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So as not to bury the lede like I usually do:

The Ships We Sail, an independently published anthology of stories available for the digital reader of your choice for $3! For which I wrote a story!

I'll let our esteemed editor [personal profile] pts explain:
It occurred to us one bourbon-seasoned afternoon in March that Kissing and Adventure make really excellent partners—you know, in stories. And we thought to ourselves how grand it would be to assemble an anthology of fiction dedicated to making that case.

So the title "The Ships We Sail" is a "we're on a boat, pun intended" kind of situation, but there are lots of different kinds of boats, like space ships and air ships and gambling ships, and there's also lots of different kinds of kissing, which I'll leave to you to discover. So if you like lots of different kinds of things, you will find this is a thing that you like.

Seven stories, all super fantastic, by great writers like [personal profile] sistermagpie and [personal profile] ali_wildgoose. At the above link you can read story excerpts, buy from Amazon or Apple or direct from the publisher, and then you can guess which story is mine! Also you'll be supporting independent publishing, which is a truly awesome thing.

I'm so excited about this project, thrilled to have been asked to be a small part of it, and proud of Paul for all his hard work in seeing this through. So, you know, check it out!
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