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Putting this outside the cut for this last post because I HAVE BLACKED OUT MY (three year old) KINK BINGO CARD!!!

obedience: Diana/El/Peter/Neal, They Know How to Take Care of You in Brooklyn (DW | AO3)
gangbang: Pansy/Parvati/ Luna/Tonks, All In (DW | AO3)
prostitution: Natasha/Pepper, Things That You Might Have Done (DW | AO3)
collars: Harvey/Mike, An Excellent Thing (DW | AO3)
film/photography: Hikaru/Pavel, Out of Character (DW | AO3)
nippleplay: Harry/Hermione, All You Had to Do Was Ask (DW | AO3)
sensation play: Clint/Coulson, A Beard Is a Sometime Thing (DW | AO3)
virginity/ celibacy: Shirley/Jeff, Seize the Day (DW | AO3)
uniforms/military fetish: Ryan/Simon, Score, Score, Score, Score! (DW | AO3)
foot/shoe fetish: Pepper/Natasha, The Shoes Make the Woman (DW | AO3)
exhibitionism: Parvati/Pansy, Fresh Air (DW | AO3)
whipping/ flogging: Clint/Natasha/ Pepper/Coulson, Our Thing (DW | AO3)
WILD CARD mutual masturbation: Derek/Stiles, Distracted (DW | AO3)
medical kink: Pansy/Parvati, A Little Something Extra (DW | AO3)
gags: Jim/Bones, Let Me Hear Your Body Talk (DW | AO3)
phonesex: Lydia/Erica, Distractions (DW | AO3)
orgasm denial/control: Pansy/Parvati, Patience Is Its Own Reward (DW | AO3)
consent play: Scott/Allison, Distracting (DW | AO3
bondage (held down): Seamus/Dean, Taking What's Offered (DW | AO3)
suspension bondage: Jim/Bones, I Think I Need a Devil to Help Me Get Things Right (DW | AO3)
temperature play: Pansy/Parvati, Cooler Than Being Cool (DW | AO3)
authority figures: Clint/Coulson, Please Take Me Along As You Slide On Down (DW | AO3)
worship: Yusuf/Ariadne, In the Driver's Seat (DW | AO3)
painplay (other): Draco/Ginny, Homegrown (DW | AO3)
waxplay: Seamus/Dean, Feel Your Way (DW | AO3)

Three years later: twenty-five stories in nine fandoms and a little over 52,000 words! Ten boyslash, eight femslash, five het and two OT4 (MMFF); twelve stories with characters of color. My pencil is down, proudly.

I'm REALLY sad that the Star Trek Big Bang drafts are due end of August, because I have an idea but I've already got a LOT to do. Why are all the big bangs due at the same time? Seriously, a month later and I'd be totally writing about dancers and divas and matchmaking in 1973 New York.
  • Little House AU is nearly done, will probably be 60,000 words or so.
  • Original story that's based on fic, sort of? It's hard to explain, but 5000 words are due 30 June.
  • The Maternal Instincts of Betas, the Scott/Allison story in the a/b/o 'verse, about 9000 words. Should be written before the bigbang but we'll see if that happens.
  • [livejournal.com profile] abo_bigbang Further adventures in the TW a/b/o'verse, mostly: babies. 10,000-word draft due 1 Aug.
  • [livejournal.com profile] teenwolfbigbang Lydia/Erica road trip AU. 15,000-word draft due 17 Aug.
  • [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang Avengers high school AU. 80% of 10,000-word draft due 28 Aug.
  • Lydia/Erica coda to the Sound of Music AU
  • Teen Wolf SF hipsters AU: Fall
Setting aside for now:
  • HP Pansy/Millicent school time
  • Avengers hipster AU—a series of vignettes; want to do maybe three more
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim
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