Oct. 9th, 2016

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First, THANK YOU. I think of Yuletide as more of an opportunity to write something a little different than request something to exacting specifications, so whatever you write is more like a totally awesome bonus than the entire reason I'm participating. In other words, NO PRESSURE. This, and my comments on the assignment, are really just suggestions in case you'd like some.

The most important thing really is no deathfic and I prefer a happy ending. I don't mind working for the happy ending; angst that ends well is splendid. Downer endings, though, kinda bum me out. I'm not a freak about plot—in many of the stories I love nothing really happens except maybe an internal change in a character or an emotional realization. Characters are always more important to me than plot and I adore great conversation. So feel free to have them just sitting around drinking coffee and talking about great Heart songs, or have them find a way to Save the World from Certain Destruction, or anything in between! I've asked for women or pairs of women, but while femslash is welcome it isn't expected and certainly not required.

If you want more of a sense of the sort of stories I adore, since Yuletide is its own animal, you can check out the Yuletide stories I've bookmarked and also the ones that I've received (anything here that was posted in December).

This year I wrote quite a bit in the optional details so I don't have more to add—honestly you should feel free to do what you like!

Metropolitan, Vertigo, Ghostbusters and Carol )

Mostly, thank you in advance; I know that anything you do will be awesome, because it will mean more fic for one of these fandoms, and isn't that the whole point?


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