Mar. 8th, 2014

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I think I needed a little mindless occupational-type therapy the other day and I was excited about finally finishing that final Parvati/Pansy story. So I made my HP fic into a bunch of tables. These are likely of interest only to me, but eh, it's my journal.

I'd wanted to bring Parvati/Pansy up to the equal number of stories as Harry/Hermione and Draco/Ginny, and I've always liked taking different ships and writing similar themes for them to see how it changes. Here's a chart showing the 12 stories I wrote for each of these ships as well as Seamus/Dean (more on them later):

HP major ships fic table )

There were a few "leftover" fics for the ships I've written a little less of, so I put those into a chart, too. Lily doesn't quite fit, but it isn't entirely a mess, though this does make me want to write a schmoop bingo for Lily/James even though I blacked out my card long ago. Oh, organization!

HP minor ships fic table )

And then finally, what I still have to write for HP: finishing my [ profile] fanfic100 Seamus/Dean claim. I think the comm is dead, and the person who was sort of acting as owner kicked a bunch of people off and then wandered off, weirdly, so I'm not exactly official anymore but whatever, I'm still doing the challenge. SO THERE! Chapters count, as do drabbles. I have 55 left of the challenge. The orange are squares I'm not sure about yet; the purple is for stories I've written but not yet posted; the green is for prompts I'm planning drabble series for. This chart will migrate to the WIP post later.

Seamus Dean ff100 table )



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