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Penultimate, probably? New Girl, Castle, and Agents of SHIELD will all go in the next post, after AoS ends 13 May.

I gobbled down all of Looking in a couple of days, not difficult with 8 30-minute episodes, and I can't wait until it comes back. What I loved, loved, loved about it is that it asks you to understand the characters but not excuse the things they do. Not that they're all terrible; even Augustin is more "acting out of fear" than truly evil. At no point do the plots take the easy way out; one character is trying to make a new relationship work while still being attracted to his flirtatious boss, but these two parts are entirely independent. What doesn't happen: Patrick and Richie have a fight, Patrick panics and sleeps with his boss Kevin, Richie finds out and accuses Patrick of being afraid of trying to make things work. What does happen, I'll leave for you to find out. Looking does have a slower pace than a lot of TV shows today; it isn't all plotplotplot. But it draws fantastic characters, it's often very funny, and it's gorgeous to look at (film-wise, not just because of the fellas, though it's HBO so there's a lot of nearly naked men wandering about). Highly recommend!

Community, oh, I don't know. This season was better than last season, but that's damning with faint praise. It may have been better than season three, so that's pretty good. But that final episode was a lot of things Community's critics accuse it of being: so far up its own meta asshole that there isn't actually a lot of show there. Maybe I got more burned out by last season than I thought, but I felt very emotionally distant from the end of the season. It's staying on my DVR, and I do hope they get their sixth season AND the movie, but then it's probably best to let the show die.

By contrast, the Parks & Rec finale was SO GREAT! The skip forward three years! Leslie getting to have her dream job AND stay in Pawnee--which, sure that would never actually happen but she's had a lot of bummers that probably would never happen so I'm allowing it. The concert was super fun (Ben fanboying Kay Hanley!) and Tom pulled off his opening and okay, I didn't need a reunion of Mouserat but I did need Ron to play the saxophone during the final-song tribute to Little Sebastian. Word is that next season will likely be the last and that feels right, too. Then all those quirky-good but low-rated comedies will be gone and NBC can just do something else with Thursday night.

I've also been watching Inside Amy Schumer which is HILARIOUS and remarkably political; I would be surprised there isn't more talk about this show on tumblr but geeks aren't really known for their appreciation of comedy. I'm also enjoying Broad City though I only caught two episodes before it left On-Demand (damn you Comedy Central!) so I'll need to track it down on Hulu.


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