Jul. 19th, 2012

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Before I go off on an entry filled with weird ego-feelings and the usual bittersweet memories, I'm excited to say that [personal profile] reena_jenkins has recorded a podfic of my Natasha/Pepper story, The Shoes Make the Woman, for the KISSES II podfic fest [community profile] audiofemme is hosting for International Day of Femmeslash! You can also find it here on AO3! Go, go, listen! It's really super good! I am flabbergasted and can barely contain my excitement.

So! I went off to Ascendio last weekend, and it was a blast! Got to spend plenty of quality time with my pal [personal profile] catja_mikhailovic, whom I don't see enough, and roomed with [personal profile] heidi, whom I've been lucky enough to see a whole bunch this year, plus cherished convos with [personal profile] stinaleigh when she wasn't wrangling celebs, [personal profile] bookshop when she wasn't on a panel, and [personal profile] zorb when she wasn't Merlin's Circling it up. Heidi also gifted me with the general hilarity of sharing a suite with two thirteen-year-old boys who mostly wanted to hit each other over the head with a pillow shaped like a giant Duff beer can.

This next bit I'm putting behind the cut because it contains weird egotistical ramblings about fandom. I think I have the fandom bends. )

In the meantime I think I might send out an email to some pals to ask for fix cheerleaders for all this stuff I have coming up. I've always been shy about actually talking about what I'm writing—it just seems weirdly egotistical to me, not to see others doing but to do myself; you know, "nobody cares about your rpg character" etc.—but I see lots of folks doing it and maybe it will make me feel better about my first drafts. Hmm. Anyway if anyone has actually read this far and has any interest in that, I would appreciate it!


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