Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:33 pm
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Thanks to everyone who offered birthday wishes here and on Facebook and texts and everyplace! I wanted to be low key this year, but I'm having a nice weekend-of-birthday, spending today with [ profile] bhanesidhe and tomorrow with [ profile] ali_wildgoose. I did have cake today—two Funny Bones—and even some sparkling wine. My card from Mother has a feature I haven't seen before: a detachable plastic card, suitable for keeping in your wallet, festooned with pink and purple hearts with sentiments under the heading "Daughter." Those of you who have met her shouldn't be surprised.

Oh, and my day started with a text from Barack Obama! I feel so special!


Nov. 11th, 2003 01:42 am
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I hope you had a great day. Sorry this is a little late. SO MUCH LOVE, Holly! SO MUCH!


Oct. 19th, 2003 07:48 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ely709


What can I say, O twin my twin? You are one of my oldest friends here, and definitely one of the closest. I'm so proud of you for all the things you've done this year to move your life in the direction YOU want it to go in. I know that things will just keep getting better and better for you. Thank you, more than I can say, for your love and support, for your voice of sanity when things get crazy.

Make sure you have a day that is just yours, even if it can't be today.
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Happy slightly belated birthday to [ profile] rubydebrazier. See you very soon, sweetie.

Happy birthday also to [ profile] hermorrine. And, thanks.

It never rains but it pours, it seems.
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Happy birthday [ profile] ivyblossom! Here is hoping that it rocks, because you rock, and I can't wait to see you this fall. We love you babe!

Meanwhile, do you love [ profile] maybethemoon? Then show her by trotting over to [ profile] ladyjaida's LJ and giving it up for her. We love you babe!


Jun. 8th, 2003 09:12 am
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Been a bit out of pocket for the past three weeks, so some of this is hopelessly belated.

Happy day to:

[ profile] sjbranford

[ profile] earthquake1906

[ profile] liss1224

[ profile] fick_l_rene

[ profile] iscaris

[ profile] msscribe

I hope you all had wonderful days full of love and joy, and all that other good stuff.


Feb. 12th, 2003 08:33 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ali_wildgoose! I hope you have a great day!

(note: user piccie is a detail from a larger picture by Ali. ^_^)

Wah, I wish I weren't spending it in Atlanta . . .
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I, too, wrote MPI smut for my girl [ profile] nmalfoy. But being her beta I know how the story will go, how it will end, and what might happen later. So you, sadly, can't see what I wrote because its a spoil-o-rama. And face it, you don't really want to know--you want her to tell you. Or rather, you want MPI to tell you. You'll only get to see the story when and if she chooses to show it to you. I will tease you all even more, though, and say it's probably the best short piece I've ever written. Many thanks to Jen and Plu for the beta (and Plu for the great title), Cassie for the look-through, and my own C for the perfect music cues.

But mostly, thanks to Nancy, not just for giving us MPI, not just for giving me the honor and privilege of being her beta, but for many things that must go unsaid.

Have a great day, Nancy.


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