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a new TV post!

Now that the fall season is well in hand, I thought I'd make a new "list of what's on my DVR"!

Returning shows still on my DVR:
  • Castle is still on notice, because the resolution to the disappearance thing was dumb and the entire plot unnecessary, but at least they're getting married during sweeps.
  • New Girl has been very cute!
  • Bob's Burgers is a delight, always
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is absolutely matching the brilliance of its first season
  • Top Chef is in Boston! Has Blaise as a judge! Needs to make up for the shit ending of last season!
  • The Soup abides.

Returning shows I'm no longer watching:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. lost me when they cast Tim DeKay (glad you're working!) as Ward's evil older brother who is now a senator. Nope.
  • Dancing with the Stars but this might be temporary. There just weren't any celebs this season I loved enough to watch Julianne Hough be a judge. She's so irritating as a judge when she was fun as a dancer, it's disappointing.

New shows I've picked up:
  • black-ish is SO GOOD. I don't usually like family sitcoms but this one is done so well and has such a strong sense of itself. If you've only seen the pilot, the best thing I can say is that it isn't always about race, but it never forgets about it entirely.
  • How to Get Away with Murder. Look, you're either on this train or you aren't. I'm not a Shonda person; I don't watch Grey's or Scandal. But HTGAWM so far balances a mystery that doesn't feel like a procedural with tons of personal intrigue.

New shows I like but don't expect to last:
  • Mulaney is pleasant but is tanking; I expect to watch the 13 eps that we'll get and call it a day.
  • Selfie has most of the same problems that Suburgatory did: fun and often funny with has great characters but doesn't seem to know what sort of show it wants to be.

New shows I tried but bailed on:
  • Cristela (sorry aging-very-well Carlos Ponce!)
  • Marry Me (sorry ghost of Happy Endings!)
  • A to Z (sorry Mother and dude from Mad Men!)
  • Manhattan Love Story (sorry not sorry because this was terrible!)

Shows about to air their final season:
  • Justified usually is on in January, and I cannot wait to see the Boyd-Raylan showdown we've been promised. More Rachel please!
  • White Collar will have a 6-ep season airing November-December. It's time for it to end, but I will miss it.
  • Parks and Recreation will probably bring me to tears when it ends but I can't wait to see what the time jump from last season's finale will mean!

Shows I should be catching up on instead of watching cooking shows:
  • Masters of Sex I watch on demand while I'm cooking on Sundays so I'm at around episode 6? It's a great show but it doesn't demand that I zoom through it every week.
  • You're the Worst is quite a good sitcom that probably ruined me for all those rom-com-ish sitcoms that premiered this fall. It's acidic and I can't really binge on it, and it's definitely not for everyone, but as someone who doesn't usually like FX sitcoms about annoying people I quite liked this show.
  • Broad City. I have four eps left so there's NO REASON.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries season 2!!
  • Transparent. Heard all the good things.

Shows I'm eagerly awaiting the return of that haven't been mentioned above:
  • Looking
  • Inside Amy Schumer
  • So You Think You Can Dance
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 2 has made it to Netflix?!?