Mar. 26th, 2014

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I know, what? But I have stuff to say and I've decided to say it. I'd made this tumblr post with a big list of TV shows on my DVR back in January and now I'm knocking them off one by one. There are a bunch of shows that are ending, or soon to be ending, or I'm walking away from, this spring and I thought hey, maybe I would make a few posts here about how I'm feeling about them.

Except Teen Wolf. All I have to say about Teen Wolf is that I banked season 3B on my DVR for self-spoiled binge-watching, and now I'm probably not going to watch very much of it, and I'm out on the show moving forward. Still writing fic, still reblogging ridiculousness on tumblr, but not watching the show.

Spoils of Babylon )

White Collar )

Suburgatory )

Top Chef was annoying at the end, wasn't it? Not like I won't watch it next season, but still.

As for Nigelissima, Nigella cooking shows are serious anxiety soothers for me. I procure them through means and keep them around for instant calming. They're very effective.

And The Soup abides.


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