I was seriously unsurprised.
  5. But that doesn't excuse the Post; a friend said to me that they expected no more of the tab but I'm not wiling to allow a major newspaper to be so overtly racist.
  6. I don't expect much more from TMZ, either—though at $62.5M, the price for the Rhianna pic was cheap—but that doesn't mean their actions were "okay."
  7. Someone may or may not have leaked the Oscar winners. I don't consider this spoilery because the last time something like this happened they were totally bogus. While I'll definitely be checking the winners against this list, like the website I wouldn't recommend using it to place a big bet in Vegas. (Also, knowing the oddsmakers there, they'd take this leak into consideration.)
  8. The new U2 album got five stars from Rolling Stone. Huh.
  9. I went to karaoke the other night. No U2 songs sung, but a lot of anime theme songs were sung. I was annoyed because NONE of my songs had videos, just lame chyron screens with the lyrics.
  10. Have you noticed that the female Cylons have the same body type?
  11. I'm sad that all the fashion blogs trashed MIA's Grammy outfits. I thought she looked adorable! So often these fashion blogs bitch about the samey-ness of the red carpets, but they only have themselves to blame. I watch Ryan and Giuliana on the red carpet because fun things happen, but I've stopped watching any kind of fashion police coverage. It's like the difference between Trinny and Susannah's approach and Stacy and Clinton's—Trinny and Susannah live the person's life, and that results in different looks; Stacy and Clinton make everyone look like Stacy, in black trousers and pointy high-heeled boots, no matter what their lives are like.
  12. [livejournal.com profile] jenncho made manips for the AU! I'll make a post about them on Monday so everyone can see them.
  13. Ricardo Montalban played a Japanese man in the movie Sayonara (1957). Oh Hollywood and your making everyone who wasn't Anglo the same, like black actors playing native americans in cowboy movies, or Paul Henreid, who was Austrian, playing a Czech, a Frenchman, a German, a Spaniard, an Arab sheik and an Iraqi. Or Omar Sharif, an Egyptian, who played everybody including a Russian doctor and an American gambler.
  14. I'm up through BSG 3.13, and if not for the mythology, Chief and the fact that I've set up BSG as a sort of endurance test for myself, I would have ditched the show for the events of 3.12. I'm really looking forward to this show being over.
  15. When it is, I'm going to treat myself to a marathon of the Mary Tyler Moore show before I go once more unto the breech, dear friends, to watch Firefly (the show Joss didn't have an opportunity to frack up).
  16. See what I did there?
  17. I'm not watching Dollhouse. I don't like Joss. [livejournal.com profile] wordplay thinks I'll be missing interesting things, but one thing BSG has taught me is that I can't watch a show that compartmentally; if I'm not interested in the main thrust of the show, little side issues won't be enough to keep me from wanting to reach through the screen and kill someone every time I watch it.
  18. I may also have learned this from Heroes, which I was trying to watch for the race issues, and ended up finding a trial that must be endured. I'm thinking that television shows should not be a trial to be endured.

Later: liveblogging the Oscars!
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Jay Leno to take over the M-F 10pm slot on NBC.

Gawker has an excellent take on the winners and losers, but I wanted to talk about the effect on scripted programming ).

The real question is, will Leno just get bigger at 10pm? They took great pains today to manage ratings expectations. Leno's 4.5 or so nightly average isn't exactly a prime time number, but as the suits said, Leno's show won't cost as much as ER, either, so it can have modest ratings and still pay out. It's a weird blend of the experimental and the deeply conservative, but that's what American television usually looks like, anyway.

What do you think? Or would you rather just talk about that Blagojevich and how he's brought Patrick Fitzgerald back into our lives?

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blind item!

Dec. 1st, 2008 12:46 pm
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From Gawker:

"Which young actor is hungrily hoovering up as much coke as he can get his hands on? He thinks it’s a kind of magic, but unfortunately one that gives him a two-day bout of depression and makes him shout utter bollocks at strangers for hours. Oh, and he also likes to pull rabbits out of men’s bottoms rather than a lady’s mary." [Holy Moly]

The commenters at Gawker all think it's either Robert Pattinson or Daniel Radcliffe, with the Brit-magic stuff, or possibly some other Potterite (Rupert?). What do you think?

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] mr_cutiepants hopes it isn't the kid from Merlin. I hate to say it, but that feels like a better suggestion, as magic isn't a good clue for a vampire.
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Who doesn't love Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, and Frankenberry, especially when they're played by great actors of our time?

I'm still looking to make an icon of Frankenberry, Jesus and Charles Nelson Reilly (old, obscure Daily Show joke) but I'll take this in the meantime!
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This is my favorite thing in the universe right now:

paula is the link )
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We have Bill Kristol to blame for Sarah Palin, apparently. Rove wanted Romney; McCain wanted Lieberman but no one else did.

Idolator doesn't think much of the proposed cover of D.Cook's record and I have to say, neither do I. It makes his head look like an ICBM.

Justin wants you to put something else in the box. Ryan played this on E!News last night and then went on and on about the mustard scarf JT is wearing and the importance of proper accessorizing.

Defamer shows that movie critics are kind of white dumbasses. I want to know what Elvis Mitchell has to say about it. I very much do not want to know what Ben Lyons has to say about it.

I link to this post on Christie Brinkley's ex's possible sex tape less for that and more for the vintage 80s GQ cover. And they wonder why Gen X women keep trying to date gay men.

Gawker calls bullshit on small differences in Playmates having anything to do with economics. I think that stupid skirt theory was disproven, too.

Christopher Buckley, son of the original neocon God William F. Buckley, decides to endorse Obama because McCain ain't no neocon. After all the hate mail columnnist Kathleen Parker got for calling on Palin to resign for the good of the party because she was bringing McCain down, Buckley puts his endorsement not on the website of the National Review, that stalwart conservative magazine founded by his father at which he is still an editor, but at Tina Brown's brand spanking new website. Hate mail arrives anyway, and eventually a pink slip from said National Review. One wonders what Buckley pere would have said about all this.

Jezebel doesn't have a lot of time for that stupid New York Observer cover story about how what career women really want is Don Draper. However, I think I need to get my hands on the first season, don't I, as apparently season 2 is available on On Demand.

Thanks to Jezebel I found out that Katy Sparks, the chef from my old favorite Quilty's, is back to restaurant cooking in New York at Compass on the UWS. It's a little pricey, but not save-for-months pricey, so I'll be putting my loose change toward that $35 tasting menu, I think.

Finally, from late last week, Jezebel breaks down the social dynamics and political economy behind The Long Winter. A fascinating read.
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I went to the market this morning, before it got too hot, and I shared the elevator to the Target with a "team member" who was bringing breakfast from McD's to her fellow "team members." When I was a teen, my ultimate McD's breakfast was a hash brown and a raspberry danish, and even though McD's no longer has the awesome danishes they did in the 80s (which they warmed for you by steaming them in their little plastic bag) the Enteman's danish tastes about the same. Sadly, you can't get it in a single serve and I really don't need an entire danish sitting in my fridge.

Anyway, while I was standing in the you-scan line at the Pathmark I saw the new August Ebony, the cover story of which is: "Black Cool: The 25 Coolest Brothers of All Time." They're doing eight different covers, but the one I saw was:

There's something about Obama as "black cool" that just makes me gleeful inside. The inside photo is more "I am an uplifting man" but that cover is very "I may be Tony Hawk." Anyway the list (thankfully not ranked) is:
Barack Obama Don Cheadle Billy Dee Williams Sidney Poitier Quincy Jones
Lenny Kravitz Jimi Hendrix Denzel Washington Richard Roundtree Sammy Davis Jr.
Bob Marley Ed Bradley Tupac Shakur Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Muhammad Ali
Gordon Parks Miles Davis Walt Frazier Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter Samuel L. Jackson
Malcolm X Snoop Dogg Prince Michael Jordan Marvin Gaye

And can I just say, Marvin is wearing totally bedazzled rolled-up jeans and work shirt, a spangly belt, a knit wool hat, and platform boots, and he still looks cool. I haven't bought Ebony in years (they pissed me off with a doctrinaire article on mixed race folks) but I had to grab this issue and, yeah. Anyone who's like, "oh I'm just not attracted to Black men" needs to flip through those 25 photos.
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So, two things, neither with spoilers.

First, after feeling rather discouraged over it for some time, I've decided in the wake of DH to write a long-planned sequel to Eight Ways from Sunday. I probably won't start it for a little while as there's school stuffs to be written first, but with the end of canon writing a story that is AU—or more accurately, GoF canon—feels like less of a "bad thing." One reason is that canon is set, so my stories can no longer be interpreted as my canon predictions. The other is that the bitching about "non canonical" fanfic—you can read a rant about it here, but be careful as there are spoilers—as well as the time I've spent in other fandoms has thrown me strongly in the other direction. I can't write canon and it isn't even my job. I'm not particularly interested in writing fic off DH. I am interested in writing down the story arcs and futures that I had seen some years ago; in finishing my [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 Seamus/Dean commitment; and then in "closing the book" as it were. I'm hopeful that some of you will want to come along for that journey, but another thing that being in other fandoms has given me is a better sense of scale. I'm going to be a little cryptic here, but things in HP are not as they were, and I'm not in the same place I used to be, and I've found that having your own happy little place can be so much more fulfilling than getting into the vast rough-and-tumble. So thank you, fellow [livejournal.com profile] flaming_potato Rymon shippers, for teaching me that.

Speaking of which, I've also realized that yes, there are ways in which I am a geek and a fangirl, but being fannish about SF/F isn't one of them. Plots about saving the world don't really move me and I'm trying to be done feeling guilty about that. Also, I care about endings—care about them deeply—and television burned me good last year between Veronica Mars and Studio 60 and even CSI. I find myself not wanting to get back on the hour-long drama horse because I just don't trust television writers not to dick around for the sake of dicking around. There are plenty of shows that I didn't catch the first time around, and those of you who have made your way through Buffy DVDs have inspired me to walk away, to a certain extent, from contemporaneous television watching. I'm not saying I won't pick up any shows at all—people are saying good things about Pushing Up Daisies and I am intrigued by New Amsterdam—but it isn't something I'm looking for. Not that I'm getting rid of the cable TV—I'm too much of a culture whore for that! I'll be watching Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother and of course American Idol in the spring. And I'm loving Simon Schama's series The Power of Art right now. Plus I've been seeing a lot more movies than I used to, so expect talk about that.

And the LJ? Well, there will still be fic, and erotic fic, because I've been writing erotica for almost 25 years and I'm not sure why I should stop now. And there will be more race posts, because I find myself more interested in that these days. And of course I will still be talking about all the things I usually talk about, including the shows I AM watching. Whether I'm shunting myself into irrelevance I'm not sure, but I find that I'm not sure how much I care. (Although I might change my tune after the mass defriending!)


Jun. 20th, 2007 09:16 am
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So I'm sitting here listening to the BBC and they are planning on having a debate on the existence of God. I find those debates to be fairly ridiculous anyway, but the real problem here is the person representing the atheists. Now, I know that he wrote a book about it, and I know that he does these little debates all the time, but still.


I mean, really, BBC, there are a whole bunch of people who could have represented that side of the debate much better. Why do you encourage him? Yick.

Short notes

Nov. 5th, 2006 08:25 am
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This is the post I wrote yesterday and didn't post since LJ was down, and then I went out with [livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose, [livejournal.com profile] calloocallay and [livejournal.com profile] soupkills so I wasn't home until after midnight anyway. Later, I'll backdate it, as I feel it counts! Also, music meme! I think the next time I do that meme, I'll try to only put in singles and not album cuts as I get albums rather than dl'ing songs, so then no one ever knows what they are. Hmm.

Thoughts from my usual Saturday morning catch-up with Gawker,, Idolator, Defamer, and TWOP:
  1. Mash-ups are sometimes amazing but often just make you want to hear the original song.
  2. Idolator is obsessed with JT's My Love and that's all right with me.
  3. I generally approve of Bravo's use of last season's PR and Top Chef stars as bloggers, but Top Chef Harold really takes the cake. Who else would use phrases like, "That guy cooks with a lot of bacon"? He's giving TWOP's Keckler a run for her money. Both recaps are essential for any of you Top Chef fans out there.
  4. Reason I would think that [livejournal.com profile] emmagrant01 is secretly one of the new Gawker editors if I didn't know what she actually does for a living:
    If "the Force" were a metaphor for "how to live an openly-gay lifestyle in Manhattan while simultaneously remaining publicly closeted in order to further your career as a newsman," Sam Champion would be Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anderson Cooper would be Luke Skywalker, and Star Wars would be fucking awesome.
  5. Eddie Van Halen has named his 15-year-old son (with Valerie Bertinelli) the new bassist for Van Halen, replacing Michael Anthony. Insert your own joke here, preferably having something to do with Anthony's infamous Jack Daniels bass.
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Before I start, I just saw the new Gap ad where they take Audrey Hepburn's beatnik dance from Funny Face and edit it to AC/DC's Back in Black and I still don't know what I think about it.

PR spoilers and a poll. )

You know, the non-Magical Elves reality shows on Bravo aren't that great. Like, what was that show with the hair stylist? That was so lame. I know those producers did the gym show, "Workout" which was only really interesting thanks to the lesbian love drama of the gym owner and her insane biting girlfriend. Orange County Housewives or whatever? The only cool one was the now-slightly-rounded former Playboy model-ZZ Top Eliminator girl who now sells real estate and spoils her children, not only because she's still gorgeous 20 years and 40 pounds and two teenagers later, but also because it's interesting to see a person in that position who is still in her first marriage. And now they have on this Million Dollar Listing show and I don't know how much I care about that, either. Why would you be all, I'm a gay man and America sucks so I'm moving to Puerto Vallarta???!!!
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Meta: I'm a big fan of NPR's On the Media and this week they have a focus on audience responses, with pieces on citizen journalism, video blogger Ze Frank, Henry Jenkins on Snakes on a Plane and HP Fanfiction, and Brooke outing herself as a Trekker, including a discussion of Kirk/Spock by Jenkins and an interview with that woman who went to jury duty in her Federation uniform. Great stuff.

Talking about Snakes on a Plane, Jenkins posits that fan culture may be better at creating college interest and DVD sales than blockbuster openings. If he's right, and it sounds like it to me, this may be where Firefly went wrong. (That, and that the preview screenings were WAY too early for the buzz to be sustainable through the opening weekend; to many of us it seemed like our Browncoat friends had been talking about this movie for the better part of a year.) The movies that pushed up from indie to major market success started small and grew over time and through word of mouth, like Blair Witch Project. I think word of mouth can make you money, but it won't give you a monster opening weekend, mostly because no one has seen the damn movie yet! As the model hopefully moves from blockbuster to the long tail, perhaps we'll see fan groups able to move something from the tail to the middle of the head.

Music: Making mixes for myself this time )

Manga: I just finished vol 14 of Fruits Basket and, um, wasn't something huge supposed to happen? Are the volumes off from the Japanese ones? My vol 14 ends with chapter 83.

Anyway, in honor of new Furuba, your Shigure/Hanajima drabble )


Dec. 12th, 2004 10:38 pm
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You know, when I come back from a trip it often takes me weeks to unpack my damn bag. But it took Holly only six weeks to unpack her entire house. The last time I saw it was on her move-in day; needless to say the place is much changed due to some coats of paint and the aforementioned unpacking. A lovely, homey place to be. The ride up and back with Dionne was also too much fun, even in the dark and the rain and the traffic. Love those road trips!

Other than just generally sitting around and chatting with Theo, Holly, Josh and Cassie, we also saw Ocean's 12, and I'm on the side of Roger Ebert on this one, rather than Lisa Schwartzbaum. It isn't a spoiler to say that the film is incredibly meta, not only about caper films but also about movie making itself, and you are either having fun on the meta train or you aren't. Also, some of the fun of 11 was meeting these characters; in 12 it's more like wind them up and watch them go. Like Ocean's 11, it will reward repeated viewing, and I must say that I cannot wait until I can get the DVD—we talked about it for hours after we left the theater. Until then I'll have to make do with the top ten list of caper films on ew.com.

School of Rock has been on HBO lately, resurrecting my wish to be the bass player and date the drummer. Like Talking Heads only different.

[livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe did some more chibis. And then [livejournal.com profile] maybethemoon put a santa hat on mine! I think it goes well with the eating and drinking, don't you?

Another aside: ELO just never did anything but suck, did they . . .

Some thanks from yesterday. I think today I'm going to be thankful for sleep. I could be thankful for books, or some friends I saw this weekend that I haven't been thankful for yet, but I'm too tired to do either of those things justice. So I'm thankful for days off, when I don't have to get up, and sleeping in a cozy bed with my kitty sleeping next to me.
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Tonight while continuing the Great Kitchen Clean Up of ought-four, I caught Shattered Glass on HBO. Peter Sarsgaard continues to own me, so I made an icon so that all could see his hotness. And that Hayden kid might just be able to live down Anakin. It's a great movie and I highly recommend it.

I also saw the last 15 minutes of Something's Gotta Give and damn, that movie is horrible. What a disappointment! I'm all for appropriate-aged romances, so seeing Nicholson with Keaton made me happy, but damn, those characters were uninteresting and completely self-involved, and worse, the film never showed me why they should be together except that neither of them sleep. Not to mention that Nicholson is punished for being a prick, but Keaton has those imperfections that are really only supposed to endear her to us and to him. The only lesson she needs to learn is that she's sexy, and Keanu Reeves is mystifyingly happy to teach her that lesson and equally happy to bow out in time for Jack to get her back in the last act. So smug, so self-satisfied, so ultimately anti-male, so very very disappointing.
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Timing has been good to me so far this weekend. Last night I saw A Very Long Engagement with Ruby, Cassie and Josh, which I highly recommend; I liked it much better than I thought I was going to. It was visually stunning but that isn't to say it had no substance, as the plot and the characters were highly engaging. I got out of the train and the bus was right there, so no cold walk home for me! Then this morning I finally gave up on the never-going-to-be-fixed washers in my building and put my delicates in a machine in the laundromat. Not really wanting to just sit and watch them wash, I walked down to the grocer to get a few things that weren't available at Fresh Direct, came back and my clothes were in their last spin! And all that done in plenty of time before the Fresh Direct delivery.

Then the exterminator came (hooray!); I finally figured out where those buggers have been hiding (in my bar, so the dishwasher is going to have a lot of cycles today). Very annoying but hopefully this clean up plus the exterminator's visit will end my current trouble. And hey, my wine glasses won't be dusty anymore!

So before I go back to work Tuesday I need to:

• Hang up my delicates which are in a sad heap in my tub
• Finish washing all my dishes
• Finish holiday cards
• Put away clean laundry from last two weeks
• Finish unpacking bag
• Make corn soup for lunch this week
• Make tomato relish for fish for dinner this week
• Call my old schools to send out transcripts

And then I want to go buy a mess of clothes because I need them like, yesterday.
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Like, there's this creepy connection between leather sex, star trek, and the renaissance faire. —Margaret Cho, Notorious C.H.O.

Enrico Colantoni is hot like whoa. I want to marry a man who looks like that when he drinks beer in the dark. I feel that some sort of line has been crossed when you look at the parents on the teen shows and realize they are your peers. Or teen movies, ie, Colin Firth in that I'm an American teen girl who's really a wealthy Brit thing. However, I prefer my Colin trying to rescue blue soup and green gunge.

Anyway, watch Veronica Mars because it rocks my world. I'd make an icon of Enrico as Keith Mars but there aren't good pics from this show yet; if you find one let me know.

I put tons of cds on my ipod this weekend, whee, and I'm looking forward to listening to them this weekend while I write my cards and do things in DE. After tonight I will not be reliably online for much of the weekend but I will be checking email. Have a great holiday!
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Okay, I just saw this ebay ad. I can't believe I'm cutting an ad for spoilers. ) Now, is this heartwarming or really eerie?

Speaking of things that sound nice but are actually weird, I love that the latest John Mayer song is essentially, "Men, stop fucking up your little girls, because then I get a boatload of batshit crazy girlfriends."

Speaking of batshit crazy, Martha is using clip art to make silhouettes of pilgrims and indian chiefs and turkeys and is sticking them on scalloped table cloths made of brown craft paper for the children's Thanksgiving table, and then gave them a centerpiece with oranges that I'm sure will be used as missiles before the meal is over.

Speaking of doing things around the house, my to-do list this weekend:

  • Finish my project
  • Work out my holiday card list
  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen floors
  • Dust the living room
  • Swiffer the living room floor
  • Wash the delicates—can't as the washers are broken, alas!
  • Put my new CDs on my ipod—in progress


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