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Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:59 am
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Does anyone else get really cranky walking past Groot socks and Harry Potter scarves and wish we'd had merch like that when older fandoms were big? Even LOTR fandom kinda got shafted on merch because the company was struggling with trying to figure out how to make geeky stuff for adults. The prop replicas were nice, but the T shirts and stuff were pretty much logos across our chests. HP and ASOIF and Star Wars gets all this amazing, in-universe gear.

What do you think? Are you jealous of how Hot Topic drips in Supernatural gear? Did you get lots of fanmade or cafe press gear? Or are you not into merch.

Me I am over here still trying to find someone to help me custom print fabric for reasons.


Jun. 17th, 2017 08:46 am
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Holy crap--
The Atari console appearing online is real; Atari is back in the hardware biz

Obviously, the ongoing Console Wars needed something absolutely bizarre to happen~
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OK, migraine has interfered with this whole "post a day thing" but I'm determined to finish this. It may just take awhile. I'm the last one on the schedule, so...

Today's post is about people we've seen elsewhere in iZombie.

In the main cast:
Liv Moore, who as I mentioned before played RPM Yellow Ranger Summer Landsdowne, was also Tinkerbell in Once Upon a Time

Blaine DeBeers is played by David Anders, who played Dr. Whale|Dr. Frankenstein in Once Upon a Time, and Adam Munroe in Heroes

Ravi Chakrabarti is played by Rahul Kohli who played a memorable guest villain on Supergirl this year

Reoccurring characters:
Bradley James played Lowell for 4 or 5 episodes in season 1, and was Arthur Pendragon in Merlin
Jason Dohrig plays a reoccurring role in season 3, and was Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars
Enrico Colantoni was a cop in season 2, and Papa Mars on Veronica Mars
Daran Norris plays a weather caster throughout the series, and was everyone's favorite lawyer Cliff McCormak on Veronica Mars

Guest Cast (mostly as suspects of the week):
Percy Daggs III, aka Wallace from Veronica Mars
Ryan Hanson, aka Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars
Kristen Bell did a notable voice over :)
Roger Cross (6 on Dark Matter)


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