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  • The Chance to Come Through, Derek/Stiles So You Think You Can Dance AU I wrote for the Spring Fling dance-fic fest on Tumblr
  • Kiss Me, I'm a Lycanthrope, Derek/Stiles fluff about customized gifts.
  • Couldn't Have One Without the Other, the TW Little House AU.
  • Arrives Without a Suitcase, written for [livejournal.com profile] abo_bigbang Further adventures in the TW a/b/o'verse, mostly: babies.
  • Original story can be found in the anthology Puzzle Box

Fall writing requires a plan!
  • Lydia/Erica [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bb, final due 20 November, posts in December. [personal profile] radioaches suggested a SHIELD AU that morphed in my brain into something more The Heat-inspired.
  • Lydia/Erica Project Runway AU! See, the road trip fic was going to be fashion oriented, but now I can just do some straight-up fashion. Started for TWfemslash week.
  • Various sexy fic for the College OT4 (I have eight planned right now) that I might write in November for the TW rare pairs thing.
  • The Maternal Instincts of Betas, the Scott/Allison story in the a/b/o 'verse, about 9000 words.
  • Teen Wolf SF hipsters AU—I need to stop postponing this and actually write it
  • Scott/Allison Top Chef AU?
  • Yuletide! And my prompt is awesome!

Setting aside for now:
  • Idea for next year's STBB: Spock/Uhura Liza-with-a-Z AU
  • Idea for next year's MBB: Sex and the City AU will all the ladies
  • Thought for next year's TWBB: Scott/Allison still-wolves AU of some sort
  • Lydia/Erica coda to the Sound of Music AU (?)
  • HP Pansy/Millicent school time which I really should just knock out at some point
  • Avengers hipster AU—maybe this would be a good starting place for next year's MBB?
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim

I haven't posted one of these in a while mostly because all my writing plans kept falling through this spring/summer. The Little House AU took up a lot more bandwidth than I was expecting; the Star Trek and Iron Man movies weren't as inspiring as I was hoping. I dropped out of the Marvel BB when I realized that I didn't actually want to write a high school AU. I want to see all the ladies in Thor and the new Cap movie and then write something with all the ladies for next year.

My schedule for the fall writing is something like:
October: Lydia and Erica
November: Scott and Allison, OT4, maybe start hipsters?
December: Yuletide, hipsters?

Let's hope I can stick to it!


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