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So the NYMag entertainment blog posted this video from a press junket asking the Twilight cast who would the cast be if it was an 80s movie (it's on my tumblr, and hilarious mostly because R Patz is never not trolling) and hey, I can't sleep so why not post?

I'm not doing this with HP because to be honest, I don't know enough 80s teen British actors. BUT!

If Star Trek TOS/AOS were an 80s teen movie, who would you cast?

I'm thinking Jasmine Guy for Uhura.
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So a little while ago I was opining about lists and voting and all that shite and talked about the whole 1000 greatest rock songs countdowns on classic rock stations and how everyone knows what's going to be at the top, and it's really the lower numbers that are interesting.

Then tonight I sat down and watched one of those silly things you do over a holiday weekend, where VH1 polled a bunch of musicians and put together a top 100 artists of all time thing. And what was remarkable about the list was that the top 20 was actually very different than it would have been had the list been made, say, 25 years ago. Which, of course, is as it should be, but I guess I'm so used to the whole Rolling Stone-led worship of boomer culture that I was vaguely surprised.

This, though. This is a list voted on by people my age and younger, and reflects how completely R&B and rap have been absorbed into pop alongside rock because those artists were invited to vote, too, and it shows. the list ) I keep staring at this list like I can't believe it's real.
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As always I've been entertained by the best-of-the-year and best-of-the-decade lists that have been rolling out over the past six weeks or so. I'm not going to make a list of films or music, having consumed such a small portion of either of them. But television is a different story. So in alphabetical order, the ten shows I most enjoyed watching in the '00s.

  • American Idol. I've spilled a lot of ink on this one—you're either on the train by now, or you're not.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender. I ripped through the first two seasons on DVD on bad days, accompanied by quantities of donuts, and the combo always made me feel better. The finale was great, but I'd already gotten everything I needed in "The Boiling Rock."
  • How I Met Your Mother. I've talked a lot about this show as well, so let's just say it's the only currently running show I own DVDs of.
  • The Mole (first season). Ruined me completely for The Amazing Race. Hosted by a post-Channel One pre-CNN Anderson Cooper, who when I asked him if there was any truth to the rumor that the brainy puzzles of the first season had been dumbed down for the second, said "Of course not!" in a tone that really meant, "Of course they were; this is television." And so they were, and so the show was cancelled. But the first season? Amazing.
  • Project Runway. I'll let them have one bad season; everyone gets one. They gave me Tim Gunn after all, so they deserve a little break. And they introduced us all to the beauty of competency porn.
  • Sex and the City. To me it's not about sex, or Jimmy Choos, or fabulous parties, but about how women are friends today. And for that, I love it.
  • Six Feet Under. It had its bumpy moments in the middle to be sure, but overall it managed the trick of letting the characters be unlikeable without making me detest them or the show. It had one of the best final episodes of any television show, ever, and one of the best couples of television history in David and Keith.
  • So You Think You Can Dance. I believe in the dance, and so does the show. The love of the craft and the entertainment of dance seeps into every single frame—for all his grouchiness, you know it's a labor of love for Nigel, which keeps him from being the mean judge he sometimes tries to be.
  • Top Chef. More competency porn with a smoking hot bear of a head judge who champions simple New American cooking and appreciates fine French technique, who sees skill as a way to better cook from the heart. I love Padma and Gail, but it's Colicchio's mentoring and his stature in the industry that keeps the young chefs and the established guest judges coming back season after season.
  • Veronica Mars (first two seasons). I just saw the little 20-minute piece they filmed of VM at the FBI, and it made me ache with missing her. Those first two seasons—has there been anything better?

There are plenty of things I still need to see—the rest of Deadwood and Freaks and Geeks for starters, plus Wonderfalls—but this is a list I can stand behind.
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Sometimes I get a little wistful, even woeful, when it seems like the big new thing isn't really my thing. And oddly, on the other side of that, I'm very shy to be like, "I like this thing that isn't the big thing" for a variety of reasons that at the end of the day aren't that interesting.* So instead, and as a sort of answer to a conversation [livejournal.com profile] ziggy1278 and I were having last night:

    On TV
  • 90s sitcoms: Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace, Mad About You, Anything But Love, Night Court, Seinfeld, Caroline and the City, Murphy Brown
  • Stuff on PBS: American Experience, Nova, Frontline, Masterpiece Theater
  • Cooking shows: Julia Child, Caprial Pence, The Frugal Gourmet, Jacques Pepin especially with Claudine, Good Eats, Nigella Lawson, Great Chefs of many cities
  • Mysteries: the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes, the David Suchet Hercule Poirot, the Harriet Walter/Edward Petherbridge Lord Peter, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, Campion, Cadfael, Murder in Suburbia
  • Old movie channels: Weird late 60s capers on Fox Movie Channel, RKO musicals on AMC back when AMC was actually good, almost anything on TCM but especially Silent Sundays, Saturday nights on PBS, weekend afternoons before the onset of the infomercial. I break for black & white.
    In fandom
  • Small ships and small fandoms, like Rymon and Seamus/Dean. They're smaller, but they're nicer, they're less wanky, they love love love the pairing, there's no crazy hierarchies but rather everyone brings their own talents, and even though we get less of what we love, man, do we love what we get. [livejournal.com profile] flaming_potato and [livejournal.com profile] deamus, I love you guys.
  • Yuletide, especially for the fandoms that don't even have a community. It's so free of the freaking out over numbers of comments and all the other drama and stress that pervades other fic exchanges. You can't be crazy specific, and you don't even want to be because mostly, you just want a fic to exist about that character in that canon. You can write without a horrible weight on your shoulders, because you got to pick the canons that you'd love to write. Your response has so much more to do with the canon and the timing than what you've done—I have a huge pile of comments on last year's HIMYM fic because that fandom was just about to take off; I have many fewer on this year's Broken Hearts Club fic because fewer people are aware of the movie. And it's fun to see what other people's requests have brought forth, like that amazing Grindhouse fic this year.
  • The two small fandom comms I'm on, [livejournal.com profile] fandom_of_one and [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest, for the same reasons. It's nice that there's a way for people to communicate about smaller fandoms. Also, whenever someone pimps a smaller fandom on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets. It's just lovely when fandom can bring people together instead of dividing them into camps.
  • The increasing RPF meta on [livejournal.com profile] metafandom. The increasing meta about all kinds of things on [livejournal.com profile] metafandom that isn't just the latest dustup among the multifandom genre slash crowd.
  • The increasing conversation about race in fandom, and how it's spread, and how fewer and fewer people bitch about the harsh to their squee or how we're just here to have fun or any of that bullshit. Thank god for [livejournal.com profile] deadbrowalking.
    On LJ just generally
  • People talking about things they love, whether I love those things or not. It's fun to watch other people going through and talking about it, because it's just fun to watch people like something. And it reminds me that we don't all love the same things, which is really pretty brilliant and easy to forget in the rush to make communities over the things we do share.
  • People posting music, on [livejournal.com profile] audiography or just on their journals.
  • Movie reviews! Posts about the books you've read! Media talk in general!

What do you love?

*(highlight to read) I used to hang out with a crowd that behind the scenes could be very bitchy about what people posted about, in that "omg so-and-so posts endlessly about show-I-don't-care-about, so tiresome!" The idea was that one's LJ was there to provide entertainment for one's fans via a distant witty façade. I could never achieve that, because I am neither witty nor do I have sycophantic fangirls hanging on my every word—though I think the above list of things that I love shows why; I don't like the things fangirls like, don't write the angsty stories they crave, and don't provide the entertainment to them that they want. Of course, most of these people have also left fandom well behind them, some with something of an air of contempt, and certainly don't write fanfiction anymore. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I don't think I can really even try to come up to their standards anymore. Which I never did, anyway. And while some of those people are on LJ sometimes, I'm pretty sure none of them still read mine.
But I still flinch, reflexively, when I decide to post about something. Is it entertaining? Is it likely that the people on my flist, many of whom are hard core genre fans, care about these other things I like? I don't think it was until I got more involved with Idol fandom, and started posting about Idol regularly, and met other people that way, that I felt more confident about posting about other things, too.
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Love, Actually is on Bravo tonight and for various reasons I started out an hour behind, which was very handy for fast-forwarding:

Storylines of Love, Actually that I enjoy, in ascending order:
  • Billy Mack and his devoted manager
  • The Prime Minister and the curvy girl
  • Tiny Sam and the American girl

Storyline of Love, Actually that I don't care about that much:
  • That whole thing with the guy who goes to America and picks up girls in Wisconsin or something. Whatever.

Storylines of Love, Actually that I do not enjoy, in descending order:
  • Colin Firth and his sort-of-maid-whatever
  • Laura Linney sacrificing for her brother
  • Alan Rickman being an ass to Emma Thompson
  • Best man in love with bride Keira Knightly. Um, no.

Do you have movies that you only watch for the good parts?
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The computer death situation update )

Notes to self on posts to be made when I once again have access to my hard drive:
  1. It's the end of the year, and everyone is making music lists, and C suggested in August that I just make some of my own, and I think I will. One thing that's kept me from doing so is feeling that since I don't have access to all things, I can't really say, "this thing is best." But you know, that never stopped anyone else!
  2. This includes a list of videos you must check out on mtv.com. [livejournal.com profile] calloocallay asked for suggestions a while ago but I haven't really had the kind of access that made me feel comfortable cruising around the site reminding myself of all that crazy stuff from the 80s and 90s that are burned into my brain.

I expect to add to this list.
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Through a string of circumstances I won't go into, I found a list of top 20 cover songs compiled by our Canadian friends at MuchMoreMusic. And honestly? What the shit is this?

bold=I love it too; plain=good but not this good; ital=what the shit is this?

The list )

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I need a Keith Moon icon AND a Butch Vig icon, so if anyone knows of a place to get pics of musicians in general or someone doing the same, let me know!

So tonight after So You Think You Can Dance I was floating around the channels and found that VH1 Classic (which is sort of an Gen-Xer oldies music channel) was doing a countdown of the top 20 movie soundtracks as voted at their website. The list is pretty good, and follows, but the great part is that the Rocky Horror fans totally hijacked the poll, putting a link to it on the fansite and asking everyone to vote. How awesome is that? And how clever is it that when VH1 saw that they'd made it #1, they were like, you know, rock on, fans—they even put the whole story in their TV countdown. And you know, you kinda can't argue with it. I mean, "Time Warp" is really the only group dance I can support.

So what do you think of this list? Me, I'm sad not to see Repo Man, which would have received my vote!

Top 20 Soundtracks, according to VH1 )

So then I'm going to bed, and randomly flicking around a little because I'm not quite quiet enough for lights out, and lo, there is Garbage, randomly on PBS on some show called Soundstage. On goes the TIVO and I went back on chat because if Garbage is on broadcast TV, [livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe must be told! And now, I sleep.
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So I watched the bizarre Martha Stewart interview with Dan Radcliffe this morning, featuring her stuffing him with french toast, her odd obsession with his ability to shave and her assumption that he is JKR's boytoy, all of which he of course handled with poise and good humor.

Then one of the older kids in the audience asked him what other roles he wanted to play when he was done with the Harry Potter films. Instead of saying "Hamlet" (as he should have) he talked about the film he's about to start. So [livejournal.com profile] tromboneborges and I have some suggestions. )
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  • What the shit is this 911 conspiracy site, and how were they able to buy a :30 unit on TNT last night? If anyone out there was watching The Wedding Singer last night who doesn't live in New York, let me know if you saw their nutjob ad (it was on around 7pm). It would be interesting to know if it was bought locally or not.
  • When did Bork shave the creepy beard? He might be on the Supreme Court now if he'd done it twenty years ago. Oh, wait, no, he would still have been a total prick. Never mind.
  • I have the cold. Well, I have a cold; not sure if it's THE cold. But I'm blowing my nose like a mofo and my throat is sore. Whee.
  • Now that the rain has finally ended (and my regards to the state of New Jersey which was apparently under a foot of water) I can say that while I love the weather this time of year, I really hate the fruit selection. I'm not so much about pears or raw apples or grapes, so until the tangerines come out I think it's juice city for me. Bummer.
  • I am now eating Carrie's name. Wait for it; you'll get it.
  • Remember: Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
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Some pet peeves from my peevish afternoon at work:

  1. Homeric epithets in slash. They have names; use them. The blond, the Texan, the older man? Knock it off.
  2. People who don't know how to handle an umbrella on the sidewalk. Get a clue.
  3. Non-scientific polls. People don't vote for that shit with any judgment; they vote for the name that they recognize. They also get their friends to help them stuff the ballot box. We know this—we've all done it. Someone does a whip around and we go and say that yes, there should be monkey sex on Two and a Half Men or whatever. Get over it.
  4. Ship fights. No one cares anymore. Seriously. And I'm really, really tired of feeling defensive for writing what I write because of your tired ass. Get a grip.
  5. People who think that having sex means you can write sex, and that bad sex writing is all done by virgins. Why should sex be any different than any other thing a human can do? Good sex writing has more to do with the quality of the writer than their sexual history. Stop being insulting.

Six Feet Under was pretty awesome tonight.
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  1. Mother's Day:Brunch::Valentine's Day:Dinner. Which means around here, brunch without a reservation is difficult unless you're going for dim sum. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on my flist! (Yes, I emailed my mother this morning; she's hard of hearing so I can't call her.)

  2. You know, it's almost comforting the way Anne Rice continues to be crazy. She even looks a bit off in the picture accompanying the article.

  3. The Vatican forces out Father Thomas Reese from the editorship at America, the leading Catholic magazine. Well, this isn't good, though unsurprising. I'm not sure why, in the wake of the abuse scandal, the Vatican thinks it's time to alienate moderate and liberal Catholics. The Pope says he wants Europe to return to its Catholic roots but this really isn't the way to make it happen. And with the rise of charismatic Protestant movements in South America, he can't even count on the brown people. I don't know, man, they're going to kill this thing if they aren't careful.

  4. I haven't seen the GoF trailer yet and I doubt that I'll go out of my way to see it. It isn't that I'm not looking forward to seeing the film; I am, very much. And it isn't that I don't want to be spoiled; as I doubt they will significantly change the end of the story, I sort of already know what happens. While I have not so much disagreed but been saddened by some editorial choices in the films (I had a glimpse of the bookstore scene in CoS last night and damn, I wish they hadn't cut the fight as now Arthur just looks like a pussy) I'm not really the sort of person to get up in arms about it. After all, film is a visual medium and they sometimes have to make choices for visual reasons. Also, I think the unfortunate reality of Hollywood is that Hermione is going to be kind of a babe. The most we can hope for is that she stays just as brainy, bossy and borderline annoying as she ever was.

  5. I'm so excited over Fruits Basket moving to a once a month release schedule! The English manga will be caught up with the Japanese manga! Then I can talk about it with Val and not worry about spoilers which is excellent. Also there is new anime in the works . . .

  6. Peter Rodino died today—here he is in a photo with John Dean. He was one of those figures that rose to the occasion. Rodino was an somewhat obscure Democratic Representative from New York, the head of the House Judiciary Committee which investigated Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate break-in and ensuing cover-up. I'll admit it: I'm a liberal, of liberal Democrat parents who were very politically active from the 50s through the 80s, and Watergate fascinates and amuses me; there could only be nasty reasons for the little hit of glee it gives me. The House Judiciary Committee is one of my favorite bits of the whole story, perhaps because some of the story was told to me by a key player: my former representative and later senator (and even later, Clinton's Sec'y of Defense), Bill Cohen, who was a very young Republican representative at the time. Each of the Democrats and impeachment-leaning Republicans took one of the Articles of Impeachment and with their staffs, made their case to the committee, which ultimately voted to impeach and to send the Articles of Impeachment to the House floor. During that final vote, Rodino had a cold, so his vote of "yes", the final vote as he was the committee chair, was in such a hoarse, sad, tired voice—it captured the mood of the country perfectly.

  7. The whole putting things on the ipod project has got me listening to stuff I haven't in quite a while. [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_toast commented on my last entry about this whether I actually listened to all this music, and I said that having it so accessible meant that I probably listen to much more of the depth of my collection than I ever used to—especially with shuffle. I've rediscovered Robbie Williams and Veruca Salt. Right now I'm listening to ABBA Gold and I can say with certainty that Chiquitita and Fernando are in fact the same song.

  8. I'm very proud of myself for being disciplined and writing 2600 words yesterday. I'm using my S/D icon in celebration.

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Haven't posted in a bit as my life has been a blur of mostly uninteresting things. I'm highly stressed, working too much and not sleeping enough and therefore rather emotional. I expect this to get slightly but not significantly better until the last week of May. I know no one really comments on lists of random crap but at the moment that's all I got.

  1. I saw the new Gap ad with Joss Stone. I continue to find her completely uninteresting. I know the boys think she's hot but I am seriously not seeing it. As for her voice, I find that she pretty much does the same thing with every song, and I'm not sure why they have her doing "soul" covers of all these non-soul songs. Why isn't she singing new songs? What is going on here?

  2. I'm so glad I'm only vaguely following AI this year. What a fucking mess. The good singers keep picking songs the kids won't know. The bad singers clearly have some kind of bizarre voodoo. And after all that, Simon gives us a boy band based on The Three Tenors? What the fuck is up with that?

  3. Why do I watch Making the Band 3 when all they do is shout at people? What is Diddy thinking, getting all these girls into a house when he knows that it isn't going to work out? Well, only one more week.

  4. HAHAHAHAH New Edition Behind the Music. Dionne did you see this shit? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What is better than a clearly high off his fucking arse Bobby Brown talking trash about NKOTB? HAHAHAHAHAHAH. It's sad that of course this is just part of their whole promotion for some new record.

  5. All I can say about Veronica Mars is, it's really fun being in on something from the ground floor. How different to be watching a TV show along with a whole bunch of folks on LJ! I know that many of you have already had this experience but I am having a grand old time. I'm also really proud of myself that I was right when I called CC right after watching the first episode and told her, "Cassie, I have found your new show."

  6. It almost makes up for this being the last year of Six Feet Under. Almost. However, I do think it's right to end it now, as I'm not sure where else this show can go. Not that it should have ended last year, as there are things that feel unfinished, but I think it's gone through its arc. Any longer and I think they'd just be making up drama.

  7. Know who I saw coming out of a trendy hip restaurant as I was walking in? Alton Brown, that's right. Hotter in person, fully.

  8. I need to see Sin City and Fever Pitch.

  9. Drove down to DE last weekend. Car sucked. Forgot how much I like driving. I'm loving the old Kings of Convenience and the new Garbage.

  10. I'm also loving [livejournal.com profile] seviet's polls.

I'm hoping by the weekend I'll have enough brain cells to say something more coherent.


Mar. 22nd, 2005 01:58 am
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So discussing LunaCon with both [livejournal.com profile] blackholly and [livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe got me thinking: what would the Con of Clio be? Come along, won't you?

ClioCon! )

Well? So what would your con be?
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I just went to the pet store, which is a ways away as you can see, then grabbed some take away noodle and came back home, all with my ipod on shuffle. You know how sometimes you have these weird shuffle runs and other times you have runs that are just perfect? Here's my run from this afternoon, which was awesome because so many women!

26! )

Memo to Keanan Duffty: Christina Aguilera's vocals for Beautiful really don't mix in with the intro to Band on the Run by Wings. It wasn't interesting; it was cacophonous. The clothes were cool. Don't go back to music, though.
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A list of ten because that's what [livejournal.com profile] praetorianguard always does. But before I launch into that, I'm very honored to say that the smut I recently wrote, Lily and the Marauders, inspired some incredibly hot, not work safe fanart by [livejournal.com profile] violetfishy. SO AWESOME!

Also, if you've ever changed your LJ name, won't you fill out [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_toast's lovely poll?

1. It is totally awesome to watch everyone get hooked on Veronica Mars! It's so rare that I'm in on the ground floor of anything so I'm really excited that people are loving it. I'm happy that all you Buffyphiles are liking it, too. The second I watched it I called [livejournal.com profile] epicyclical and said, "I have your new show" and I'm so glad I was right! For all you fans, TWOP has an interview with Rob Thomas that is pretty damn gear.

2. What I learned from my ten things meme: There are a lot of rural folks out there! Go us!

3. Is it my imagination, or are we seeing a lot more of Eva than we did of any of the other America's Next Top Model winners? She was all over the recent Fashion Week shows. She has a great look, a wonderful old-time Harlem Renaissance sort of thing.

4. Speaking of which, ANTM will never be able to fill the hole in my heart left by Project Runway. [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt has a transcript of Jay's TVguide interview which only made me fall for him even more. He's a boo! Now I want to get famous and have him make me an outfit just to prove a point. Maybe I'll just make do with a tshirt or tote in the meantime.

5. I'm watching the Michael Kors show (one of the local cable channels airs all the fashion shows) and he really is just awesome. I kept thinking, why is he on Project Runway, doesn't he have something better to do? But he managed to do that, a ready to wear line, and launch his bridge line. Granted, they filmed the main portion of Project Runway in three weeks in the middle of the summer, but still!

6. According to Entertainment Weekly, PR had Austin make a collection to keep the shows spoiler-free. Personally, I'd love to see it!

7. Special to [livejournal.com profile] blackholly and [livejournal.com profile] light_music: The new Tori Amos CD is awesome. Seriously.

8. I am really looking forward to a weekend filled with not much. I'm going to write and putter around and probably call people and stuff like that and it will be very cool.

9. [livejournal.com profile] bowdlerized and [livejournal.com profile] ziggy1278, since I lost my phone I'll need your numbers again. Post with private poll is here. That means you too, [livejournal.com profile] maybethemoon!

10. My hair is now a shade darker and I really like it.
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Okay, I just saw this ebay ad. I can't believe I'm cutting an ad for spoilers. ) Now, is this heartwarming or really eerie?

Speaking of things that sound nice but are actually weird, I love that the latest John Mayer song is essentially, "Men, stop fucking up your little girls, because then I get a boatload of batshit crazy girlfriends."

Speaking of batshit crazy, Martha is using clip art to make silhouettes of pilgrims and indian chiefs and turkeys and is sticking them on scalloped table cloths made of brown craft paper for the children's Thanksgiving table, and then gave them a centerpiece with oranges that I'm sure will be used as missiles before the meal is over.

Speaking of doing things around the house, my to-do list this weekend:

  • Finish my project
  • Work out my holiday card list
  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen floors
  • Dust the living room
  • Swiffer the living room floor
  • Wash the delicates—can't as the washers are broken, alas!
  • Put my new CDs on my ipod—in progress
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I am in Boston at my best friend C's house, about to eat some chicken and then take a train home. I have done a great deal of shopping, mostly at Target while we were really looking for something else. I bought:

  • At Target

    • Hiking sandals, which were very necessary as my other pair broke late last summer and my only flat sandals were too big
    • Two pairs of sunglasses, one pink and one blue
    • Pink ponytail holders and some bobby slides, plus some cool corkscrew bobby slides that I'll have to give to Cassie because my hair lauged at them
    • Hand wash
    • A blue vinyl handbag for the summer, that has a cute little pocket for my phone
    • A black wallet with the letter 'k' on it in pink

  • At Borders

    • Volumes I & II of the Fruits Basket manga, the first manga I have ever purchased, for the first anime I ever really liked
    • Two anthologies that included my friend Julie that I didn't have. Also, so cool, there was a little box in front of her books that said, "If you like her books, try these." Julie just sent me a proper birth announcement--her son was born this March--and a link to her baby photos. I saw her just before Nimbus and she was very intrigued by the whole thing, so if you like her too, go ahead and let her know you're a Potterfan!
    • Not a purchse, but C thought Holly's new Tithe cover was really cool.

  • At Cambridgeside

    • A car charger for my ipod at the Apple Store
    • Face care refills at the Body Shop plus some foot lotion

Now I have to find a way to fit all this stuff in my backpack . . .
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Research "second tier" grad schools
Research faculty
Sign up for GREs
Send emails to old advisors for letters of recommendation

Think about a budget
Pay bills
Call accountant re taxes
Call insurance company
Sign up for beginner yoga class

Figure out pantry restock
Order groceries

Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom
Clean living room
Clean bedroom

Finish Parvati/Lavender fic
Reply to reviews on LJ

Get out of the house at least once every day


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