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First, THANK YOU. I think of Yuletide as more of an opportunity to write something a little different than request something to exacting specifications, so whatever you write is more like a totally awesome bonus than the entire reason I'm participating. In other words, NO PRESSURE. This, and my comments on the assignment, are really just suggestions in case you'd like some.

The most important thing really is no deathfic and I prefer a happy ending. I don't mind working for the happy ending; angst that ends well is splendid. Downer endings, though, kinda bum me out. I'm not a freak about plot—in many of the stories I love nothing really happens except maybe an internal change in a character or an emotional realization. Characters are always more important to me than plot and I adore great conversation. So feel free to have them just sitting around drinking coffee and talking about great Heart songs, or have them find a way to Save the World from Certain Destruction, or anything in between!

This year I wrote more than usual in the optional details so I don't have a ton more to add here—honestly you should feel free to do what you like!

Belle: Dido Elizabeth Belle
Pretty much anything you'd like would be wonderful—her future with John, her childhood with Elizabeth, what she chooses to do with her life after her marriage, how she feels about her family, anything that strikes your fancy.

I adored this film and feel personally connected to it since I'm biracial myself, so I'm intensely interested in her life.

Frank: Clara and Nana
We don't really get a sense of how Clara and Nana relate to each other in the film, though it's significant that they both stay in the band after Frank and Jon leave. So anything you might imagine about them would be amazing, and during whatever period—before, during or after Jon's presence in the band. (Though after Frank returns and they rebuild the band in a new way would be particularly interesting I must admit!)

I love drummers. It's a whole thing. Many of my close friends are drummers. I am not sure what that says about me, but of course I'm super interested in Nana. And Clara is fascinating in the film, her motivations, her feelings about Frank and the rest of the band. Femslash is welcome but not expected and certainly not required.

How to Get Away with Murder: Annalise
I would love a story centered around Annalise, but that doesn't mean I don't love all of the other characters and would welcome their inclusion, so really whatever works for you. How she feels about her five intern students, any of her cases, her history with Marren Trudeau, how and why she hired Bonnie and/or Frank, what's up with her and Sam (and the breakup of his first marriage, wow), how her affair with Nate started, really anything! I'm not in love with what the show has given me of Rebecca but if you can make me dig her through Annalise's eyes, that would be a good dead well done. (I'm feeling whatever with Asher but so is everyone else including the show it seems.) By the time you see this, never mind by the time you write, you'll have seen more episodes than I have right now so if something new and amazing comes up, go for it! Centered around Annalise is really all I ask.

Long enough that I have nothing to add. Go for it!

Mostly, thank you in advance; I know that anything you do will be awesome, because it will mean more fic for one of these fandoms, and isn't that the whole point?
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