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Went to a party at E&N's new place last night, and much fun was had!

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  1. 31 January: The Mating Rituals of Alphas, Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles, NC-17, 9884 words.
  2. 5 February: Sustenance, Merriment and Cheer, Inception: Ariadne/Yusuf, NC-17, 17,946 words. Written for [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang.
  3. 27 February: The Last Thing I Was Dreaming Of, Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, PG-13, 1935 words.
  4. 27 February: Control of the Game, Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, PG, 2046 words.
  5. 27 February: The Fun Was in the Capture, Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, PG, 2345 words.
  6. 20 March: Completing the Square, Teen Wolf: Derek/Lydia/Erica/Stiles, NC-17, 8369 words.
  7. 31 March: Feel Your Way Harry Potter: Seamus/Dean, NC-17, 1191 words. [community profile] kink_bingo:Wax
  8. 2 April: Distracting, Teen Wolf: Scott/Allison, NC-17, 1027 words. [community profile] kink_bingo: Consent Play
  9. 18 April: The Chance to Come Through, Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles, PG, 7569 words. Written for Teen Wolf Spring Fling.
  10. 14 May: All In, Harry Potter: Parvati/Pansy, Luna/Tonks, NC-17, 1904 words. [community profile] kink_bingo:: Gangbang.
  11. 14 May: A Little Something Extra, Harry Potter: Parvati/Pansy, NC-17, 1019 words. [community profile] kink_bingo: Medical.
  12. 15 May: Homegrown, Harry Potter: Draco/Ginny, NC-17, 1505 words. [community profile] kink_bingo: Painplay
  13. 15 May: In the Driver's Seat, Inception: Ariadne/Yusuf, NC-17, 1484 words. [community profile] kink_bingo: Worship
  14. 29 May: Our Thing, Avengers (MCU): Phil/Clint/Natasha/Pepper, NC-17, 1334 words. [community profile] kink_bingo: Whipping
  15. 30 July: Kiss Me, I'm a Lycanthrope, Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles, PG, 1392 words.
  16. 30 September: Couldn't Have One Without the Other, Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, 67,520 words.
  17. 3 October: Arrives Without a Suitcase Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, Allison/Scott, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, 22,765 words. Written for [livejournal.com profile] abo_bigbang.
  18. 2 December: Martin & Reyes Teen Wolf: Lydia/Erica, NC-17, 20,379 words. Written for [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bb.
  19. 25 December: A Saucer of Milk, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (MCU): gen, PG, 1385 words. Written for Yuletide.

Total Stories: 19
Total Fandoms: 4: Teen Wolf (11), Harry Potter (4), MCU (2), Inception (2)
Total Word Count: 172,999

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
About what I thought or maybe a little more. I'm surprised that I wrote many fewer stories but more words than last year.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2013?
No new fandoms, no new pairings unless you count the OT4s but I tend toward them anyway. What I would have predicted in January 2013 is that I would have had some Trek fic on this list, but alas, the new movie was not good, and did not give me any new ladies to work with (I've been writing about Carol Marcus for a while). I also thought I'd be writing more Marvel fic but I need another hit of Natasha to go with my hit of Pepper from IM3 to get the fires burning—not to mention the wonderful hits of Jane, Sif and Darcy I got in Thor.

What's your favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
Couldn't Have One Without the Other, the Little House AU. Labor of love, that one.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
Mating Rituals of Alphas, by quite a lot. The funny thing is, even if it weren't, it makes me really happy.

Story most under appreciated by the universe:
Such a hard question to answer. It doesn't really go by numbers, because those are so subjective to fandom and pairing, and generally I'm pretty philosophical about these things. Femslash: no one writes it for the attention.

Most fun story:
Kiss Me, I'm a Lycanthrope

Sexiest story:
Tough to say because I wrote a bunch of kink bingo this year. Either All In, In the Driver's Seat, or Distracting.

Story with single sexiest moment:
The sex scene near the end of Martin & Reyes is pretty hot I think.

Story with single sweetest moment:
Arrives Without a Suitcase has babies, so probably the ending where Allison tells the story of all the babies to Derek and Stiles' six-year-old.

Hardest story to write:
A Little Something Extra. A long while back I'd thought that Ron and Padma deserved a foursome fic and thought I could write some sort of naughty spa day with Padma and Parvati servicing Ron and Pansy. Turns out I can't write incest like, at all, even fun, mostly-exhibitionist twincest. At the same time, I was staring at the medical square on my kink bingo card entirely at a loss as I don't find actual doctor stuff very sexy (and my doctor/nurse characters, Seamus, Bones and Chapel, don't, either). Then I realized I could cut Ron and Padma out of that abandoned foursome fic and repurpose the whole thing as massage-with-happy-ending Parvati/Pansy, et voila! That was pretty much the last of my never-went-anywhere HP fics, so it was awesome to resurrect it at last.

Easiest story to write:
The Chance to Come Through was written in four days.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
In some ways, I learned that I really need to just write what I want to write, what moves me, and try my best to keep the preaching of other people out of my head, however loud it is. And honestly, when that preaching overwhelms, then maybe those aren't the people I need around me and even more, maybe that space isn't a great place for me to be creating.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
Every year I say that I want to learn to give myself the cookies, and this year was the year in which I needed them the most and was able to do this the least. I've made some changes so that I don't feel this way quite so often, and I'm making even more for 2014—saying goodbye to some things and hello again to other things. It's a good feeling though, now that I've gotten used to it. 2013 was not great for reasons that I didn't anticipate at this time last year, but I'm hopeful that 2014 will be better.

However: once again most of the words I wrote were femslash. This is a trend I'm very sure is going to continue; it's just what draws me in these days. Which doesn't mean I won't keep writing slash and het as well, just, the femslash is here to stay.
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