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Oct. 4th, 2012 10:37 am
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All right let's do this.

  • Distractions, Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica for the "phone sex" square on my kink bingo card.
  • Distracted, Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles for the "wild card" square on my kink bingo card.

They're companion fics, happening at the same time and from the same inciting event, from two different perspectives. Obviously I've found my F/F/M/M OT4 of destiny for this fandom! The idea for them came to me very suddenly and I wrote them in one day, basically. One of the great things about having this list and giving myself deadlines and getting things done is that there's room to do more spontaneous in-the-moment writing.

Draft (mostly) done, needs revisions:
  • Community Shirley/Jeff virginity/celibacy kink bingo, post by 19 October
  • White Collar Diana/El obedience kink bingo, post by October: 75% done

  • [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang mix for a Jim/Bones fic: (finished) draft due 10 October, post date 21 October just needs a cover
  • [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang Pepper/Natasha rock band AU: post date 1 November, needs a first revision then off to beta
  • [livejournal.com profile] a_b_o_ladies Lydia/Erica, Erica POV, with backgrounds of Scott/Allison, Derek/Stiles, Danny/Jackson, Boyd/Isaac. What all the omegas going into their first heats one-by-one does to your junior year of high school, which is mostly, a lot of unexpected consequences. I'd been thinking a lot, being in TW, about how the a/b/o thing works with ladies so I'm excited to work out some of those ideas in this story. post in early November
  • [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bb Derek/Stiles sort-of AU: draft (10 of 15K) due 5 November; post in late December
  • [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang Ariadne/Yusuf Vegas AU: draft (12 of 15K) due 5 December; post in late January
  • [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment in early November; post 22 December

Which means:
  • October: revise rock band, write TW AU and a/b/o, revise Community and White Collar fics
  • November: revise TW AU, write Vegas
  • December: revise Vegas, write Yuletide
  • when I get annoyed: poke at kink bingo

So the issue is that work has been really slow lately, but the things I need to do I can't do at work. I really can't start the TW AU or the a/b/o until I've finished watching the show which, hello stupid anxiety. I also have to revise Community at home because I basically have to put a couple of episodes on loop so I can fix the Jeff-voice. I've found that I can't write dirty-talking!Peter Burke at work, either, so that's the White Collar fic. I just finalized the first feedback for the rock band AU, but man, editing is so much better done at home on Scrivener where I can see everything all at once, than at work on gdocs. Hence, the writing of kink bingo fic last week. And probably this week. And then next week work won't be so slow anymore. Argh!

In the hopper, probably for the spring:
  • TW SF hipsters AU will be long and involved and take up most of my spring writing time I think. It's pack and it wants to be multi-ship and multi-POV (like WWII or EWFS) and have real emotional stakes, so I need to really devote time to it. It's strange to think that I'm going to embark on another true ensemble, taking the emotional arcs seriously but there's no adventure plot chaptered fic, especially in a fandom that's so focused on one ship and on angsty adventure stories, but I guess that's where I'm headed?
  • HP Pansy/Millicent school time
  • Suits Harvey/Mike secret matchmaking for Jessica
  • Avengers Clint is a tailor AU
  • Avengers high school AU
  • Avengers hipster AU--shaping up to be more of a series of vingettes

Kink bingo, before June 15, 2013:
  • Avengers Clint/Natasha/Pepper/Coulson whipping/flogging (started)
  • Suits Harvey/Mike collar (started)
  • Suits Harvey/Mike consent play
  • JH Duckie/Cameron medical
  • HP Harry/Hermione nipple play (draft finished)
  • HP Draco/Ginny painplay
  • HP Pansy/Parvati worship
  • HP Pansy/Parvati/Luna/Tonks gangbang
  • HP Seamus/Dean waxplay
  • HP Seamus/Dean bondage (held down)
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim

obedience: Diana/El/Peter/Neal
gangbang: Pansy/Parvati/ Luna/Tonks
prostitution: Natasha/Pepper, Things That You Might Have Done (LJ | DW | AO3)
collars: Harvey/Mike
film/photography: Hikaru/Pavel, Out of Character (LJ | DW | AO3)
nippleplay: Harry/Hermione
sensation play: Clint/Coulson, A Beard Is a Sometime Thing (LJ | DW | AO3)
virginity/ celibacy: Shirley/Jeff
uniforms/military fetish: Ryan/Simon, Score, Score, Score, Score! (LJ | DW | AO3)
foot/shoe fetish: Pepper/Natasha, The Shoes Make the Woman (LJ | DW | AO3)
exhibitionism: Parvati/Pansy, Fresh Air (LJ | DW | AO3)
whipping/ flogging: Clint/Natasha/ Pepper/Coulson
WILD CARD mutual masturbation: Derek/Stiles, Distracted (LJ | DW | AO3)
medical kink: Cameron/Duckie
gags: Jim/Bones, Let Me Hear Your Body Talk (LJ | DW | AO3)
phonesex: Lydia/Erica, Distractions (LJ | DW | AO3)
orgasm denial/control: Pansy/Parvati, Patience Is Its Own Reward (LJ | DW | AO3)
consent play: Harvey/Mike
bondage (held down): Seamus/Dean
suspension bondage: Jim/Bones, I Think I Need a Devil to Help Me Get Things Right (LJ | DW | AO3)
temperature play: Pansy/Parvati, Cooler Than Being Cool (LJ | DW | AO3)
authority figures: Clint/Coulson, Please Take Me Along As You Slide On Down (LJ | DW | AO3)
worship: Pansy/Parvati
painplay (other): Draco/Ginny
waxplay: Seamus/Dean
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