Sep. 11th, 2012

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Okay first of all, this cheerleader business? Best thing I ever did, seriously. Especially for good ol' [personal profile] ali_wildgoose, who has much less to do when she beta reads my stuff.

  • Glee Mercedes/Quinn: Thought That Was a Good Solution. God, I've only been thinking about this fic since the end of season one! This list and my arbitrary deadlines are really helping with getting things written that have been floating around for a while.
  • Avengers Pepper/Natasha for [ profile] avengers_rbb: Invitations. Inspired by some pretty amazing art, too!

Draft (mostly) done, needs revisions:
  • Community Shirley/Jeff virginity/celibacy kink bingo, post by 19 October
  • White Collar Diana/El obedience kink bingo, post by October: 75% done

So many big bangs and deadlines:
  • [ profile] startrekbigbang mix for a Jim/Bones fic: draft due 10 October, post in late October
  • [ profile] marvel_bang Pepper/Natasha rock band AU: draft (14 of 16K) handed in; post in late October
  • [ profile] teenwolf_bb Derek/Stiles is magic sort-of AU: draft (10 of 15K) due 5 November; post in late December
  • [ profile] inception_bang Ariadne/Yusuf Vegas AU: draft (12 of 15K) due 5 December; post in late January
  • Yuletide: assignment in early November; post 22 December

Which means:
  • September: finish rock band draft, ST mix, Community, White Collar
  • October: revise rock band, write Stiles is magic
  • November: revise Stiles is magic, write Vegas
  • December: revise Vegas, write Yuletide
  • when I get annoyed: poke at other things

In the hopper, probably for the spring:
  • HP Pansy/Millicent school time
  • Suits Harvey/Mike secret matchmaking for Jessica
  • Avengers Clint is a tailor AU
  • Avengers high school AU
  • Avengers hipster AU--shaping up to be more of a series of vingettes

Kink bingo, before June 2013:
  • Avengers Clint/Natasha/Pepper/Coulson whipping/flogging (started)
  • Suits Harvey/Mike collar (started)
  • Suits Harvey/Mike consent play
  • ST Chapel/Rand phone sex
  • JH Duckie/Cameron medical
  • HP Harry/Hermione nipple play (draft finished)
  • HP Draco/Ginny painplay
  • HP Pansy/Parvati strap-on
  • HP Pansy/Parvati worship
  • HP Pansy/Parvati/Luna/Tonks gangbang
  • HP Seamus/Dean waxplay
  • HP Seamus/Dean bondage (held down)
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim

kink bingo card! )


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