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Sorry this was a little late!

First, THANK YOU. I think of Yuletide as more of an opportunity to write something a little different than request something to exacting specifications, so whatever you write is more like a totally awesome bonus than the entire reason I'm participating. In other words, NO PRESSURE. This, and my comments on the assignment, are really just suggestions in case you'd like some.

The most important thing really is no deathfic and I prefer a happy ending. I don't mind working for the happy ending; angst that ends well is splendid. Downer endings, though, kinda bum me out. I'm not a freak about plot—in many of the stories I love nothing really happens except maybe an internal change in a character or an emotional realization. Characters are always more important to me than plot and I adore great conversation. So feel free to have them just sitting around drinking coffee and talking about great Heart songs, or have them find a way to Save the World from Certain Destruction, or anything in between! I've asked for all pairs of women, but while femslash is welcome it isn't expected and certainly not required.

If you want more of a sense of the sort of stories I adore, since Yuletide is its own animal, you can check out the Yuletide stories I've bookmarked and also the ones that I've received (anything here that was posted in December).

This year I wrote quite a bit in the optional details so I don't have more to add—honestly you should feel free to do what you like!

Kroll Show - PubLIZity: Liz G. and Liz B.
Of all the many interlocking characters on Kroll Show the ones I most want to know how they're doing after the show are Liz and Liz. What are they up to now that their firm went under? How is Liz B getting along as a mom? Has Liz G's love life improved? Did they realize that all they really needed was each other? What kind of beverages are they sipping on?

They're just so FUN! It's rare to see a male comedian do a drag bit that isn't kind of misogynous but Kroll has a lot of empathy for Liz G, and so much chemistry with Jenny Slate.

Empire: Cookie Lyon and Anika Calhoun
Cookie and Anika have such a complicated, ever-changing relationship. Will Cookie ever be able to trust Anika? Will Anika ever be able to truly free herself from the Lyons family? Will they finally hook up and get it over with? Or will their working together be the trick that finally defeats Lucius and why he can't allow that to happen? I'm certainly not going to say no to femslash, but I would be equally excited with a conversation over cocktails twenty years in the future between two world-weary not-quite-adversaries. Truly anything that has them in the same room talking will be excellent.

Empire is all over the place and so are Cookie and her Boo Boo Kitty.

A League of Their Own: Mae Mordabito and Doris Murphy
Sincerely, anything you might write about these two would be brilliant: before, during, or after the movie, or even what happens at the reunion in the framing story. Did they keep in touch? Is it awkward? Or have they long since shared the same address?

These two had a connection not explained but just taken for granted in the movie, which I love.

Saturday Night Fever: Stephanie Mangano and Annette
I'm not sure where to start with this as I don't think they even speak in the movie although of course they're aware of each other. Does Annette eventually make it into the city, too, and give Stephanie a call? Does Stephanie come back to Bay Ridge and end up connecting with Annette? Does Annette remain the unmarried sister? Does Stephanie get rid of that jerk from the record company? Do they go to Tony's show Satan's Alley together (and do they go get coffee after and laugh about how ridiculously terrible it is)?

I admit I was mostly inspired by their both being nominated, but both of their stories are not at all central to the movie and yet told with a certain amount of respect. I'd love to see the focus turned on them.

Mostly, thank you in advance; I know that anything you do will be awesome, because it will mean more fic for one of these fandoms, and isn't that the whole point?


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