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This year, 73 stories in 38 fandoms, including the fandom I both wrote in and got fic for, Vertigo (Midge/Judy). I received Portrait of Carlotta and I wrote To Live My Life the Way I Want and you could read both but definitely the former.

I've kept the fic by fandom and divvied them up into: mostly femslash with some lady-centered gen; mostly het with het-background gen; mostly slash with some dude-centered gen; gen and threesomes.

Femslash and lady-centric gen

Anne of Green Gables: A Storm by the Sea Diana helps Anne to grieve, gen

Cagney and Lacey: Examination of Conscience Casefic, gen

Snapshots Therese takes pics of Carol
Go & Get It Modern Coffee Shop AU
Some Places We Went Before We Died Moments in a life

Clue: In the Library, with a Smile Mrs White and Miss Scarlet flirt over books and catch a killer

The Golden Ratio Abby searches for the good soup, gen
In Abundance 1+1+1+1= kisses six ways
Just Remember Abby takes Erin to the prom
A Revolution's Revelation Patty the historian heroine
Heroes and Fans Patty Tolan, Ghostbuster, meets James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Avenger, gen
Five Year PhDs are for Dudes How Dr. Rebecca Gorin mentored Jillian Holtzmann, gen

Ghostbusters RPF (Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones): Field of Flame and Heather Loving while filming

Heiress: A Haunting toward a more hopeful future, gen

You Snuck That Little Bit of Vanilla In Jackie Nevada is a marshall and Loretta is having second thoughts about her empire
Ace in the Hole Jackie and Loretta and Rachel and Karen
So You Want to Grow Up to Paint Houses Like Me Willa steals a car, gen

Miss Fisher:
Rivers of Gold Mac gives Phryne the best present
The Kerkylas Society Phryne helps Mac solve a blackmail case in a secret Sapphic society
The Wake, the Current, the Tide Mac and Dot handle Phryne, gen
Sing a Song of Sixpence Excellent casefic, gen

Price of Salt: Fever Started Long Ago Abby's long friendship with Carol

Rosemary and Thyme:
The Christmas Eve Murder casefic + kissing
Of All The Trees That Are In The Wood Laura figures it out

Tipping the Velvet: A Dinner for Eleanor Marx Nancy and Florence have a famed radical over for dinner

Whip It:
Don't Go After Bliss post-graduation revelations
Let the Love Light Gleam Christmas compromises

Het and background-het gen

10 Things I Hate About You: Kate and Patrick reunite …
10 Things I Hate About Reunions … in an airport
And All The Roads Are Blinding … at Bianca's wedding

Actor RPF:
Behind the Tweets Mindy Kaling and BJ Thomas as themselves …
Make My Wish Come True … and as high school teachers
The Ghost of a Live Man Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor, gen

The End Is the Beginning Is the End Ian's always been there
Flash Forward Louise starts to see another future

Bob's Burgers: Out of Stock of all the comic stores in all the world Logan had to walk into Louise's

Broad City: Can't Get You Out of My Mind Ilana might forget but Lincoln never would

Brooklyn: Half-Finished Starts Seeing Eilis and Tony facing problems together

Hail Caesar! is all Hobie and Carlotta:
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes Carlotta and Hobie in pictures tell the history of Hollywood
Let Your Poor Heart Break a Little Mannix tries to keep them apart
The Other Side of the Door Mannix puts them together for business

Lord Peter:
A Day at the Cattery Behind the scenes at Miss Climpson's, gen
Prelude and Fugue on the name of B.A.C.H. How Miss Murchison was wed
Like as the Hart Harriet when Peter is away
A Brief History of the Patronage of Beatie Wilson Peter takes care of Beatie, gen-ish
A Touch of Sun Harriet needs a break

Persuasion: Come Home to the Sea Anne has always loved the ocean

Out of the Woods Corporate camping retreat
Without a Hitch Eliza finds a girl for Henry—herself. Charmonique isn't sure about this.
And Whether Pigs Have Wings Truly fantastic college AU

The Thin Man: The Thin Man's Bride Nora gets her own case

Slash and dude-centric gen

All the President's Men:
Odd Couple Out Carl's feels during the movie
Love and Devotion The WaPo's ost-resignation party leads to another kind of party

Eagle of the Ninth
Shelter: Huddling for warmth
Do Mechanics Dream of Steam-Powered Sheep?: Steampunk AU
Murder in Barbarikon: A mystery in Pakistan
Parsimonia, Diligentia, Iustitia: Post-movie farming

Good Will Hunting: Friday Night Bracing for Monday Chuckie figures himself out, and then Will

Hamilton RPF: is all Miranda and the Groffsauce
The Stagehand's Closet Daveed does what he has to
This Is What the Truth Feels Like Nine years of pining and also wings

Metropolitan: Nick Smith and the Beautiful People Nick works his way through the crowd

Moby-Dick: Event Horizon Ishmael and Queequeg in space, Q's POV

Nero Wolfe:
The Missing Chemist Casefic, gen
Lapidary Saul, Archie, and a lot of misdirection

Popstar: We Have GPS and Yet We're Still Lost Owen reconsiders Lawrence

The Sting: Truth Deceived At this point they're conning themselves as much as anyone else

Threesome and gen

GBBO (gen): Nadiya and Tamal work for Mary Berry because …
Mission Impeccable … they're spies!
The (inter-)Stellar British Bake Off … they're baking lemon drizzle to save us from aliens!

Poirot: Just a Quiet House Party With Steve Rogers on the assist, gen

Revisions to a Dear Writer Letter, Yuletide 2035 If NASA RPF were a Yuletide fandom, gen
211 Days and Ten More Minutes Aftercare, threesome

Singin' in the Rain:
Or, What You Will Twelfth Night, pre-code, with or without Garbo; threesome
Who Could Ask For Anything More how to square a triangle; threesome
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