WIP Update!

Jan. 5th, 2014 08:22 pm
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  • Martin and Reyes, Lydia/Erica buddy cop AU for [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bb
  • Pulling On All Your Threads, Lydia/Erica Project Runway AU
  • A Saucer of Milk, Melinda May story for Yuletide

Working on:
  • TWGenuary: Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia road trip fic in the same 'verse as Dancing & Hiking / Baking & Waiting.
  • The Maternal Instincts of Betas, the Scott/Allison story in the a/b/o 'verse.

  • Teen Wolf SF hipsters AU
  • Femslash February: HP Pansy/Millicent school time fic. (also, lots of recs.)
  • Multiamory March: Various sexy fic for the TW College OT4
  • Scott/Allison Top Chef AU
  • Lydia/Erica indie porn thing; possible futurefic
  • Idea for next year's STBB: Spock/Uhura Liza-with-a-Z AU
  • Idea for next year's MBB: Sex and the City AU will all the ladies, building on some hipster AU snippets I wrote a while back
  • HP Seamus/Dean rest of my ff100 claim: Maybe I should just write one Seamus/Dean story every month until I finish this up. I have 55 left but drabbles count and I do have one longer fic that has been floating around my mind for a while.

I'm getting that backed-up feeling again even though there really isn't that much on this list. It's been longer and had older stuff on it in the recent past. But I haven't been writing as much in the past month or so, and I'm feeling that need to clear the decks. I'm hoping that will lead to some productivity this month!


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