Apr. 10th, 2014

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Because some stuff has ended. A little old news that had to sink in, and some super new news.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine )

Outside the cut I'll say: people who are patting themselves on the back for never watching HIMYM either because of the ending or because it was sometimes problematic can GTFO. Tons of shows end disappointingly (hello BSG and Lost) or have issues (every show and also hello Teen Wolf) so not watching HIMYM really doesn't make anyone a better person.

How I Met Your Mother )

Justified )

Suits )

But I just don't want to watch those kinds of shows anymore. By which I mean, things keep happening on dramas because things need to keep happening, not because they come out of anything that makes any sense. It's this constant need to roll forward and never leave anything resolved, endless fake resolutions with no real ones, and I don't find it engaging; I find it exhausting. I like endings. I like feeling that the story is over. Which is probably why I'm willing to stick it out with Justified and White Collar, both of which will end with their next seasons.

Comedies are different; the stakes are low and the ongoing stories are light and relatively ridiculous. But dramas, I don't know. Being out on dramas in many ways means being out on fandom, which is weird? But I might be out on dramas.


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