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some HP fic tables

I think I needed a little mindless occupational-type therapy the other day and I was excited about finally finishing that final Parvati/Pansy story. So I made my HP fic into a bunch of tables. These are likely of interest only to me, but eh, it's my journal.

I'd wanted to bring Parvati/Pansy up to the equal number of stories as Harry/Hermione and Draco/Ginny, and I've always liked taking different ships and writing similar themes for them to see how it changes. Here's a chart showing the 12 stories I wrote for each of these ships as well as Seamus/Dean (more on them later):

Fresh Air (DW | AO3)
Re-Union (DW | AO3)
Pretty From Behind (DW | AO3)
Automania (DW | AO3)
A Little Something Extra (DW | AO3)
So Fresh So Clean (DW AO3)
Itch You Can't Scratch (DW | AO3)
A Room of One's Own (DW | AO3)
Cooler Than Being Cool (DW | AO3)
Feel Your Way (DW | AO3)
His Favorite Sport (DW | AO3)
A Bit of Earth (DW | AO3)
kink bingo
Patience Is Its Own Reward (DW | AO3)
Taking What's Offered (DW | AO3)
All You Had to Do Was Ask (DW | AO3)
Homegrown (DW | AO3)
four way
Luna/Tonks, All In (DW | AO3)
Sirius/Remus, How to Be a Top (DW | AO3)
Draco/Ginny, Swingers (DW | AO3)
Harry/Hermione, Swingers (DW | AO3)
loss of virginity
The Willow Turns Her Back (DW | AO3)
Best Laid Plans (DW | AO3)
Potter 7 (DW | AO3)
If At First (DW | AO3)
school time
No One Needs to Know (DW | AO3)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (DW | AO3)
Steady Rollin' Woman (DW | AO3)
Shut Your Eyes and Think of Somewhere (DW | AO3)
schmoop bingo
One Warm Spark (DW | AO3)
Introducing Katie and Jules (DW | AO3)
How to Be a Domestic God(dess) (DW | AO3)
Party Goin' On Over Here (DW | AO3)
Above All This Bustle (DW | AO3)
Seven Christmases (DW | AO3)
Where the Love Light Gleams (DW | AO3)
To Make the Season Bright (DW | AO3)
schooltime plot
With One Breath (DW | AO3)
Eight Ways from Sunday (DW | AO3)
Eight Ways from Sunday (DW | AO3)
Eight Ways from Sunday (DW | AO3)
Entr'Acte (DW | AO3)
Entr'Acte (DW | AO3)
Entr'Acte (DW | AO3)
Entr'Acte (DW | AO3)
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (DW | AO3)
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (DW | AO3)
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (DW | AO3)
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (DW | AO3)

There were a few "leftover" fics for the ships I've written a little less of, so I put those into a chart, too. Lily doesn't quite fit, but it isn't entirely a mess, though this does make me want to write a schmoop bingo for Lily/James even though I blacked out my card long ago. Oh, organization!

schmoop bingo They Say You Think I'm Fine (DW | AO3) Padfoot and Moony Sing Songs of Love (DW | AO3) In Preparation for Arrival (DW | AO3)
sexy 555 Minutes (DW | AO3) Tea Time (DW | AO3) Myopia (DW | AO3) Lily and the Marauders (DW | AO3)
misc Diwali (DW | AO3) We Three (DW | AO3) Coming Home, Now (DW | AO3) You Don't Know the Half of It (DW | AO3)

And then finally, what I still have to write for HP: finishing my [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 Seamus/Dean claim. I think the comm is dead, and the person who was sort of acting as owner kicked a bunch of people off and then wandered off, weirdly, so I'm not exactly official anymore but whatever, I'm still doing the challenge. SO THERE! Chapters count, as do drabbles. I have 55 left of the challenge. The orange are squares I'm not sure about yet; the purple is for stories I've written but not yet posted; the green is for prompts I'm planning drabble series for. This chart will migrate to the WIP post later.

001Beginnings: Artists and Models 002Middles. 003Ends. 004Insides. 005Outsides: EWFS 7 I Want to Tell You (DW | AO3)
006Hours. 007Days. 008Weeks. 009Months. 010Years.
011Red. 012Orange. 013Yellow. 014Green. 015Blue.
016Purple. 017Brown. 018Black. 019White. 020Colourless.
021Friends: EWFS 5 I Wanna Be Your Man (DW | AO3) 022Enemies: EWFS 12 Oh! Darling (DW | AO3) 023Lovers: EWFS 15 The Inner Light (DW | AO3) 024Family: TTItKB 10 The Beginning (DW | AO3) 025Strangers: TTItKB 5 Yule (DW | AO3)
026Teammates: EWFS 11 If I Fell (DW | AO3) 027Parents. 028Children. 029Birth: Introducing Katie and Jules (DW | AO3) 030Death.
031Sunrise. 032Sunset. 033Too Much: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (DW | AO3) 034Not Enough: Re-Union (DW | AO3) 035Sixth Sense: TTItKB 8 May Day (DW | AO3)
036Smell. 037Sound. 038Touch. 039Taste. 040Sight.
041Shapes: Entwined (DW | AO3) 042Triangle: EWFS 6 For You Blue (DW | AO3) 043Square: Another Set of Eyes (DW | AO3) 044Circle. 045Moon.
046Star: Feel Your Way (DW | AO3) 047Heart: TTItKB 6 Candelmas (DW | AO3) 048Diamond. 049Club: In the Club (DW | AO3) 050Spade: A Belated Inheritance (DW | AO3)
051Water. 052Fire. 053Earth. 054Air. 055Spirit.
056Breakfast. 057Lunch. 058Dinner. 059Food. 060Drink: TTItKB 3 Michaelmas (DW | AO3)
061Winter. 062Spring. 063Summer: EWFS 3 Fixing a Hole (DW | AO3) 064Fall: Arrangement in Orange and Gold (DW | AO3) 065Passing: Time Knew to Move On (DW | AO3)
066Rain. 067Snow. 068Lightening. 069Thunder. 070Storm: EWFS 13 I'm Down (DW | AO3)
071Broken: TTItKB 1 The End (DW | AO3) 072Fixed: Make It Better (DW | AO3) 073Light. 074Dark: TTItKB 9 Midsummer (DW | AO3) 075Shade: Taking What's Offered (DW | AO3)
076Who?: EWFS 1 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (DW | AO3) 077What? 078Where?: So Fresh, So Clean (DW AO3) 079When? 080Why?: EWFS 9 Baby's In Black (DW | AO3)
081How?: Or, the White Whale (DW | AO3) 082If: EWFS 4 Hello, Goodbye (DW | AO3) 083And: EWFS 14 All Together Now (DW | AO3) 084He: EWFS 8 Think For Yourself (DW | AO3) 085She: TTItKB 4 Hallowmas (DW | AO3)
086Choices: EWFS 10 Do You Want to Know a Secret (DW | AO3) 087Life. 088School: How to Be a Top (DW | AO3) 089Work: Helga (DW | AO3) 090Home: TTItKB 2 Lammas (DW | AO3)
091Birthday: EWFS 2 Birthday (DW | AO3) 092Christmas: Seven Christmases (DW | AO3) 093Thanksgiving: Entr'Acte (DW | AO3) 094Independence: TTItKB 7 Lady Day (DW | AO3) 095New Year: Best Laid Plans (DW | AO3)
096Writer‘s Choice. 097Writer‘s Choice. 098Writer‘s Choice. 099Writer‘s Choice. 100Writer‘s Choice.