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As always I've been entertained by the best-of-the-year and best-of-the-decade lists that have been rolling out over the past six weeks or so. I'm not going to make a list of films or music, having consumed such a small portion of either of them. But television is a different story. So in alphabetical order, the ten shows I most enjoyed watching in the '00s.

  • American Idol. I've spilled a lot of ink on this one—you're either on the train by now, or you're not.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender. I ripped through the first two seasons on DVD on bad days, accompanied by quantities of donuts, and the combo always made me feel better. The finale was great, but I'd already gotten everything I needed in "The Boiling Rock."
  • How I Met Your Mother. I've talked a lot about this show as well, so let's just say it's the only currently running show I own DVDs of.
  • The Mole (first season). Ruined me completely for The Amazing Race. Hosted by a post-Channel One pre-CNN Anderson Cooper, who when I asked him if there was any truth to the rumor that the brainy puzzles of the first season had been dumbed down for the second, said "Of course not!" in a tone that really meant, "Of course they were; this is television." And so they were, and so the show was cancelled. But the first season? Amazing.
  • Project Runway. I'll let them have one bad season; everyone gets one. They gave me Tim Gunn after all, so they deserve a little break. And they introduced us all to the beauty of competency porn.
  • Sex and the City. To me it's not about sex, or Jimmy Choos, or fabulous parties, but about how women are friends today. And for that, I love it.
  • Six Feet Under. It had its bumpy moments in the middle to be sure, but overall it managed the trick of letting the characters be unlikeable without making me detest them or the show. It had one of the best final episodes of any television show, ever, and one of the best couples of television history in David and Keith.
  • So You Think You Can Dance. I believe in the dance, and so does the show. The love of the craft and the entertainment of dance seeps into every single frame—for all his grouchiness, you know it's a labor of love for Nigel, which keeps him from being the mean judge he sometimes tries to be.
  • Top Chef. More competency porn with a smoking hot bear of a head judge who champions simple New American cooking and appreciates fine French technique, who sees skill as a way to better cook from the heart. I love Padma and Gail, but it's Colicchio's mentoring and his stature in the industry that keeps the young chefs and the established guest judges coming back season after season.
  • Veronica Mars (first two seasons). I just saw the little 20-minute piece they filmed of VM at the FBI, and it made me ache with missing her. Those first two seasons—has there been anything better?

There are plenty of things I still need to see—the rest of Deadwood and Freaks and Geeks for starters, plus Wonderfalls—but this is a list I can stand behind.
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Sorry for the delay--I went home last night and basically just passed out in the chair. Anyway, on to part three, which won't get to Avatar because my shipping PTSD story got way too long.

So Clio (you might ask) why did you run off into some reality television haze? Well, the first reason is that it gave me what I was looking for, and the second reason was timing.

Let's get real. )

Meanwhile, there was one scripted series I didn't drop from my TIVO: How I Met Your Mother. I know that many of you are pretty dismissive of this show and of sitcoms in general, but I really love it ). It's smart, it's funny, it has heart and is willing to show it, it has NPH, great writing, directing, acting, a fantastic sense of both time and timing--it's really just about everything I want in a show.
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I'm going to use least night's finale to talk about the season as a whole. I don't usually do a lot of recapping here because I've found [livejournal.com profile] _sytycd_ a great place to hang out in the past, but this year, well, *sigh*. In the past, I've appreciated their take on the show, and looked past the hard-core fangirls' extreme preference for the reads-gay contemporary male dancers, like Nick, Travis, Neil and this year, Mark. (Note, not Will because he wasn't pretty and fey enough.) In these previous years the wank didn't show up until after the last episode as their pets made it to the top four. But this season, it started with Will's surprising exit, when the Will fans backlashed hard against the Mark-loving majority, and then increased with Mark's exit the next week with a lot of folks declaring they wouldn't watch the finale. I think it's unfortunate that they gravitate so strongly to one type of dancer, when the show is really about showcasing all kinds of dancers—and they judge all the other dancers in very contemporary-dance ways. When they make posts about whether Nigel is anti-gay or whether the dancer with the best technique should win, I can't help but feel they're missing the point. Hopefully, next year there will be more than one dancer that captures their fancy, and that dancer will go a long way and be a judge favorite, so the comm doesn't get so contentious.

Okay, on with the show! )


Jul. 25th, 2008 12:40 am
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I'm VERY UPSET about tonight's SYTYCD elimination. You could probably hear [livejournal.com profile] honestys_easy, [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie and I screaming FROM SPACE. Those of you new to this LJ: I am not a capslock person. So you understand HOW VERY UNHAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW.

It took an entire E!News and my awesome present from Arielle (which I immediately read three times, laying on my couch) to make me feel better.
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Toni Basil is a big-name choreographer and who did "Mickey" as a one-off kind of fun thing while she was helping to pioneer the music video form. So, there you go. (That said, all that talking about street, like, whatever Toni.)

It's been pretty clear to me, anyway, from watching the dances last week that Will, Twitch and Katee would be in the top three, with Courtney and Chelsie battling for that fourth spot. Not that I don't adore Josh and Gev, and enjoy Mark, but Will is so good and Twitch so popular that I don't think they can be denied.SYTYCD )

Runway )

Top Design season 2, September 3!
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Cat and Ryan: TWOP thinks Cat Deeley was robbed and is clearly better than Bergeron or Seacrest. I think she's clearly better than Project Runway's Heidi Klum, who yes, has hugely improved since season one, but really splits the hosting duties with Tim Gunn. Padma Lakshmi does a lot more on Top Chef than Heidi does on PR. Also, the performance show of SYTYCD is not live! I feel this makes all the difference. Love him or hate him, Ryan has to get a bunch of amateurs (and the singers are MUCH more amateur than the dancers) on and off the stage and keep the judges from taking over the show and get everything in on time and he does it night after night after night. Cat doesn't have to control Nigel; they just edit the comments to fit. I adore Cat—she's my second favorite host and given my Ryan love that's saying a lot. I agree that she should have been nominated. But I think it's Heidi and Howie Mandel who are the head scratchers in that list, not Tom and Ryan.

Andy Cohen: I rarely say really negative things here—it's just not my style. I'd rather talk about things I like than things I don't. But I was on the Bravo web site today looking at the judge blogs and noticed a little "catching up with Ronnie" (from Make Me a Supermodel) and decided to click on the video. Unfortunately, it was one of those annoying Andy Cohen interviews and I have to say, just because he's a network exec doesn't mean I have to listen to him. I used to find him amusing until he started taking over all the reunion shows. He was dreadful on the Top Chef reunion! His show online is like a really bad cable access show, but without the charm. He epitomizes that sort of gay male sensibility that I don't have much time for, where everything has to be either fabulous or bitchy. Ugh. After the Emmys last year he said "who cares about America Ferrara?" and pretty much, he lost me. I don't care if his after the show can only be seen by AmEx members; I certainly don't want to watch!
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To keep my mind off other things, I am not-really live blogging SYTYCD! Lucky you!

Top Ten! Where your vote REALLY counts! )

As for our friend Project Runway, it's great to have Tim and Heidi back no matter what. First challenge! No voting allowed! )
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I know, I don't post for days and then I'm spammy mcspamerton but I feel like it evens out and seriously, if you think it's spammy to post more than once a week you would have defriended me before now, right?

[livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe and I had a very Brooklyn day yesterday, between the Brooklyn Museum and going to Brooklyn Bridge Park to look at the waterfalls (you can see all four from there) so I'm just watching the performances now. It feels too early for them to start dancing twice, so it was a LOT to take in. The Broadway routines were great because they were actually for two people, and not two people pretending to be twenty. Mia's contemporary was fantastic as usual. I won't say no to this many shirtless men. Everyone's predicting Matt & Kourtni, Thayne & Comfort, and Will & Jessica as the bottom three, and that's what I see. However, my favorite part was at the end, when Kherington and Chelsie were ballroom dancing; I think I kinda ship them now …
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So since [livejournal.com profile] lillijulianne was here I've been essentially offline since noon yesterday, and I can't believe how many "must reply" posts there have been in 36 hours! The hell, flist!

Tonight on SYTYCD:
  1. LOVED: Matt and Chelsie's hip hop; Joshua and Katee's samba; Courtney and Gev's rumba
  2. LIKED A TON: Kherington and Twitch's hip hop; Kourtni and Matt's contemporary
  3. LIKED: Jessica and Will's disco, and still liking Will more than Jessica
  4. DISLIKED: Chelsea and Thayne's quickstep; Comfort and Chris's jazz; both hampered by really crap music choices
Today I also cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge and stewed chicken for tacos, go me!
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Top Chef Finale Part 1 )

As for SYTYCD, I'm really excited for the live competition to start next week. I don't have a lot of opinions on the top 20, since so many of them we haven't seen much of (and seriously, producers, what's up with that?) but I am pleased that those two hip-hop dancers from Texas made it in. But it was the "mystery dancer" on the last day of auditions that was the best of the week, and even if you aren't a fan of the show, watch this:

Travis Wall, who came in second to Benji in season two, led the choreography portion of the auditions in each city. Note to the "American Idol hates gay people" conspiracy types: If Nigel weren't down with the gay, he wouldn't have cheered so loudly for his choreographer and SYTYCD-alum dancing in drag, much less featured it so prominently on the (other) show he produces. Of course, I thought the Ryan joke was particularly funny!

I don't do a recap or a poll for SYTYCD; [livejournal.com profile] _sytycd_ does a much better job because there are so many dancers over there. But I will be posting my quick thoughts, especially since it's all I'll be watching until PR starts in July.
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So with American Idol finished, Top Chef still going, So You Think You Can Dance about to start and another Project Runway waiting for us later this summer, I found myself wondering why professional competitive reality shows—or really, these four particular professional competitive reality shows—became my comfort since my oft-referred-to-but-not-yet-explained freak out over narrative scripted television last spring. Particularly, I was reading [livejournal.com profile] astolat's entry about Tuesday's Idol in which she said:
I have to say, a fictional fandom has never hurt anywhere near this much, largely because I'm always satisfied to fix it for myself. Not quite so easy to fix the real world.
and I wondered, why don't I feel the same? Why was it healing, rather than more hurtful?

It's all about the process. )

So after all that: anyone else with me? Anyone watching reality shows for the unfolding of the process rather than the backing of a particular contestant or set of contestants? Or am I just a cold-fish weirdo?

notes )
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I'm having a hard time getting down to work so I thought I'd put down my thoughts on last night's Idol Gives Back. Mostly, it was better in some ways that last year—a better show as a whole, which was probably because less of it was live and less of it was sort of silly and improvised, but that meant that it was also a little more staid. Also, I think there were fewer musical performances this year.

There just aren't enough occasions on television to see a 54-year-old woman start a rock song with a familiar, searing riff that she wrote herself. )
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I have been greatly entertained the past two weeks with the steady disappearance of Ryan's post-St. Tropez belly. While he tucked in Miami (well, ish; it was all a little loose) he was back to untucked in the studio yesterday. I was thinking about a Rymon ficlet on this topic but it would be too sappy for words. That said, I believe in my heart that Simon thinks it's funny.

I was very well pleased with the results of SYTYCD. [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie and I both cheered when it was announced. For some reason I wasn't quite as emotionally invested in this season as in other seasons even though the overall quality of the dancers was much higher. (Oddly, I feel the same about Top Chef.) But their personalities weren't as clear, and I don't mean just compared to Benji; Donyelle, Travis, Heidi's improvement, they all seemed to be on an emotional journey during the course of the show that was fun to watch. This year they were all a bit more self-contained.

I love every time we get a little snippet from Chris Richardson on the road and he says he's spending all of his time writing songs. I'm so excited that he's writing for people other than Blake, only because I knew he would write with Blake regardless, and the early word from Sligh was that Chris is this great songwriter, so it's fun to see that happening. It seriously gets me all fangirlish. Maybe he'll be this season's Tamyra, and write someone else's winning song.
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Before I get started, OMG how boring is On the Lot? I mean, I keep thinking I could not possibly care less about that show and then I watch it again and lo and behold, I DO. Adriana Costa wears horrible sack like baby doll dresses and is a terrible host. Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall almost never say anything that is actually interesting, and the guest judge is often useless. The films are fine, but there are probably only two or three directors that I'm interested in (Zach and Sam, and I liked Shalini until this week). But in looking at the website I think I see the problem. On nearly every other similar competitive reality show, the contestants are prominently displayed on the front page. On this one, you have to click through to "contestants." I don't need to know these people's life stories, but surely Burnett if not Speilberg understands that in order to vote for these people I have to care about them, that a lot of what happens on shows like Idol or SYTYCD is my giving a contestant I like a sympathy vote on a week that they mess up. If you want it to be only about the work, "fuck up and you're gone," then just have judges and make it like a Magical Elves show (PR/Top Chef/etc.). But if you want audience voting, then you need to give me the drama.

Top Chef )

So You Think You Can Dance )
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So much media!

One of the first things [livejournal.com profile] ziggy1278 said to me once he moved here was, "We're going to see Live Free or Die Hard!" Thus, we were front and center (well, more medium back on the right) on Wednesday night for the opening. It's a Die Hard movie, in every way. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. I thought it was awesome. I love how it boils the essence of the hero down to really just one quality: they don't die. I mean, that's pretty much it. They just don't die.

I came home and saw Top Chef. Just to catch up on the last two weeks: Hung seems more aggressive and selfish than assholish; Tre's intensity is a bit much; I cannot tell Camille and Casey apart; Clay was so clearly dead meat from the moment he walked off that plane but I'm sad Sandee is gone; Joey is immature and doesn't cook that well; I'm intrigued by both the Saras and Micah; Brian seems pretty nutty so far; Howie needs to ease up on the "no friends" schtick; CJ, Lia and Dale are my favs so far.

Episode 3 spoilers ) Also, I am now craving sloppy joes and tater tots.

[livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie came over last night to eat burritos and watch SYTYCD and Studio 60 and much fun was had. I hadn't watched the dances until last night because after Die Hard I only had one hour of reality TV in me. Thoughts on the dancers and this week's eliminations. )

In a non-spoilers, I'm amazed at what a great host Ryan Seacrest is. Cat is really good—miles better than that dreadful girl on On the Lot. But watching the whole weird judging of Cedric and Shauna, I felt that Ryan would have been able to cut that shit off. First, you'd think that Nigel would have learned from Idol that if you really bash a contestant, then everyone will vote for them out of sympathy. Even Simon has figured this out by now, and when he forgets, Ryan comes in and heads him off. I know that Nigel is a producer while Simon is not, but if I were Cat I would ask him for permission to cut him off and keep the show moving. Second, Ryan would never have let Cedric make that whole little speech. We've seen him cut off the singers with a "Don't say it" and then going right into the numbers. But Cat just stood there and held the mike. This isn't the same thing as when Ryan tries to goad the singers into talking back, because he's more in control of that. Which is really my whole point: on the Idol stage, Ryan is in control. On the SYTYCD stage, Nigel seems to be kind of in control, only not completely, and that leads to shit like this. Cat needs to step up, and Nigel needs to back off, or the show will continue to be a bit unbalanced.

Studio 60 ended last night and the best thing I can say about it is, at least it was an actual ending. So that was 22 episodes of what, exactly, Aaron? )

So, are Tommy Schlamme and Aaron Sorkin heterosexual life partners?

Also, I dunno, friends, after this and VMars I'm feeling kinda burnt out on network TV dramas. Eh, I should watch less TV anyway …
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Now that my grades are handed in, and some other things taken care of, I have all these posts to make, so call me spammy mcspamerson. Given that I post like, three times a week, I'm not going to try not to feel too guilty about this.
  • You know, nothing makes you realize just how good at his job Ryan Seacrest is like watching some other reality show. On the Lot is doing the same, "America voted and you are safe" and this chick is just not up to snuff, not even as much as Ryan was first season when he had to compete with Dunkelman. Also now that On the Lot has become Idol for Movies, I don't find it as interesting.
  • Cat Deeley, OTOH, is awesome and I adore her. SYTYCD is really a better show than American Idol in many ways: dance just pops on television. Also there isn't the money imperative with dance that there is with music, so there isn't an actual Simon stand in—no producer, only choreographers. And I adore Nigel on so many levels, and Mary is crazy without being under the influence, and I already love all the choreographers. The auditions are so much less painful for SYTYCD than for AI.
  • I'm tired of the Hell's Kitchen promos. I like Gordon Ramsay but not when he's like, screaming at people. That said, Harold went on season one Top Chef to disprove that all head chefs are screamers, so I guess we can thank them for that. *pulls out Harold icon*
  • Another reason to love Harold: as a stunt before the premiere of Top Chef Bravo is airing a season 1 v season 2 showdown, with Harold, Tiffany, Dave and Stephen vs. Ilan, Marcel, Sam and Elia. (LeeAnn works for the show, so she's not on a team.) Also they've apparently brought Ted Allen in as another judge this season, so we'll see how that will actually work.
  • One more reason to love Harold: His restaurant is finally open and I'm so totally going later this summer, boy howdy.
  • Also, in praise of fangirls: the [livejournal.com profile] cakeforever fangirls are love for billions of reasons that I can't even lay out here, and I'm looking forward to the SYTYCD fangirls, most of whom are dancers, and the discussion on [livejournal.com profile] _sytycd_!
What shows are you looking forward to this summer?
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I haven't been posting that much lately—October is a crazy month for me work-wise with some assignment due every week for one class or another, not to mention that I STILL DON'T HAVE A NEW BATTERY so my computer unplugs and there goes some entry I was working on in the client I use. But there's tons of stuff I haven't posted about. Yeah, most of it is television, but just be prepared for the spam. Given that I've posted all of six times in the last month, hopefully even Rach won't complain about a bunch of posts in one night. I'm feeling energetic.

Other than work and meals/television with friends, I haven't been up to much lately. I went home for the county fair back at the beginning of the month, and watching my mother interact with [livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe was just as awesome as I thought it would be. [livejournal.com profile] idlerat and [livejournal.com profile] bowdlerized had a nice time petting as many animals as possible including llamas. And I got to have an Italian sandwich from Amato's and a chocolate buttercrunch donut from Dunkin Donuts. (Why don't they sell the chocolate buttercrunch or chocolate coconut donuts at the NY Dunkins? What is up with that?)

The other fun thing was going to the So You Think You Can Dance concert with [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie. It was at Madison Square Garden, a horrid place to find dinner, so in honor of our dear [livejournal.com profile] mistful we headed to TGIFriday's and had huge margaritas and chicken fingers. And then it was time for the show! It was really fun to sit in an audience full of families and listen to a bunch of teenage girls scream for their favorite dancers. Magpie did a great recap of the concert to which I have very little to add except that it was really fun to see how they expanded some of the group numbers—they combined some things into an overall Fosse tribute, they incorporated the other six dancers into the top four Sexyback, and they ended with an expanded "You Can't Stop the Beat"—and to see new numbers choreographed by Travis, Benji and Dmitry. I think the only dance I loved that I didn't see was the Benjelle cha-cha but you can't have everything. Dancer superlatives! )

Anyway, it was a really fun concert and I was so glad that I had a little Xmas money left in the kitty to cover the tickets. I don't think I'd ever go to an American Idol concert, but I'd see another SYTYCD show in a heartbeat!
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[livejournal.com profile] slytherincess noted the other day that I hadn't made a post about all dem reality shows in quite a while. Project Runway doesn't really lend itself to polls since we aren't voting and the whole thing gets wrapped up in the one episode. And [livejournal.com profile] _sytycd_ had such great expert commentary that I stopped talking about the show here. But I find I do have a few things to say.

Dance 10 Looks 3? Not hardly. )

Even Ralph Finnes is a fan! )

Anyone going to watch Simon's celebrity duets thing? Anyone excited about any of the new fall shows? I'm sort of underwhelmed, and also, I really don't want to pick up any new shows!
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  1. [livejournal.com profile] sistermagpie and I are going to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour in October! I'm really, really excited. I used some Xmas money I had saved to pay for it as a little treat for myself and I'm just really pleased that we got tickets and good seats and it's going to be a great evening, I know.
  2. After a month of having my kitchen in my living room while the exterminator did his work and then my being slow about putting everything away and cleaning everything up—having to wait until the heat broke because I can't run the dishwasher and the air conditioner as they are on the same circuit—my apartment is actually, finally clean. Swept and tidied and things back in their place and not the completely depressing, dark hovel of grossness that it's been since at least mid-July. I'm hoping this will help my overall mood and productivity.
  3. Miscellany:
    1. The weather is really pretty and I didn't have to have my AC on yesterday which I love, because I love fresh air.
    2. I also love my cat because she's just adorable.
    3. I remembered to make chai which I'd been sort of forgetting about lately.
    4. The elevator in my building is working again so I got a bagel for breakfast yesterday morning and this morning.
    5. My new anti-anxiety charm: Liza with a "Z"
    6. While the new pasta salad recipe I tried this week wasn't that good (but can probably be saved in the next batch) and was annoying to get through for lunch this week, the mango chicken salad was excellent, better than the best curry chicken salad.
    7. I like my new sharpies but why don't they come in a fun container? (For you junkies, I got the 12-color fine point.)

Here is the book meme I never got around to:
  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
  5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
  6. Tag five people. [livejournal.com profile] ceilidh assumed that everyone had done it, except I hadn't, but I can't think of anyone who hasn't, so if you haven't, do it.
A third group of Pennsylvania Republicans consisted of country-based insurgents who came to be known, memorably (after a derisive remark by McKean), as the Clodhopper Democrats. Their foremost figure was the future governor Simon Snyder, an exemplar of how ambitious country democrats of modest backgrounds could attain the highest state offices. Born in Lancaster, Snyder had moved to southeastern Northumberland County in 1784, a partially schooled twenty-four-year-old. By working as a journeyman tanner and as a scrivener, Snyder made enough money to purchase some land, build a mill, and open a store.

Sean Wilentz, The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln (New York: W.W.Norton & Company, 2005), p.123.
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Thanks to everyone who voted in and commented on the poll. Results to follow!

Wow, So You Think You Can Dance was pretty amazing last night, wasn't it? 20 dances! No filler, finally!

You know it's been a slow gossip week, or that Project Runway rules the world, when [livejournal.com profile] gawker links to Inside Higher Ed. However, any doubters that Tim Gunn is sex on a stick should check out this photo. (Totally work safe of course. This IS, after all, IHE.) The article is wonderfully catty, too.

But this week Project Runway made me cut for spoilers ).

Speaking of higher education, yesterday I caught Oprah's BFF Gayle King on The View and she was talking about Oprah's opening of a school for girls in Africa and how they are looking through all the applications for girls with, as she said, "that 'IT' factor." That makes me very nervous. I'm hoping that the "IT" that they are looking for is different than the "IT" that say, Simon Cowell is usually looking for—Gayle said something about an ambition to make your life better—but I feel this idea of star quality is taking over too many choices these days. I certainly do not have this "IT" factor, and it is a given, isn't it, that most people don't, and I'm not sure that star quality is the best judge of someone to go into a school. I worry for the wallflowers, I really do.


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