Dear Yuletide Author!

Oct. 8th, 2017 12:06 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author, thank you so much for writing for me! Mainly, write what comes to you, and I will be happy. Please no gore or horribly sad endings!

The Witcher, Geralt, Emhyr
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Dracula: the Series, Alexander Lucard
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Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon, Eric the Cavalier
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Dragonriders of Pern, Menolly, Robinton
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Dune, Paul Atreides, Feyd-Rautha, Stilgar
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Rome, Octavian, Pullo, Vorenus
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Yuletide 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017 10:03 pm
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Hello and thank you, Yuletide writer! You are guaranteed an enthusiastic audience for your story, I can tell you right now.

If something in this letter inspires you, use it. If it stifles you, ignore it. I don't have any "perfect" stories in my head, I'd really just love to read anything in these fandoms or along these lines. For general likes/dislikes I'm fine with darkfic, even horror, and feel free to write whatever rating you like. In general, I do like the tone and emotional content of all these canons so I like to see that in fic as much as possible, and I don't like futurefic. To give you an idea of what excites me about the fandoms, here you go.

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that's too much, man

Oct. 7th, 2017 07:15 pm
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I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice that I'm not super present in this space and haven't been for a while. I do still read my friends page, but it's dwindled so much that it's kind of a depressing exercise. (I miss you guys, even though very few of you are likely to be seeing this.)

Imagine my irritation to discover that Photobucket recently changed their policies and no longer allows third-party hosting. This has completely screwed up the following:

1) My LJ journal layout (made by [ profile] ladyjaida a million years ago) and my LJ friends page layout (made by [personal profile] pauraque a few thousand years ago). I love(d) these. They were beautiful and made me happy to look at. And argh, is it even possible to edit things like an S1 LJ journal style from soooo long ago? Is this completely deprecated and unfixable?

2) My custom moodtheme on both LJ and DW. I liked this a lot, too.

3) All the images in my stories on AO3, some of which are essential to the enjoyment of the stories.

And unlike when I originally set these things up mumblety years ago, I no longer have the time and emotional energy to spend a billion hours monkeying around to get them working again. But it's making me sad to have these ugly non-functional reminders all over the place.

I guess I am asking for a couple things. One, can you recommend a different image-hosting service to replace Photobucket? And two (more difficult), can you assure me that this won't be as onerous as I imagine?

the yuletide usual

Oct. 5th, 2017 11:01 pm
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Dear writer, thank you so much for writing for me! Most of this is recycled from letters past (I am a paragon of consistency), but here you go.

In general I like happy endings, character development, and interesting writing. I am not a huge fan of babies/children or of angst that goes beyond the angst-level of the original canon. Other than that, I'm pretty easy to please and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!

Probably my favorite Heyer novel--but it's so hard to choose! One thing is for certain: I love Venetia and Damerel so much. I love how they quote Shakespeare and other literature at each other. I love how, despite having led such different lives, they are similar in many ways: clever and impulsive and sexy. I love the tortured hero thing (sue me, I'm a Charlotte Brontë fan at heart). So tell me: what's the next adventure in store for my favorite Heyer couple?

Cormoran Strike
I'm really enjoying this series and the relationship between Robin and Strike. I loved the ending of the last one--I must admit, I do ship it, but friendship fic would work for me, too.

Lady of Quality
Annis is another one of my favorite Heyer heroines--capable and lovable. I really like how mature this book feels compared to some other Heyers, how Annis and Oliver talk about serious issues and how he really treats her like the competent adult that she is. Would love to see Oliver get a little more personality than simply very rich and very rude. Not that I don't like him as is...but I think he could be more.


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