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[livejournal.com profile] rawles said, "There IS a certain freedom to hating a canon while maintaining love for select things it brought you!" So I thought, I should put up my own personal top ten BSG moments, for posterity. Listed in chronological order, no spoilers for the finale. )

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Mar. 21st, 2009 07:17 pm
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Whatever your opinion of the finale, you should enjoy Grace Park answering our burning questions regarding BSG.
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For a lot of reasons, I made the decision to make myself watch this show. There were many points at which I didn't enjoy it, but I pressed on. I've just watched the finale, and that didn't change my opinion. So the biggest thing I learned is that I'm never going to do that again; no matter who is doing the recommending, if it doesn't seem like something I might like, I'm not going to watch it.

Getting over initial impressions about people is totally worth it. Trying to do that with tv shows/movies/books, not so much.

I'm not sure I actually have anything at all to say about the finale itself, mostly because I didn't have a lot of expectations of it, so it couldn't be "satisfying" or "unsatisfying" in that way. All I can say is, I didn't think it was well done.

I really love mysteries and romances, so if you'd like to recommend any of those, I'll be listening!
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I stopped at last week's episode, and I'll watch all of Daybreak in one go on Friday, though I've been spoiled for it. Watching this season was very different—so clearly endgame, and so much less filler, but so many big plot points that seemed either poorly executed or beside the point.

4.01-4.06 )

a note on the ladies )

4.07-4.10 )

4.11-4.14 )

4.15-4.18 )

a note on Lee and Kara )

I'm looking forward to Friday, partly because I'll be glad when the show just gets to where its going—killing everyone off in a huge ball of fire, or an indeterminate ending where they leave the Gallactica behind and move on through space, or something in between. All endings seem equally likely at this point; I have no issues that I expect the finale to resolve, or even give lip service to. Expectation-free!
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  • I haven't been on chat lately and I'm not sure when I'll be back on, for various reasons. If you want me, email, and I'll be happy to come on! Or if you have any questions, I'm just an email away!
  • I don't have anything to say about Idol tonight, and won't until tomorrow night, except that having Scott around would certainly make group sings even more cheesy and ridiculous. That, and I'm glad I watch for Ryan and Simon rather than the actual singers. I hope some of you are still around for the polls starting next week!
  • The only good thing to come out of Top Chef 5 was Colicchio's diet coke ad, so I'm really NOT watching the reunion show, except to zoom through it to find out who got fan favorite.
  • I'm halfway through BSG 4.09, for those keeping track at home. I'm really sad about the cat, but cheered by the reappearance of the dog.
  • I went away this weekend to visit a friend and saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist which I liked quite a lot. I'm not surprised to see that it was based on a book co-written by the author of Boy Meets Boy and I'm definitely buying and reading that book when I go to pick up the new Fruits Basket later this month.
  • It makes me sad, but the renewed racefail makes me glad I'm not an SF/F fan. I'm amazed and somewhat angered, but not heartbroken. Between that and some encounters I had last week, I'm starting to be less and less surprised at the crazy things that supposed non-racists think is perfectly okay to say and do.
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So I finished season three this morning.

[livejournal.com profile] ali_wildgoose commented on my season two post that it didn't sound the same as when I talked to her about it. This might be because I was trying hard to focus on the things I did like as opposed to the bits I found frustrating, assuming that my frustration was based in not being a fan of the SF genre as such. However, season three, and other things, disabused me of that notion. So, no punches pulled.

Three questions. )

3.01-3.10. In which many things happen but few of them actually matter. )

The Eye of Jupiter/Rapture: Yay mythology! )

3.13-3.19. A lot of filler. )

3.20. Yay Mythology! )

3.16. Some specific thoughts on Dirty Hands. )

Hence, I have decided that this show is Grey's Anatomy in space. I'm going to keep watching for the same reasons I've watched season 3, namely, the mythology stuff. The rest I either don't care about or actively don't like.
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Let's see if I can make it that far!

  1. The more I look at Ryan's new hair, the more I love it.
  2. Speaking of Ryan, classy of E! not to run the Rhianna photo. Not classy of the NY Post to put it on the damn front page so it was unavoidable in the city on Friday.
  3. Speaking of the Post not being classy, here's my favorite comment on the cartoon, from a commenter at Wonkette:
    i don’t know what genius thought a joke about being shot or monkeys within a hundred miles of anything having to do with obama’s left pinky, would go over well with the pajama wearing liberal bloggers. while it’s probably the least racist thing rupert’s ever been associated with, it also missed the whole point about cartoons being funny.
  4. Because the thing is, Sean Delonas is so consistently unfunny and offensive that when I heard he was the one behind the monkey cartoon I was seriously unsurprised.
  5. But that doesn't excuse the Post; a friend said to me that they expected no more of the tab but I'm not wiling to allow a major newspaper to be so overtly racist.
  6. I don't expect much more from TMZ, either—though at $62.5M, the price for the Rhianna pic was cheap—but that doesn't mean their actions were "okay."
  7. Someone may or may not have leaked the Oscar winners. I don't consider this spoilery because the last time something like this happened they were totally bogus. While I'll definitely be checking the winners against this list, like the website I wouldn't recommend using it to place a big bet in Vegas. (Also, knowing the oddsmakers there, they'd take this leak into consideration.)
  8. The new U2 album got five stars from Rolling Stone. Huh.
  9. I went to karaoke the other night. No U2 songs sung, but a lot of anime theme songs were sung. I was annoyed because NONE of my songs had videos, just lame chyron screens with the lyrics.
  10. Have you noticed that the female Cylons have the same body type?
  11. I'm sad that all the fashion blogs trashed MIA's Grammy outfits. I thought she looked adorable! So often these fashion blogs bitch about the samey-ness of the red carpets, but they only have themselves to blame. I watch Ryan and Giuliana on the red carpet because fun things happen, but I've stopped watching any kind of fashion police coverage. It's like the difference between Trinny and Susannah's approach and Stacy and Clinton's—Trinny and Susannah live the person's life, and that results in different looks; Stacy and Clinton make everyone look like Stacy, in black trousers and pointy high-heeled boots, no matter what their lives are like.
  12. [livejournal.com profile] jenncho made manips for the AU! I'll make a post about them on Monday so everyone can see them.
  13. Ricardo Montalban played a Japanese man in the movie Sayonara (1957). Oh Hollywood and your making everyone who wasn't Anglo the same, like black actors playing native americans in cowboy movies, or Paul Henreid, who was Austrian, playing a Czech, a Frenchman, a German, a Spaniard, an Arab sheik and an Iraqi. Or Omar Sharif, an Egyptian, who played everybody including a Russian doctor and an American gambler.
  14. I'm up through BSG 3.13, and if not for the mythology, Chief and the fact that I've set up BSG as a sort of endurance test for myself, I would have ditched the show for the events of 3.12. I'm really looking forward to this show being over.
  15. When it is, I'm going to treat myself to a marathon of the Mary Tyler Moore show before I go once more unto the breech, dear friends, to watch Firefly (the show Joss didn't have an opportunity to frack up).
  16. See what I did there?
  17. I'm not watching Dollhouse. I don't like Joss. [livejournal.com profile] wordplay thinks I'll be missing interesting things, but one thing BSG has taught me is that I can't watch a show that compartmentally; if I'm not interested in the main thrust of the show, little side issues won't be enough to keep me from wanting to reach through the screen and kill someone every time I watch it.
  18. I may also have learned this from Heroes, which I was trying to watch for the race issues, and ended up finding a trial that must be endured. I'm thinking that television shows should not be a trial to be endured.

Later: liveblogging the Oscars!
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I know my reading of the recaps was controversial (believe me, I've heard about it) but I've found that watching the show goes a lot better when I know what is going to happen, because then I don't have that sense of overwhelming dread that I had when I didn't know.

This is the thing with BSG: I keep feeling like everyone who is telling me to watch the show wants me to care about it in a way I can't figure out. Is it detached fascination? Is it confirmation that life is ultimately futile, or that humanity no longer deserves to exist? I can't seem to work out where the pleasure is in the show; I'm alternately annoyed and infuriated, with about ten minutes of interest every fourth episode or so.

Season 2. )

On to season 3 shortly, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] illogicalvulcan. Season 4 is on the TIVO thanks to Sci-Fi, so I reckon I'll be caught up at least by the finale. Thoughts, anyone?
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So yesterday I watched Black Books, which [livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe had lent me. I found I liked—no, loved—the characters. Further thoughts, not really spoilery but one can't be too careful. ) Anyway I'm super glad that I saw it, as it was a lot of fun.

Also, I have finished my project of reading all the BSG recaps on the BSG wiki. Thoughts on the second, third, and first half of the fourth seasons. Serious giant spoilers. )
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So this is what happened:

I started watching 2.01, and I wasn't grabbed by it, probably because there was a lot of action in the episode.* So I thought I might read some recaps.

Jacob's recaps at TWOP were very specifically dangled in front of me by Ziggy and S____ as a reason to watch the show. Unfortunately for me, he didn't start recapping until halfway through season two, so I read Strega's recap for 2.02 and I wasn't grabbed by it either, though probably for the same reasons, as 2.02 was mostly about people running around. And then at the start of the 2.03 recap, Strega said:
Credits. 47,862 survivors. I would have liked it if there were more casualties from last week. Not hundreds, but a few dozen wouldn't have been unreasonable.
and I thought, oh Strega, your narrative priorities are not mine.

I decided to skip ahead to Jacob's recaps and found that I could figure out what had happened in the intervening few episodes pretty well, and settled in to read them and posted my intention to do so. Shortly after this I was informed, through channels, that this path was VERY UNWISE.

Now, here I'll note that the first thing of BSG I ever saw was Razor and when the crowd assembled to watch it found out, after it was over, that I hadn't watched any other BSG yet and had spoiled myself, or something, I had a room of about 20 people shouting at me that I had committed a grave sin. As a general rule, I like to avoid roomfuls of people shouting at me, and this incident plus comments from other people certainly set up for me that there is very much a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to watch BSG, and it behooves me to watch it in the RIGHT way in order to avoid more shouting.

In that light, I searched for season 2 recaps and they were actually difficult to find. EW doesn't start recapping until season 3. I found a website that had some recaps, but also had a lot of ads for Saw V, which threatened to freak me out. (Yes, I am so much of a girly wimp about horror films that I have to avert my eyes from the ads for them; a look of horror on someone's face will definitely give me nightmares. Talk about being in the wrong demo for a show.) Finally [livejournal.com profile] wordplay told me to try the BSG wiki.

I read the recaps there the other day, and I've started season 3, and I'm not sure I feel like I have all that much to say. spoilers! )

So the new plan is to continue to read the recaps on the wiki because they're really fast, and then go back and read the Jacob recaps because even if they're WRONG, I enjoy them, because they talk about the stuff I care about, and I'm used to Jacob and his endless blah blah blah from his Idol recaps, and I actually love him for it. I think this is another reason I'm doing it WRONG? So please avoid shouting at me about it. I'm doing the best I can here.

*I've always been reluctant to say that I don't like something that I know other people like; it seems rude, somehow. Also, I've had something I really like be either dismissed summarily, or get the "everyone knows it sucks" treatment, and been sad. So I'll put it this way: I don't really care for action very much, as such. It is not enough to carry my interest. I've tried very hard to get interested, but I'm just not, and I apologize to all for my girly non-geek mainstream lameness.
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Today was a day of FAIL, so thank you, Simon.

Project Runway and Top Design )

I have been reading this really fun Idol story and I don't want to spoil anyone so don't read this sentence unless you've read through chapter 19 of Renegade. I'm really done with people making Simon the villain! First, he's a doll; second, he LOVES D Cook and did the whole way through; third, it's really predictable! Do something else! Though to be fair, it isn't done, and I'm still hoping that the traitor is actually Carly and not Simon. Now I need to catch up on [livejournal.com profile] jm_cats's fic, which I thought he was posting to his journal and [livejournal.com profile] cakeforever but I was mistaken and it's like, 9 chapters in or something! But that also means more to read, which is yay.

Oh, I forgot, I totally worked out how I'm going to "watch" BSG. I started reading Jacob's recaps and as Jonathan Adler would say, j'adore! It means skipping over a little bit of the first half of season 2 because the Strega recaps are some serious ugh, but I reckon I'll read these recaps and get myself all caught up, and maybe watch a few things here or there. Everybody wins!
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So over the last few months I have watched all of the first season of Battlestar Galactica, including the miniseries. And since I watched five of those episodes today, and then read something rather bittersweet and/or melancholy, I am in desperate need of some seriously happy stuffs—I'm watching QI but I'm not sure it will be enough.

Now, there are people that are very influential to me—[livejournal.com profile] sisterpandora, [livejournal.com profile] ziggy1278, [livejournal.com profile] friendsofjunius, [livejournal.com profile] calloocallay, and also [livejournal.com profile] lillijulianne—who have all been waiting for me to watch this show. But the thing is, there's also, on the other side, a friend of a friend who tends to have the same kinds of misgivings about story structure and narrative priorities that I have, while the above folks, while awesome, often don't. So I'm watching this show with this huge cloud of OMG DOOM YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS hanging over my head, while at the same time five close friends are like, OMG WHY ARE YOU NOT CAUGHT UP ALREADY and it's sort of stressing me out, so if everyone can please be patient with me?

I've also told [livejournal.com profile] ziggy1278 that I'm watching this show without allowing for any speculation on what will happen (which is why i need the second season NOW) and without any shipping at all on my part. I will watch people talk to each other or fuck each other and not allow myself to think anything of it, just smile and nod.

I'm going to do the same sort of listy thing I did for Avatar, but what I will say outside the cut is for the love of god where is the Starbuck femslash????!!!!!!

Battlestar Galactica Season One )

Am I supposed to be watching webisodes now, or later, or what the hell?


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