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the final TV post!

The final TV post of the season!

This season of New Girl was okay but I'm not crying about the "reboot" they're doing for next season. Having Coach around permanently is a blessing; figuring out what they want Winston do be doing would be nice as they've had time. I didn't mind the going out then breaking up Nick/Jess thing conceptually because you can see their problems but I'm not sure they handled it as well as they might have. That said, at least we won't have seasons upon seasons of will-they-or-won't-they. Or at least, hopefully we won't.

Castle, ugh, those final two episodes of the season were TERRIBLE. No one wants you to be serious! You don't do it well! I mean, I'm glad that whole thing with her mom's murder is finally over with, but now I'm worried we're going to get some new dumb mythology that's going to take seasons upon seasons to unravel. Blech. CASTLE YOU ARE ON NOTICE.

Also let them get married for Pete's sake. This isn't One Life to Live.

Agents of SHIELD, on the other hand, went out with a giant BANG didn't it? I mean, getting rid of the most boring character on the show along with a reason why he was so deadly dull but not before giving us that awesome grudge match fight with May? AWESOME. Addition of super cool new character that can geek out about Howling Commandos with Coulson? BLESSING. Fitz and Simmons figuring out how to get themselves off the bottom of the ocean and Nick Fury being the only person listening to their signal? FANTASTIC. Skye telling Ward that she doesn't care that the only emotion in his broken heart is love for her because he's a terrible person? PERFECTION. And then Coulson finding out that he was a real Avenger all along? KILLED ME.

I'm excited to see how Coulson is going to rebuild SHIELD and I'm really impressed with how quickly they reacted to the events of Cap2. Yay MCU!

This was also the week that the big four networks announced their fall schedules. Mostly I'm picking up a TON of sitcoms and giving them 6-7 episodes to show me if they're worth it. But I'm also grabbing a few other things here and there, like How to Get Away with Murder and that Debra Messing procedural and that hip hop soap Empire. Oh and there's some kind of weird musical thing that might be good? Plus Agent Carter of course. I'm still pretty much out on dramas and if any of these shows get annoying I will DROP THEM because life is too damn short to watch TV shows you don't like.

Over the summer I've got a lot of catching up to do on some things I missed, like Bob's Burgers and the first seasons of Parks & Rec and Broad City and the second season of Miss Fisher's Mysteries and maybe Portlandia and Key & Peele if I can find them. Plus Masters of Sex starts in mid-July.