Jan. 5th, 2014

jlh: Natasha in field suit (avengers: Natasha)
Author: Clio
Title: A Saucer of Milk
Pairing: Melinda May (gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Melinda remembers when Maria Hill and Jemma Simmons first came to S.H.I.E.L.D. She was there when Coulson and Barton brought Natasha Romanov in from the cold. But Coulson's latest stray is nothing like those women, and Melinda isn't sure that's such a good thing.
Warning: No warning applies.
Length: 1400
Notes: My Yuletide reveal! Thanks to dinosaursonparade for the awesome Melinda-centered prompt!

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WIP Update!

Jan. 5th, 2014 08:22 pm
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  • Martin and Reyes, Lydia/Erica buddy cop AU for [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bb
  • Pulling On All Your Threads, Lydia/Erica Project Runway AU
  • A Saucer of Milk, Melinda May story for Yuletide

Working on:
  • TWGenuary: Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia road trip fic in the same 'verse as Dancing & Hiking / Baking & Waiting.
  • The Maternal Instincts of Betas, the Scott/Allison story in the a/b/o 'verse.

  • Teen Wolf SF hipsters AU
  • Femslash February: HP Pansy/Millicent school time fic. (also, lots of recs.)
  • Multiamory March: Various sexy fic for the TW College OT4
  • Scott/Allison Top Chef AU
  • Lydia/Erica indie porn thing; possible futurefic
  • Idea for next year's STBB: Spock/Uhura Liza-with-a-Z AU
  • Idea for next year's MBB: Sex and the City AU will all the ladies, building on some hipster AU snippets I wrote a while back
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim: Maybe I should just write one Seamus/Dean story every month until I finish this up. I have 55 left but drabbles count and I do have one longer fic that has been floating around my mind for a while.

I'm getting that backed-up feeling again even though there really isn't that much on this list. It's been longer and had older stuff on it in the recent past. But I haven't been writing as much in the past month or so, and I'm feeling that need to clear the decks. I'm hoping that will lead to some productivity this month!


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